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The Dragon Warlock


While cleaning the library, Spike comes across a book hidden in Twilight's bed. At first it seems like an ordinary book, but he soon finds out that his longtime friend has been holding some feelings back. But what should Spike do? Should he open his heart to Twilight? Or will he crush her feelings?

The characters in this story are anthronized. Cover art by OnyxPrince

A big special thank you to FlimFlamBros. for proofreading this story and helping me out.

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Woah, new Dragon Warlock story, reading this shit right now! :rainbowkiss:

looking good so far:eeyup:

1929822 Boy, you all waste no time reading my stories, huh? I'm honored. :twilightblush:
1929825 Thanks! :twilightsmile:

you shouldn't thank me, i never make a decision on weather i like it or hate it before chapter two...... but it's hard to hate something you like and when your hand know where the fav button is the temptation get hard so i'll stay positive till next week or month (don't know how frequently you post chapters :twilightblush:)

Note: i need to work on my spelling, sorry:facehoof:

Great opening I can feel the love

Damn it, why now?:twilightangry2: Sorry but pomised myself I'd play SKYRIM before bed, and you know how that goes, once you start you don't know when to stop.
But first story I read tomorrow will be this, so later.:moustache::twilightsmile:

It gets real awkward knowing Twilight was the one who hatched Spike in the first place...


The number of TwiSpike fics these last few days are too damn high!!!
[Too lazy to go find the picture memgenerator thingy].

I've always found these rather awkward honestly, their relationship is more of a mother and son one when you look at it from a technical standpoint... Kind of makes me shudder a bit. Unless the AU is there and you've drastically altered his background or whatever, its just too weird.

Welp, best of luck.

OH, MAN! This story is turning into something awesome! I cant wait for the next chapter!:twilightblush:

God amazing!! This is deep, loving and the ting of drama at the end simply put a smile on my face. I am earthly awaiting the next chapter be it this month of the next or maybe the next.

Saying will x happen or swill z happen doesn't really work, since the tags give away on stories like this.

HOLY MOTHER OF CELESTIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:derpytongue2:
THIS IS AWESOME!:twilightsmile:

Best pairing ever in my eyes :twilightsheepish: + :moustache:=:heart:

And seriously very,very impressive my brother, very, very detailed and even though you made it so they seem human but with fur, tails, scales ect. You did so well are to not metion any of it once, I love it. I can't stand when people think they are mother and son *shivers*

No seriously, I despise it, almost as much as Spike/Rarity and that's a very high dislike in my view, anyway, you know for a fact you have my support and I'll be awaiting more brother, always:twilightsmile:

And DERPY!!!!! Best mare ever!!:derpytongue2: Also where is Peewee?

B-but that fuck?! Ended chapter? Oh, come on, give us a new chapter, please!:facehoof:Poor Twilight...

Overal amazing. Excelent execution of remorse on Twilight. The writting wa great and rich in detail, wich is always a good thing. I thing there was a "That" or "It" missing somewhere. But I have no idea where I saw it. :rainbowlaugh:
I only have one problem with this. How come Spike belives is a good idea to ask Rarity about this situation? No srerioulsy. What could he possibly be thinking? Ok, maybe this is just me.
I would preffer that we don't have to deal with a love triangle. But I have faith in yu in any case, so keep it up.:twilightsmile:


' the time she turned me into a girl to see what a female dragon looked like' I would like to see that.. ;)

The 'It’s nearly as messed up as Twilight having feelings for Shining Armor.' is this true ? :rainbowhuh:

A story written by The Dragon Warlock the great.
I'm so reading this. Insta-fave.

On of my favorite Shipping. I'm tired of everyone pairing them up
as Mother/son or Sister/brother.

I view the relationship between Twilight and Spike as siblings.

This will get steamy at some point, right?

1929904 You're not the first commenter. Secondly, I request that you don't say first on my stories. I don't like it when ponies do that.
1929957 Thank you. :twilightsmile:
1929959 Alrighty then!
1930046 It is true.
1930143 I can understand your standpoint, but considering how many love to ship Shining Armor with Twilight, this ship is pretty normal. At least with this pairing they aren't related by blood.

1930154 Thank you! :raritywink:
1930213 I'll try to not keep you all waiting long.
1930342 I shall.
1930359 Hey at least I didn't put the whole story in the description like some stories.
1930367 Okay. Get some rest and come back when you're ready.

1930442 Thanks mate!
1930451 I'm glad to see you're enjoying this story. I hope to get to work on the next chapter soon, but no promises. As for Peewee, let's just napping somewhere.
1930606 I'll try and work on the next chapter as soon as possible. Please read the author's note for details.
1930647 Thanks for reading the story and enjoying it. As for why Spike is going to Rarity's, it'll be explained in due time. I can say though, some revelations will be made.
1930648 :eeyup:

1930762 Google a Rule 63 Spike and find one. Well I really hate TwiArmor in general, but Spilight is not as messed up as that pairing. I think it could happen.
1930906 Aww thanks. :twilightblush:
1931069 I'm glad you're enjoying it. And yeah, I think maybe there is a possibility of them getting together.
1931120 I'm not sure if it will get steamy or not. I think it may, but no promises.

Pedophilia, fuck yeah!

This might be interesting. +1, wanna see where this goes.

1931213 Um . . . Spike is older in this story. :ajbemused:
1931216 Glad you like it so far. :twilightsmile:

There is not enough TwiSpike romance (or TwiSpike other stuff), and this is a good one. Please, do continue.

1931276 I shall continue it. I'm glad you love this story. :moustache::heart::twilightsmile:

Crap, I crave another chapter. Alas, school claims another author, Godspeed you magnificent writer!

This is pretty good so far. Spilight is one of my favorite ships and this is a nice addition to the unfortunately short list of Spilight fics.


Great, now I feel like redrawing the piece for efficiency. I'll get to it tonight, but I'll read this little pretty first.

Oh well, my bad then. Description didn't say so though.

1931319 Thank you very much. :twilightsmile:
1931327 Well I'm here to rectify that short list.

1931439 Oh, so you're OnyxPrince on DA then? Well I do like this picture. If you want to make some changes though to it, it's up to you.
1931797 Well in the story he's described as tall. So it generally means he's older.

Maybe so, but I'm not touching this story with a ten feet pole while wearing a hazmat suit, so since it isn't it the description, there was no way for me to know. 'Sides, my nephew is thirteen and 5'8", and I'm pretty sure he's not legal.

Man, who ever did the edits for this did a really good job! You should give him money! :raritywink:

Also, congrats on the Feature mate!


HOLY SHIT, YOUR NEPHEW'S A DRAGON!? Remind me never to get on your bad side...

All sarcasm aside, guys, come on. Discussing height as a judgement of age is ridiculous. Especially when the story is set in a world with GIANT MONSTERS. On the one hand, I'm pretty sure the Ursa Minor was just a "teeeeensy" bit bigger than Celestia, but is a freaking baby. On the other hand, Granny Smith is certainly nowhere near as big as, say, a diamond dog, but Jesus Tapdancing with Panda Bears she's ancient. 'Course, that may be because she's just a shriveled up apple-raisin. lol

'Sides, isn't everyone ignoring a pretty basic fact here? Twilight *isn't* that much older than Spike! She was a fillllllyyyyyyy when she hatched him herself! And according to Faust herself, the age/maturity level of the cast ranges from only about 12 - 18 (see the link below for a screencap of her DA post to attest to this). So arguing whether Spike is "old enough" or "mature enough" to be legal, seems at least to me, asinine.

1932016 When did this become about your nephew and reading this story? :rainbowhuh:
1932138 Sadly, my funds are tight ATM. And thanks mate. It's actually in the top position! I'm on top of the world baby! :rainbowwild:

It didn't. You used height as an argument for age, and I just said my nephew is pretty tall, yet he's still very much a minor.

193127 YES! This man says it right DW! It's TWISPIKE, not Spilight:moustache:

Is there going to be more to this?

SpikeLight?!!! Yes!!!! Any Spike Shipfic that gets featured is a plus for the Internet!!! Yes! Thanks for writing this! :)

1932269 Damn you. :twilightangry2:
1932646 Yes. It does say Incomplete.
1932662 No problem! I'm glad you love it and that it got the top spot in the Featured Box. :twilightsmile:

i dont thnk the whole dragon/pony think works, if they were humans totaly, i love their personalities together, it's just the height difference.....:moustache:

Nice to see that the author of "The Dragon that would be Pony" is still at it, and this time exploring the feelings between everyone's cutest and unadorkable unicorn and her faithful dragon friend. I have faved it, and can't wait to see more!!! If this is even 20% as cool as that, this will be a great story!!!:raritywink::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::raritywink::raritywink::moustache::yay:

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