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What do you guys think? · 10:09pm Jan 3rd, 2014

I'm not sure, should I do the next chapter of my story while I'm sleep deprived again (Which is fun as hell) or do it normally?

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Imagine. you are alone by the beautiful Sana Monica bay. The seagulls give out a lonely cry, amidst the crashing of the waves upon the shore ahead. The day is beginning to set into a beautiful orange-red glow, when you feel a paw upon your shoulder, and a soft voice responds, "Do not fear... Rusty is here." You turn around to come face-to-face with a purple Yoshi-wolf Pegasus with a pink and red mane. Her kind red and blue eyes, one with a red scar show only kindness and compassion. "You are not alone.... not one bit." Surprised, you struggle to find the words to say. She envelops you into a sudden warm hug, and you absently note she is way softer than she appeared. Caught off guard, but unwilling to refuse a free hug, you hug back. You feel her purr as you wonder how to take this in.

Hey, sugar--Just wanted to inform you of a small update to the first two chapters of my Fanfic, since I take it you're looking forward to the next few chapters, I figure I'd give you a small teaser towards the new mature content.

Well, I hate to admit it, but the blog is WAY slower.:twilightsheepish: I have a job to go to now, and with a busted laptop, I am forced to use my moms.:twilightsheepish:

Flames- :twilightsheepish:Sorry you fell so behind on the blog... But comet has been trippin on those painkillers... She really loopy.:derpytongue2:

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