Sweetie Belle discovers an amateur novel lying abandoned on the ground. The mysterious story soon becomes all the rage with everypony.

And then Rarity hears a passage of it being read out loud...

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“Just who uses sound effects in a literary medium?”

Meta joke. Still laughed though. XD

Oh gawd. I'm loving this! XD

Omg how beautifully embarrassing! I think Soarin and the gang know who wrote that, maybe. xD

Rarity took another tiny bite of the doughnut, swallowed, and said: “The restraints were... creative.” She hummed inwardly. “The part where Princess Fuzzdiamonds is coerced into ecstatically yelling Blue Streak's name, however... was a tad bit hyperbolic. But... still...” Her eyelashes fluttered. “Quite erotic on a primal level, I suppose.”

And Sweetie Belle totally read this during recess to all the filly and colts. xD

K, officially love this. Mmmm, delicious RariDashery. Cute and lovable ending. Thanks for writing this! <3

P.S. I am so glad I don't have to go anywhere today because checking fimfic for updates was the best worst idea I've had at this now 6:20 in the morning.

And this is why I avoid self-inserts.

Never been this early to a shorts skirts fic!

Anyway, Raridash is a really rare pairing. Great to finally find something good for something I ship!

Pfft. Princess-saving. I bet Rarity could take Rainbow in a fight.

Rarity doodles with Dash.

That was so sweet! Awesomely sweet, even! :raritywink:

Love is in the air. :heart:

Ponies writing is one of my favorite things.

This was... creative. 5 stars for creativity.

“Perhaps Blue Streak may someday cross paths with... a Duchess Goldfeathers?”

:rainbowdetermined2: Do you expect me to talk, Goldfeathers?
:flutterrage: No, Blue Streak. You're going to LOVE ME!!

7432729 oh gods that'd be hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

All in all, I love it :twilightsmile: give us more raridash, skits! Please! :fluttershysad:

“'But Blue Streak! The Lame Ray!' Princess Fuzzdiamonds bellowed in distress, fighting against her restraints. 'If we don't do something about it, the evil magic stuff will hit quarter-life and cause meltdown!' 'Well, we'd better do something about that, shouldn't we?' Blue Streak said, wagging her eyebrows.

"Yes!" said Princess Fuzzdiamonds. "Ew must escapes out of here fastly!"

But Blue Streak was already blowed to smitheroons.


Rainbow Dash being a hack writer is a surprisingly common trope in this fandom, and I love seeing it done well. Here, it's done well. Raridash isn't my cup of tea, but I like your premise and the way the characters' voices are captured. Especially the Wonderbolts, who are canonically a bag of dicks.

EDIT: Also, Zecora's awfully critical of hackery for someone who insists on speaking in rhyme all the damn time.

Cute! I love it.

Very sweet. The idea of winning another person as a prize is a bit off, but it's the sort of off that could believably come from Rainbow Dash. Plus you captured her likely narrative voice in the story itself very well indeed. Thank you for this, Skirts.

God, Shortskirts, you never fail to amuse...:rainbowlaugh:

oh my god I love you skirts :heart: this is the absolute best

more like rarid'aww

I don't know if i will even read an entire ssae story

It is a bit of a trek. I've noticed the same with the last one (or two, three?) But they're enjoyable none the less if you can make it.

Fantastic raridashery work. As a fan of this shipping, I approve.

lolol too funny and too cute

The Wonderbolts can laugh all they want at their rookies story, but when she shows up at the next party with Rarity beside her I think they'll float her a little respect too. Lol.

Omg. Too cute. Now I am the dead.

Six points to whoever can figure out what episode the cover photo is from :raritywink:

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Did Rainbow Dash say 'for realsies'?

this is great.

Chaos energies

I see what you did there:rainbowdetermined2:

I'm really not vibing with the whole "hero earns the princess" sorta mentality, like, at all.

…But whatever, fic was cute.

:moustache: Don't ship it but it surely delivered..... :rainbowwild:

I usually don't like so much raridash but this was absolutly delicious. It make me smile all trhough it, I loved it :raritywink:

“My my, how very plebeian,” Zecora remarked. “Just who uses sound effects in a literary medium?”

And now I just remembered the Apple Loader

Bless you, you strange hairy fellow

All of the above and then some.
This was pleasantly awkward and amusing

>release a Rarijack fic

>Hours later release a RariDash fic

Do you have like some diabolical plan to release a fic for every Mane 6 Rarity ship within a few days or something? Because if so I highly approve.

While I'm not normally a fan of this ship, that was just... too adorable not to love. And deeply funny.

Smilin' the whole way though.

Just what I was looking for today.

Thank you for a wonderful story.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Always with the lesbo crap......*Sigh*

7434029 It's almost like Equestria has lots of mares in comparison to stallions.

That was just so funny! I loved how everypony got into reading it! It just made the reveal of Dash as the writer even funnier! The sweetest part, though is how lady-like and compassionate Rarity is with Dash at the end. That is just her speed, you know....darling!

...Rainbow Dash wrote RariDashery? :rainbowwild:

7434029 hoss, you really should accept it or find a different place to hang out. It's not going anywhere any more than Harry Potter gay fic is.

it was adorable, I'd give it a like, but i died of diabeetus after posting this.

Clearly you haven't read Bats' writing advice yet:

More seriously, the main reason there are so many lesbian ships in the fandom is that almost all of the interesting characters are female.

The main cast has one male character out of ten, and he's underaged.

Of the major recurring characters on the show, only Discord and Big Mac are single males.

If you don't like lesbians, why are you reading Romance-tagged stories with two mares? :unsuresweetie:

Nailed it

Hmm ... I feel I've definitely encountered a very similar story before involving a certain, blue-haired housewife ...


7434505 Nailed that with the picture :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously about halfway to the point where even the WonderBolts are reading it I choked on my spit.
It was that funny xD

Seriously, for a first timer to your works, 11/10 :moustache: "Would recommend to a fellow pony and read again" -EQD
It was just that goodwired.com/images_blogs/rawfile/2013/03/thumb-fiction-660x371.jpg

I've always wondered why there isn't more Raridash shipping in this fandom. I've always thought the two of them just worked somehow.

Really cute story.

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