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Featured on 8/24/14

Author's Note: This story takes place mainly in the MLP comics universe. If you haven't read about this particular arc, you'll most likely be lost.

Twilight and her friends have "freed" Rarity from the grip Nightmare Moon had on her. But the spirit has left one last surprise for the fashionista; something that changes her life for the worst. Now forced to hide her secret in fear of being an outcast to other ponies, Rarity and her friends must find a way to reverse what Nightmare has done. Yet it won't be simple as two ponies who know Rarity seek to expose her to the world. Not only that, but Rarity must try to understand her thoughts for one of her closest friends.

While this story does take place in the MLP Comics universe, there is continuity from the show itself, but there are some alterations. For example, Twilicorn never happened, so she's still a unicorn. Secondly, this story will most likely dismiss any future events that happen in the final episodes of season 4.

Special thanks goes out to Arby Works for the great cover art, the Sparity Skype group that assisted in prereading the story to ensure quality, and thanks to you, the reader, for taking a look at it.

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Comments ( 191 )

this story sounds cool I can't wait to see what happens.

it's a interestin read :pinkiesmile: n' for a moment i was confused :applejackconfused: n' thinkin that she got scarred or somethin :rainbowhuh:. Yet, t only thing that seems to happen is rares bein trapped in a certain form :fluttershysad:. Hopefully somepony can change her or else ponies r gonna hav get use to t new look :duck:. Oh well g'luck everypony, u're gonna need it :twilightsmile:

Sounds cool... but for now I'll add it to my 'read later' list. :p

4244401 Hope you'll like it.

4244465 I don't need luck, but thanks anyway. I'll do my best to make sure hte premise works.

4244507 uh anyone else but me notice that twilicorn can also reference to the fact twilight is a unicorn? So in that sense she was always like that.


Twilicorn in this case would mean Twilight + Alicorn, i.e. Princess Twilight Sparkle. We already know Twi is usually a unicorn, and right now Twilicorn is canon, according to the show.

As we can see in this story, all people can see that Twilight has not ascended or given alicorn status, she's your regular adorkable unicorn librarian.

I wish I'd made it to the end when you posted it in group before, because then I would have said something about showing and not telling that Rarity was still trapped in her Nightmare form. Eh, well, overall I really like the prologue, and knowing where it's going to lead is nice since I can taunt everyone who doesn't know with my knowledge. But I'll never tell. Never!

4245408 The angle I was going for was to keep it hidden that Rarity was still stuck in her Nightmare form. If this made you uncomfortable, I apologize. Still, thanks for the read.

for the record, the events in the comics up to issue #12 all happen before the events of of the season 3 finale Magical mystery cure. Issues 13 and on all occur after the season 4 premier.

4245570 so basically twiacorn just hasn't happened yet. Hope that cleared things up. You can still work the whole coronation thing in if you want.

4245581 I think for this one, Twilicorn won't happen. Considering everything that's happening, everypony will have much more concerned things to worry about.

Look on the bright side Rarity, maybe you can co-op with Luna as goddess of the night.

potentially interesting story. I'll see where it goes:twilightblush:

4247281 Doing what? Giving bad foals nightmares as punishment?

4247670 Alrighty then.

4248110 I shall.


I think her Nightmare form is very beautiful, the problem was what she was doing.

Whoa talk about your twisted ending. :pinkiecrazy:

Is this story also a Sparity tale as well ? :pinkiehappy:

Please do keep update the great idea of yours. :yay::raritywink:

This looks promising. I'm very interested to see where it goes next.

I loved the Nightmare Rarity story arc from the comics, consider me hooked and eagerly anticipating your next entry!! :pinkiehappy: :raritywink:

well, t g'luck thing was for rares n' t others :twilightsheepish:. Altho, it doesn't really matter so ur welcome all t same :yay:

You've really... Gone and done it this time, Nightmare.
Ah, Rarity. That's a good look for you. Festive! So long, friend...

4252459 Alright, thanks.

4252654 Glad to know I got your attention.

This story is simply MARVELOUS!

Umm... I have a question. Why is this a problem? I thought she looked awesome.

4254002 And I hope I keep that attention of yours.

4254565 Would you want to look like some evil spirit that nearly killed your ruler and bring destruction to your land? I don't think so.


Depends. How good looking are we talking about? Some girls dig dangerous individuals as long as their charismatic and handsome.

4254673 Just wait for more. There's a reason this is a plot point.

4253458 I see what you did there

Thed fif have some quarrels in the past

*They did

4254614. I am pretty sure you'll do a good job of keeping my attention. :pinkiehappy:

I understand why she doesn't like this, but does nightmare rarity really look that bad to drop into shock??

4259223 Well she doesn't want to look like her evil self.

4259233 ya I figured, an it is rarity were talking about too

Actually, she looks rather nice, to be honest, but I wouldn't want to end up looking like a powerful villain. Rarity waking up as Nightmarity might not seem bad to you, but... Imagine waking up as the Slenderman.

4279599 well... Actually that's wouldn't be tooo bad, but again, I see your point.

4297037 Blueblood must love James Bond villains.

Scaled hmmmm omg that one's easy

4297161 Well they don't have a clue.

Yes Twilight, it's on the tip of your tounge is because you live with the answer.:ajbemused: So when is Rarity going to learn the riddle, it would probably at least speed things along. And looks like Blueblood is up to no good, lets just hope everyone can handle whatever he has planned.

WHAT EXACTLY IS THE PROBLEM HERE!? Rarity turns into Nightmare Rarity AT NIGHT! She'll be locked in her room sleeping peacefully. No one needs to know, so what's the problem? If she can sleep through the transformations, then what's wrong?

4297313 He may be self absorbed, but he's not stupid.

4297437 Think about it. What if she needs to go to a fashion show that goes on at night? What if she is ordered to meet with somepony at night? If she refused to take any of those offers to promote her dresses, it would hurt her business. Just because she can stay home at night, doesn't mean she always will. She's got a business to run anyway. And if she needs to go out at night and she's in another town for some business, other ponies would freak out.

Can't wait for Blueblood to start digging his own grave.

I know the plot demands them to be oblivious of the true meaning of the riddle but damn are they stupid

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