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Lemon Zest is under a dark cloud. Literally. Nothing's gone right for her friends today, and there's nothing she can do to help.

Or so she thinks. Just when she's at her lowest, Canterlot High's premier DJ shows up at Crystal Prep to lend a hand, an ear, and the perfect song.

Editing duties courtesy of nanashi_jones.
Cover art graciously provided by MissTickles.

Now with a dramatic reading by ScarlettBlade!

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Comments ( 50 )

Vinyl Scratch x Lemon Zest? I ship it! :twilightsmile:

Anyway, that was a sweet story. I loved the character interactions between the two main characters and how their bond strengthened throughout the story. It's always nice to see a less common ship done well, and this story did the ship brilliantly. Plenty of heartwarming and fun moments as well, which is always nice. Excellent work as usual! :pinkiesmile:

this story is unique and have not use it so all in all a great stort :heart:

"Hmmm. I got an idea," Vinyl said. "Pretend you're in one of those fast cars. Sporty and red. Top down. Endless road. No one else around. Sun in the sky, grass on all sides."

You're not slipping references past me that easily.

I'm surprised that Vinyl didn't use a Bass Cannon on Cinch.

"Indiiiiieee!" Lemon cried

Lemon, there's a call for you from some lawyer. Says he's representing a Ms. Ravenwood, if that means anything to you...


hey i'm allowed to play coast 2 coast while writing at the same time

...aren't i


You know, this just makes me wish that a Typing of the Dead style OutRun game existed.

Jondor #8 · Dec 6th, 2015 · · 1 ·

VinylZest is love, VinylZest is life. :heart:

6702336 Give her time.

Oh, I get the feeling this will definitely not be the last we see of the Shadowbolts. Or of Lemon and Vinyl.

Though for some reason, I can't help but picture Neon Lights weeping in some corner somewhere.

I surprisingly like this ship. And, you made it to the feature box! Congrats!


That's okay! That's the beauty of sapience--she can still totally love his music without being romantically interested in him whatsoever. :trollestia:

"The Shadowbolts will return" ...?
Follow up or separate one-shots? You can run with the "wait and see" thing but it'll keep me up awhile :rainbowlaugh:

I liked this one, it's pretty sweet; however, the raincloud thing I thought was totally metaphorical Hngh can't find the word but Vinyl can see it...
Well done!



They're just going to keep returning until I'm no longer having fun with them, really. Which could be a while.

This is good! I quite liked it. :twilightsmile:

I know I've said it before, but I love what you do with Sunny Flare.

A magnificent slice of life. Great characters, great interaction, and a pairing I'd never considered before but now adore. Thank you for it.

Though I do have to ask, was that thundercloud really, actually there? :rainbowhuh: I guess there was some magical contamination during the Midnight Sparkle incident.

She has her own cloud....

Yes, I can headcanon this.

God she is adorable.

Comment posted by Shadowmane PX-41 deleted Dec 6th, 2015

You don't have a touch to lose, because no one here can touch you.

Sorry! Sorry, couldn't help it, :fluttershyouch:

Seriously though, this is a great piece! It hits all the right notes (pun intended, :trollestia:) for both Lemon and Vinyl, and Lemon's little emotes, combined with uplifting overall message made me think of a great song that I haven't listened to in a while:

Great job Booksie! :raritywink:

Stop being an asshole and dredging up your private issues on someone else's story. Not cool.


Never apologize for The Touch. Like, ever.

And thanks!

Comment posted by Shadowmane PX-41 deleted Dec 9th, 2015

Thanks, you guys! :twilightsmile:

It's a very loyal cloud. :pinkiehappy:

The fun part is seeing other people write Sunny Flare as into theater now without a second thought. I haven't accidentally created fanon this pervasive since that time I accidentally made everybody think Twilight had an oppressive fillyhood!

Though I do have to ask, was that thundercloud really, actually there? :rainbowhuh:


6705322 You're welcome! :twilightsmile:

Sold. Take my eagerness and watch me sit on the edge of my goddamn seat!

Damn, I was thinking about using that cover image for a story I'm working on...

Oh well. Nice work, here. I'm a fan of Lemon, and I thought your interpretation of her was pretty good!

Can't break my indestructible OctyScratch headcanon, though:pinkiehappy:

Enjoying your work, as always!:scootangel:

This is a GREAT story, there's great interaction going on and a fab storyline! :twilightsmile:
I hope you write more like this! :pinkiesmile:

:rainbowhuh: Whoa, man. That's some good stuff.

I don't know about the "entirely different Vinyl Scratch" angle from your blog post, because at the core, I think that what you've shown here is what the fanon Vinyl is.

She's funny, she loves music, she can get kinda crazy sometimes... but she's got a good heart. Seeing someone so like her in need like this? I don't see a scenario in which Vinyl doesn't help Lemon. And how you executed it? Amazing.

...It even helped me endure the shipping! :rainbowwild:

But seriously, Bookish? Amazing.


Well, the last Vinyl fic I wrote had her as a honking glasses-wearing math nerd. :twilightblush: I miss that one.

You're right in that this rendition's definitely closer to fanon Vinyl (mainly in terms of dialogue), but still, when I write her, there's always a total lack of dubstep tunnel-vision, and I always give her a mind to go with her heart).

Thanks, and glad you liked it so much. We'll turn you into a shipper yet! :pinkiehappy:


Hey, music is a combination of the mind and the heart, right? For someone to be truly talented at it, they've gotta have both or... it's incomplete!

Like all art! :pinkiehappy:

...you'll never take me alive. :flutterrage:

the ship has sailed!!!!

I'll admit, I waffled a bit on faving this because I'm an adamant Vinyl/Octavia shipper. But honestly, it's such a sweet story that I can't not like it. Then I remembered: Oh, right. Different universe. Headcanon: Intact. :derpytongue2:

But, yeah. This one has a lot of emotion in it, and it's sweet to see how much Lemon Zest cares about her friends. Her problem was very relatable, and Vinyl's solution was quite touching. So, nice work. :twilightsmile:

Still planning on using Dean Cadence's school exchange scheme in a future story.

Lemon's jaw dropped. She pointed at Vinyl. "You? Classical?"

Vinyl chuckled. "I know, right? I mean, sure, I know my roots, but I never thought about looking at stuff like Marezart outside of, like, school. But you know, it really worked. It was music I could lose myself in. It was music I could escape to, and it was music I could use to help feel better. And best part? It was music that helped me find this stuff." She pointed up, as if the relaxing notes could be seen dancing above her and Lemon's heads.

Wow, Vinyl's someone I can relate to in this story. Whenever I feel down in the dumps, I usually like to turn on some classical music – albeit it being from video games – and really just mellow myself out from listening to the amazing compositions. Be them sharp and fast from intense boss battles, or simple calm talk music from certain cutscenes.

I also read this story in conjunction with the Audio Read from Scarlett Blade, and I gotta say, it sounds really beautiful this way.

Great read, Bookish. I do hope that you never stop writing, and that Scarlett continues to make dramatic readings of all of your future stories...

You've misused the word "literally" in the description.

I though you should know.

6712595 Is it actually cloudy/raining during the story?


You should read the story. :twilightsmile:

6712680 I'm planning on it. But be warned, I'm a grammar mall-cop.

That was a fun read.

VINYL ZEST IS REAL :twilightsheepish:

The Transformers Shadowbolts will return after these messages.

Hrmmm.... third read through....still fairly cute....

Liked for the cuteness of the story, aided by well written prose and descriptions. :twilightsmile:
Favorited due to it retaining it's charm even after 3 re-reads.:pinkiehappy:

Getting a jump on that Resolution I told you about, so consider this my...Capsule Review? I dunno, it's just me finally telling you what I should have told you when you first posted this back in December, which is that it's seriously goddammed wonderful. See, here's the genius of it: music is a really, really difficult thing to communicate through text, right? But the thing of it is, you have a secret weapon on your side in making that music feel as real to us as it does to Vinyl and, eventually, to Lemon, and that is your language. The prose in this story is seriously just flat-out Aces, capturing the sensation the music inspires, so that we can understand the feelings it evokes, even if we can't hear it ourselves, and that applies to the dialogue even more so; I already adore your Vinyl (which admittedly implies her voice here is the same as it is in "Unison", and while there is overlap, you keep it nicely distinct in its own way), but your Lemon is especially great, because you do that thing you do so well, which is you craft a wonderful voice for her from the samples we got of it over in "Friendship Games", and in so doing you turn her into this fuller, richer character who feels so compelling and believable. And those voices, the sound of them, is so real that they make the music real too.
oh also the actual song you include at the end is gorgeous thank you so much for introducing me to it :heart:

is it wrong that I wanna see vinyl and lemon start a relationship

Can I pretend the shipping wasn't there? Otherwise I like it!

Author Interviewer

C'mon, Lemon, you can't have two girlfriends. :V

Dat Amelia tho ;D

Very nice!

This was a wonderful story I do hope you're planing on a sequel to it. VERY well written and well done I loved every part of this story. :twilightsmile:

"I know you're sad now," Vinyl said, "and that's totally normal. But even while you are, just remember that there'll always be the next day. And that day has so many chances to be so awesome that today might as well never have existed." She squeezed Lemon's hands and grinned knowingly. "Best of all? It's not far off. Maybe twelve hours from now

Thanks, I needed that today.

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