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"But life didn't throw you sugar or water!" -Me

By the way...

I do have a steam account. For some reason, though, I can't get it to work on this stupid website. So here's the direct link instead.


Who am I?

Here, let me put things the simple way. I'm a twenty-year-old brony whose favorite characters are Fluttershy and Rarity.
I spend a chunk of my free-time playing completely random video games. I have a 3.9 in college so far. Naturally, as a teenager, I have frequently fluctuating interests. I got into Team Fortress 2 a long time ago, but now you'll find me playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Breath of the Wild. (Who knows where I'll be in the far future?) I decided to start writing fan fiction back in May of 2012, when I started receiving ideas and inspiration from every-day life. Hopefully my stories will be written better if I'm still doing this by an older age!

I also make Source Filmmaker videos!

This one's my newest one. It's a party/rave extravaganza using a song I bet some of you have heard before. Be advised, this contains a sex scene!

This one's a PMV of an old song, "Putting on the Ritz." It also seems to be the one that boosted my YouTube channel by quite a bit. Be advised, this contains a kissing scene!

This one is a cinematic for my TF2 crossover story: "The War of Mann Co. 2"

This one was formerly a finale I made before finishing with SFM for a while. (Finally changed the thumbnail image!)

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(Who knows where I'll be in the far future?)

Probably here:

2172102 I might (will) do SFM projects in the future. Maybe even music videos.

Lack of time, and patience, really. I was falling out of TF2 quite hard, so SFM videos didn't give me satisfaction anymore. :applejackunsure:

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