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True criticism encourages growth not through exposition of flaws, but with advice on how to fix them.


A word to everyone. · 6:10pm Sep 20th, 2014

Hey, all of my followers and everyone who has read my stories.

I thought I'd make a blog post to talk about a few things. The first, and probably most important, is that I'm not dead, not by a long shot. I know many of you are probably waiting on me to upload a sequel to "Dawn of a bright, new life", which I promise I'm working on, and many are waiting for updates to ".hack//Secrets of Equestria" and "Assist Me!! Princess Luna!".

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So I know you probably get asked this quite a bit but I was wondering how the sequel is coming along for bright new life?

It's refreshing beyond belief to find a soul who knows what true criticism is. Too many on this site simply spread hate with their words.

1728937 I'll take look later.:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 81 - 85 of 85
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