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An Equestria Girls Miniseries

In the midst of Equestrian City, a massive skyscraper looms over all.

It houses the corporation Northstar Technologies, which is slowly becoming the world's largest technological and economic power. Its aim: to promote complete self-sufficiency through the devices it creates and markets.

All through Equestrian City, its presence is felt; friendships are shattered, families are strained. Yet, bit by bit, the world changes, adjusts, and advances.

Where did Northstar come from, and why? Can anything be done to stop its advances? For that matter, should anything be done?

The answers lie in the future, the past, and across worlds.

(Logo by Shax; cutie mark vector by BlackGryph0n)

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I absolutely love this continuity, and can't wait for more!

Also, you do any absolutely lovely job giving this quiet menace to Northstar (and presumably human!Twilight), just in how incidentally destructive they can be. And of course, the fact that their only apparently at-scale competition is a supplier possibly soon to be redundant...

All my kudos!


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