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When Applejack is left alone to run the farm, she gets some unexpected help from Spike. As the two spend time together, Spike starts to see Applejack in a new way he'd never thought was possible. What are these feelings, and what will become of the two friends?

This was credited on DeviantART as the first AppleSpike (Applejack X Spike) fic. I don't know how many other AppleSpike fics are here, so maybe somepony can help me out.

I don't own these characters; they are the property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust. Story by me.

Cover art image done by agaveazul on DeviantART, and used with permission.

FUN FACT: The cover art image here was inspired by my fic. The artist drew this AFTER he read this fic on DeviantART.

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Dat cover picture :rainbowlaugh:

Lol, capturing the heart of AJ, RD, and Sweetie Belle? Spike, you dog you. :pinkiehappy:

Very sweet story.

The introduction at the beginning was unnecessary - we all know who Applejack and Spike are - but on the whole this was a very good story. However, I was a little disappointed by the implication that RD had a crush on AJ: I was hoping that we could have a shipping story without Appledash or any other kind of generic lesbian RD pairings. On the whole though, this was a very well written, well plotted tale, and I look forward to seeing if there'll be another installment.

231581 Fun fact: That picture was drawn AFTER this fic was made on DeviantART. The guy who did it, loved my fic so much he drew a picture from that fic.
231644 Actually RD had her eyes set on Applejack, and Sweetie had hopes for Spike.
231728 Well I like to introduce the characters through what they look like, it kind of gives a visual in the story. Don't worry, there won't be any AppleDash in this story at all. I too am sick of seeing that pairing. :ajbemused:
231770 Thanks mate! :twilightsmile:

I love this story and i love how u replied to everyones comment...ur a good writer. :P

I haven't gotten around to reading your story yet but there was one other AJ x Spike story before yours that was originally posted on fanfiction.net.

Loved the story - Wait... Incomplete?
YES YES YES YES :pinkiehappy:

Awesome story. I thought it was cheesy, well written and extremely d'awww I thought it was funny how Rainbow and Sweetie Bell were jealous at both AJ and Spike.

This is the third Apple Spike fic I've ever seen. My buddy WinterTwister did a moderately popular Twilight x Soarin and Apple Jack x Spike fic as part of a Holiday special called Winter Skies, if you're curious.

233379 Ooo this intrigues me. Thank you good sir.

too bad this is over goes back sees it is incomplete :pinkiehappy:

that cover pic made me lol:rainbowlaugh:

244585 As I said, this cover image was made AFTER this story was made on DeviantART. :twilightsmile:

#20 · Mar 2nd, 2012 · · ·

Got me tracking.

Spike forgot to turn his swag off again didn't he?:moustache:

I`m truely sorry, but by the end of this chapter, it all felt very rushed and left a rather bad taste in my mouth. Nothing against you or your writing, but this is not a natural feeling in the way it is written. If I was to do the ending, (the only part I had real issuses with) It would not be a long kiss to start. Rather a small kiss that has the power to sent his little heart over the moon and back. You know, let it flow, do not force it. Please take this as a small peice of constructive criticism, and try to keep groowing as a writer.

I will still follow to see the continuation.

I....I felt like my heart was warmed by this amazing pairing...I was very impressed by this, you did a very great jov Warlock. I really love this pairing now and I'll be hoest and say that I'm hoping to see more, I'm not sure how many there are of this. Go Spikejack! :ajsmug::moustache: Be tracking you devil dog you.

What happened to Chapter 2? So no continuation?

778376 No continuation. Read my blog post on my page.

the build ups there, story is sound, i saw nothing wrong with spelling, has potential
but theres no more to read

i'm already crying tears of joy over the sheer potential of genius this story has :raritycry:

Ah AppleSpike, the pairing that introduced me to MLP fanfiction... :heart:


Indeed, I was on My Little Brony (The Cheezeburger website) and encountered this picture. (I later found it on DeviantArt but that's another story). And boom, I became interested in reading Pony fanfiction. Though I didn't find a lot of AppleSpike, but I made due.

1100117 Ironically, that comic is what inspired me to write this.


Well I'll be. Heh, also I am reading The Dragon that Would be a Pony. It's very good!

What I love about Spike is that he is my ship character. Meaning I like shipping him with almost everyone and I can enjoy it. So all my favorites will normally have Spike in them somehow.

1100200 I tend to have Spike be the main focus in my stories. He barely gets any and the ones he does get are either Tragedy or Sad stories mostly.

Here, have your 100th like. You deserve it.

so beautiful. love it.

1484900 I don't know why, but I swear I read this story when it had a longer ending. did this ever have a longer ending?

1484972 It was intended to have a sequel, but I gave up on it. I just couldn't get it going to save my life.


1519711 It made some laugh. That pic is actually based off the story when the artist read my fic.

Nicely done, great job!:moustache:

Oh, and seeing as you like Spike/Applejack pairing, I think you would really enjoy reading a story called "Unintentionally Yours". I think you would really like if you haven't read it already. I know I did and I'm currently reading the sequel.

1571382 I've already read the story, but thanks anyway. :ajsmug:

Aww man I love this fic

-Kiryu :moustache:

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