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In the short couple of months that I've been here I've become aware that there are members of this site who find themselves feeling isolated and alone. I find this intolerable so, in the spirit of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, I decided to create this group.

Group Purpose: In my own real-life family we have a tradition called "heart family". These are people that my wife and I have met over the years who have become so close and important to us, our love for each other has become so deep and strong, that we happily adopted them as extended family.
In that same spirit I invite those of you who would like to build an extended or "heart family" of your own to join and participate in this group.

It's very simple: If you know someone here on the site with whom you share a brotherly-sisterly/motherly-fatherly love with then simply proclaim that here and invite them to be part of your "heart family"

Example: The Wandering Bard please be our heart daughter!

Simple! I think, in this way and all together we can build a happier, stronger, more inclusive and ultimately loving community.

And, yes, I love you all! :heart:

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