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Although My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a wonderful escape from the world, sadly, there are still bronies and pegasisters out there who are depressed or going through difficult times. Healing Hearts is a group for these individuals to come together for solace or comfort, and where others may join to help bolster spirits.

1. NO bashing of users or fics will be allowed. If this happens, PM me with a link to or actual quotes from the conversation.
- First offense: Three day ban
- Second offense: Week-long ban
- Third offense: Permanent ban
2. Fics are allowed in this group if they are not your own and if you have found them to be helpful and/or uplifting. Add new fics to the "Pending" folder so that I may read for approval. Approved fics will then be moved to the "Main" folder for all to peruse and enjoy. No NSFW fics, please.
3. Just be kind to others. We've all joined this group because we needed help or wanted to help.

Let's make this group a safe haven for all.

The group icon was made by Emylia Hawke. The original can be found here.

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If any of you saw that story that was just put in pending, it was accident and has been removed:twilightoops: I literally don't know how it got added.

Also, does anyone know how to add stories that aren't your own?

Yes, let us hope indeed. That is indeed the goal here. :heart:

Oh, this is wonderful! Thank you so much for starting this, Bardie! Now, let's hope we can reach everyone who needs this and do them all some good. :heart:

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