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Applejack wakes up in a unfamiliar room with two familiar faces. Though her memory is jumbled and her body is uncertain, she knows she can always count on her friends.

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Wow, I don't know what I expected but it wasn't this.
That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, on the contrary, I found it quite interesting. I wanted to know more of the world they were in but that can be left to my imagination.
Thank you for this.

That last line. That LAST LINE!

Absolutely brilliant work! I loved it! :twilightsmile:

Absolutely wonderful. Good pacing, working dialogue, exposition enough to build interest and support the main plot element. And a topic I have a certain fondness for besides. Its been said already, but you chose a good "wham line" to end on.

One little nitpick:

“So I violated the laws of time a space.”

Should be "and".


You're quite welcome. And again, well done.

“Friends don’t let friends stay dead Applejack.”

You should have just chopped out "Applejack", and let it end with the moral of the story.

7989066 I had debated that. I thought the flow was better with the name included, but I'm starting to go the other way now.

10 million years? And everyone is “ageless” now? So Twilight researched for millions of years to search and collect memories to resurrect her first true friends, starting with Applejack. So she can spend eternity -because 10 million years is certainly that in my opinion- with the other Element Bearers?

Talk about clingy... so even after so many eons the could never overcome her grief of losing her friends and just violated the rules of existence to get them back. That sounds like a very dark grey zone in the unwritten laws of creation. :ajsmug:

That is certainly one interpretation. Another is that it was no longer grief by that point but a sense of moral obligation. Life should be a choice, a choice those of the past lacked. Which is why she is bringing everyone back, not just her friends, they are just a convenient place to start.

Then again, it is somewhat ambiguous. What other ‘rules’ would a person with that mindset be willing to violate?

I hope it was at least thought provoking.

Yeah, it was. But Twilight seems to have no problem with playing “god and creator” and sees it as no problem at all, morally. Or to use Spike’s comment: “She hanged out to much with Discord in the last time”. :moustache: He, too, doesn’t care for rules, Twilight followed into his footsteps.

NO NEW PONY emoticons! I wanted a Luna emoji and we got Facebook instead! So sad. ^^

“Easy now Applejack.” Cooed Twilight.

Should be:

"Easy now, Applejack," cooed Twilight.

An interesting read and a nice detailed take on the concept of immortal Twilight bringing her friends back. The beginning was a little bit too much confusing for my taste with all the abrupt jumps between the memories and also a few slight changes from third to first person, but in overall, I still enjoyed the little glimpses through Applejack's eyes. Also, the ending is great. :ajsmug: Have an upvote!

Twilight giddily clapped her hooves while Spike groaned. “Celestia said it wouldn't be possible without violating the laws of time and space.” A crooked grin like Applejack had never seen crossed Twilight’s face. “So I violated the laws of time and space.”
Applejack looked to Spike. “She alright there Spike?”
“Eh.” wobbling his claw “She’s been hanging out with Discord a bunch lately, picked up some of his sense of humor.”

Nice one-shot, good work.

.....not sure if creepy or sweet...or both...

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