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The Battle of the Bell has passed, and for Discord, it's usually a time to celebrate. But he quickly finds himself alone and isolated from the others. While the others have seemingly turned away from Discord, Fluttershy wants to go and ask Discord a simple question; Why?

Author's first note: This is a story that's been on the back burner for a while now. I just now have finally gotten around and wanted to write this out for a good long time since the series finale. I should mention this is my first attempt at writing Discord, and while I know many usually write him as his usual sarcastic self, I wanted to go for something that tries to balance it out. I do hope you all enjoy it regardless.

Cover art provided by: Pinstriped-Pajamas

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Featured on 8/24/14

Author's Note: This story takes place mainly in the MLP comics universe. If you haven't read about this particular arc, you'll most likely be lost.

Twilight and her friends have "freed" Rarity from the grip Nightmare Moon had on her. But the spirit has left one last surprise for the fashionista; something that changes her life for the worst. Now forced to hide her secret in fear of being an outcast to other ponies, Rarity and her friends must find a way to reverse what Nightmare has done. Yet it won't be simple as two ponies who know Rarity seek to expose her to the world. Not only that, but Rarity must try to understand her thoughts for one of her closest friends.

While this story does take place in the MLP Comics universe, there is continuity from the show itself, but there are some alterations. For example, Twilicorn never happened, so she's still a unicorn. Secondly, this story will most likely dismiss any future events that happen in the final episodes of season 4.

Special thanks goes out to Arby Works for the great cover art, the Sparity Skype group that assisted in prereading the story to ensure quality, and thanks to you, the reader, for taking a look at it.

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Studious, bookworm, and researcher.

These are the words that do not describe Twilight's daughter, Starburst.

The two rarely see eye to eye, and tensions between them are high. But when Twilight takes in one of her daughter's friends, Anthea, as her own student, it leaves the pegasus feeling like her own mom has abandoned her. With tensions already running high, will this sudden change in Star's life cause her to go over the edge and destroy the relationship she has with her mom?

Set in the kilala97 universe, whose art I recommend you check out, these next generation ponies are based off the pairings she ships, and who their kids are. A special thanks to TheMyth for some assistance, Kilala97 herself for taking a look at it, and my friends on Skype for giving their suggestions as well.

EDIT: Featured on 4/5/2014! Wow! Didn't think it'd get there, but thanks!

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After a little over a decade, Princess Luna still feels an emptiness inside her heart. Seeing and protecting the dreams of other ponies leads her to an epiphany of what she desires... her own special somepony

Alternative universe is in place since this takes place after the events of FiM and ignores any possible spoilers for season 4. A collaboration story that's being co-writen by TheMyth

New cover art by Ragingsemi

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While cleaning the library, Spike comes across a book hidden in Twilight's bed. At first it seems like an ordinary book, but he soon finds out that his longtime friend has been holding some feelings back. But what should Spike do? Should he open his heart to Twilight? Or will he crush her feelings?

The characters in this story are anthronized. Cover art by OnyxPrince

A big special thank you to FlimFlamBros. for proofreading this story and helping me out.

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Spike has been feeling depressed that he may lose Rarity since he is a dragon and that he'll lose her and his friends as he outlives them all. Desperate to find a way to win Rarity's heart, Spike finds a shopkeeper who has a surprise that ends up changing his life. He finds a potion that turns the dragon into a pony and now has a chance with his princess. As Spike takes on flying lessons from Rainbow Dash, swoons Rarity, and adjusts to his new life it all seems okay. He couldn't be anymore wrong and it has come with a great price. He and his friends are in the sight of an old flame who has come for revenge and is especially interested in Rarity. Now Spike must gather the courage to go forward and save his friends and his love.

This story is Sparity fic (My OTP Deal with it) and is a WIP on this site, and on DeviantART. I try to get the chapters out as soon as I can, so my updates my be random. This is gore in this story, but that happens a little down the road, so for now this'll be marked teen. As I reach the gore part, it'll most likely change to mature ratings.

I don't own any of these characters or Friendship is Magic. It is the property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust. OC ponies belong to me.

Cover art image done by asluc96 on DeviantART and used with permission

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When Applejack is left alone to run the farm, she gets some unexpected help from Spike. As the two spend time together, Spike starts to see Applejack in a new way he'd never thought was possible. What are these feelings, and what will become of the two friends?

This was credited on DeviantART as the first AppleSpike (Applejack X Spike) fic. I don't know how many other AppleSpike fics are here, so maybe somepony can help me out.

I don't own these characters; they are the property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust. Story by me.

Cover art image done by agaveazul on DeviantART, and used with permission.

FUN FACT: The cover art image here was inspired by my fic. The artist drew this AFTER he read this fic on DeviantART.

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Spike has been feeling lonely lately. Everyday he watches Twilight go off and have fun with her friends while he does the same thing: clean, and do chores. His luck seems to change though when he and Twilight find a flyer for a circus. With Twilight's friends, Spike goes to the circus with them. At the circus, Spike meets and befriends the circus performers and show him true love and friendship. Tired of being left out or not being loved by the others, Spike decides to leave Twilight and the others for his new friends. Will they get the baby dragon back?

Do note this was written originally on my DeviantART account and came out before season 2 of Friendship is Magic. This was my first fic as well so I know I won't accept a lot of praise or anything here. I do appreciate you all reading it though.

I don't own these characters, they are the property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust. OC ponies and story are mine.

Cover art image is done by BlackGryph0n on DeviantART

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