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This is a group for fans of flutershy pinkie rarity and rainbow dash (rainbow dash also includes darring do)
:pinkiehappy:×∞=mind blown

1. Be nice. This should go without saying but just… don't be an jerk and bitch about ponys for no reason

2. Low amounts or cursing. Keep it pg-13 with not just language but content

3. Stay on topic or at least about mlp fim.

4. Spoiler warnings on anything until 5 hrs giving everypony a chance to watch it

5. HAVE FUN :pinkiehappy:

6. Brohoofs only to ponys who are 20% or cooler

Everypony have fun

2 strikes
1 week ban
perma ban

feed manager
- Inkwell Prose
Complaint management
- me bronypride13
- Eris H Discordia
General admin
- Winterman
- Eris H Discordistrikes
- BikerPon3

- none :pinkiehappy:

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Ok sry I had to make an exception for bikerpon3 in the admin group he's got like 4 groups 4 him and Adkins like 10

Your creation is fresh. Congratulations! This group earned a listing in New Groups.

Lol. Thats the point

395370 lol how r u cold hatred when ur red
A little ironic don't ya think

395370 ya only admin can thow

I didn't know you could ban with groups...:duck:

395224 u mentioned me .?

395224 Whoa, slow down, will ya. You even write like Pinkie.:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by bronypride13 deleted Apr 14th, 2015

394597 u know I agree that's y I created this group and rd is just so dope swag so u can't deny that
And I love pinky because she'll I'm just like her I'm always happy
If you go on my user page and my fallowed list I have a guy with a five nights at freadys pic and I go to school with him
U can ask him a literally bounce around the halls on a good day

Ok, I joined.
You happy?
Personaly, I like Fluttershy and Rarity the most. Rarity because of her amusing diva-like personality. Fluttershy because.......well she is kind and caring and that Counts a lot in my book.

Yay 4 members cool

Comment posted by bronypride13 deleted Apr 9th, 2015
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