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The sirens are defeated and Sunset Shimmer has restored her magic. All's well and good, right?

Of course not. What begins with Sunset's friends wanting to have a very important talk with her will escalate until the fate of at least one world hangs in the balance.

Rated Teen for cosmic calamities, trace amounts of waifu theft, and a bit more skin than Hasbro is likely to show. Cover by iisaw.

The Story Shuffle short stories "Aftershock" and "Rock On" take place in the same continuity as this story. The background details of "Fish Out of Water" apply, but the story itself does not.

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Oh, I am going to enjoy this.


So…people are developing magic. Is this really a bad thing, other than possibly having to deal with way too much hair? (What's with that, anyway? Couldn't they just grow tails or something?)
Also, yeah, that sounds like Maud. She rocks. (Ugh.)

I certainly hope so! :pinkiehappy:

Why too much magic is a bad thing will be addressed in the next chapter.

Well, I see you took my "This is Act 1 of a larger story" advice to heart. Eagerly awaiting where you're taking it.

Oh, my. This might almost require the help of a planeswalker or two........


6333357 Yes, I'm sure there are lots of possible negative consequences--MythrilMoth's story addresses some of them--I kind of like the idea of The Magic Comes Back. Or Comes For the First Time.

You know, when you posted the first draft of this, I have to admit I wasn't all that interested. As much as I'm sure it would have been interesting worldbuilding, stories centered around religion and the like rarely interest me.

That said, with the new direction you've taken it in, I have to admit I'm intrigued. Carry on.

Never read the original draft, but you've certainly turned the current version into a compelling hook. Time to track it!

One note about that author's note: it very nearly scared me off. I don't recall whether I've read the source stories or not, but this chapter at least seemed to hold together well enough as an independent thing. What's the context that the other stories provides, and does it become crucial later? Unless there's something in those stories we'll really need to know that can't be lampshaded/exposited in, taking out the continuity warnings will probably get you a better reader response.

Well, this looks interesting so far. Looking forward to more. (Also you made the right choice waiting until you could couch your human cutie mark headcanon into an actual story rather than building a oneshot around it).

Interesting premise here.

The think I noted is that your story's timing seems a bit off: Sunset wrote to Twilight less that an hour after RD punching her counterpart with Twilight present so I'd expect Twlight still being more or less close by.

Still, I'm looking forward to see what will the Rainbooms do here.

6333965 FoME is being overcautious: he basically already exposited the key events from the linked stories.

Speaking of, FoME, what about Is Ditz Your Card? ? Yes, no, canon uncertainty and doubt?

An interesting beginning! Let's see where you're taking this...

6333580 6334362
This is not a crossover. No Ditzy ex machina for this one.

Adjustment made. Thanks for the advice. :twilightsmile:

"Aftershock" happened just before the six Thrones of Harmony (and Rumps of Harmony) created the Cutie Map. The reply came just after the Bearers left for the train station. Spike didn't think a human Pinkie freakout was quite as important as the mysterious magical map, or his scheduled male bonding time.

6335480 Ah. So the most we're going to get out of her is her trying to keep at least one Dazzling from doing something stupid.

Huh. I'd kinda forgotten about the blogpost that led to this fic until now. Glad to see it's part of a larger story, too, even if it's in a different branch of the multiverse from our favorite wall-eyed planeswalker.

What is waifu theft?

A tongue-in-cheek reference to a common fan reaction to Flash Sentry.

6335480 I would've been surprised and disappointed if you had our favourite walleyed Planeswalker swoop in to fix everything, but I'm a little sad that we won't get a scene with the local Ditzy in the background, going into ears-and-wings mode from winning a game.

I'm just waiting for CNN to do a report on the Ponebola epidemic.

6337575 That I can understand. Why this is commonly expressed as "waffling a waifu" confuses me deeply, but at least it means I can make jokes about how Flash cooks a mean breakfast.

Oh, goody. A mad scientist and a Decepticon.

I don't suppose you've ever heard of Twilight Sparkle?


She wasn't going to fall for that gag again.

Fixed that for you. :trollestia:

"Not A Human Testing Installation"... :facehoof::rainbowlaugh: I see this fanfic is going to delve in the silly side at times, that's great!

Human Twilight. Well, her interactions with the Rainbooms are going to be interesting. However, after all the hijynx I really loo forward to be a real help making Sunset focus into discovering what's happening with the whole "magic in EqG!Earth".

On other things, is it the portal at CHS open? Because Sunset could go to Equestria to get equipment needed (if Sunset doesn't want to go, Spike could bring them instead). Also, I think if pony Twilight hasn't returned by the time they take measurings Sunset will have to call a favor to Princess Celestia instead.

Annihilation huh? This is why we can't have nice things!

I admit, I kind of miss the icon thing though.


Aha, so I'm not the only one who thinks Soundwave is Vinyl's dad!

And when Octavia says she and Vinyl aren't 'best friends,' does that mean they're ACTUALLY just friends or they have yet to become as transparently 'best friends' as Lyra and Bon-Bon?

And who would more desire a school of disharmony, Twilight or Discord?

Ah, so Vinyl might be part Transformer then? Or does she just have an electronic voicebox to deal with muteness?

"Part" Transformer?

… Has anyone ever actually seen Vinyl and her father in the same room together? :raritywink:

6353948 That sounds almost like an approving declaration. "You, sir, are a mad scientist and a Decepticon!" Like "gentleman and scholar", but with more application and villainy.

6354490 It could be taken that way....if you were a doctor who lost his medical licence because he decided to remove a man's skeleton for shits und giggles.

Sunset doesn't like to talk about the trip to Fillydelphia.

The portal is not presently open. Twilight is as familiar with Star Swirl's laws as Sunset, and knows that leaving the thing running constantly will only end in devastation. (I've added a bit to the chapter to that effect.) Of course, that isn't stopping the slow leak...

I never said icons wouldn't be involved. I'm just looking for the right point to add the information.

I can neither confirm nor deny that Vinyl Scratch is a cyborg.

They have been seen in different places at the same time. And there are photos of the two of them together, though those may have been altered.

6354490 6354626
"Übercharge" sounds like a good Transformer name, doesn't it?

I somehow missed you in the mass reply. Sorry about that.

In any case, Vinyl and Octavia's relationship is intentionally left vague. They are as close as the reader wants them to be. I actually scrapped an idea where one kisses the other on the cheek, making the kissed girl blush and sprout pony ears. I felt it was ultimately unnecessary.

As for the school of disharmony, you'll get to see a better look at both characters in the next chapter.


6355124 That is ADORABLE. You should totally use that kiss thing at some point.

Everyone is so sure she is Soundwave's daughter.
No one seems to consider that she might be Blaster's. :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, I'm going to assume (until presented with evidence to the contrary) that Sunset plays Magic: the Gathering, that Ditzy and her friends play M:tG, that there's an acquaintanceship between Sunset and Ditzy based on M:tG, and that Ditzy goes into ears-and-wings mode by winning a game of Magic with a non-violent win condition. (Causing opponents to lose through any means except an effect that says "you win the game" would count as violence, but basically any source of a direct "you win" would work. My personal favourite is Mayael's Aria: "I have a humongous beastie, your arguments are invalid!")
I am making these slightly outrageous assumptions in order to allow the possibility of something like the non-'WalkerDitzy-dependent parts of Is Ditz Your Card? to happen.

"Whatever Twilight's dealing with," Sunset muttered, "at least it isn't this."

Don't think for a second that I didn't catch what you did there.

"thumbs up" :pinkiehappy:

You are entirely to blame for what happens in a chapter or two. I just want you to know that.

I'm glad someone did. I was expecting a comment on that allusion much earlier.

This is getting very interesting :pinkiehappy:

cool chapter

you know there's a fancomic where G1 Soundwave is the father of Rumble and Thunderlane

6397396 Well Rumble's dad. He's Thunderlane's step dad.

Good idea: Telling the principal that she should be careful or she might end up channeling the power of a sun god.
Bad idea: Telling the principal that you may have doomed the universe.

Where is Mr. Skullhead when you need him? :trollestia:

I wonder what Luna will do when she finds out she may be able to wander into other's (Such as, say, her sister's.) dreams. :trollestia:

Magic! Stop dooming the world! Behave!

. . . This pegasus approves.

I like your portrayal of Sunset! Much like Luna didn't lost her bombastic attitude from her time as Nightmare Moon it's nice to see Sunset still being able to be in charge after the Fall Formal incident.

It don't think it was your intention, but I didn't like how you seemed to play Celestia as negligent here by not attending a "significant-pause important" testing where an adult might be needed.

The sound of Twilight's worldview shattering is a great backdrop to Fluttershy's tambourine. :yay:

There was a bone-shaking groan like gears the size of galaxies suddenly jamming, then a deep silence like the cosmos holding its breath on the verge of a sneeze. The motion of the spheres resumed with a shudder that threw every member of the Rainbooms to the ground.

I just imagined one of those 3rd grade science projects getting jammed in the middle of a presentation.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh, goody. This is just going to get weirder, isn't it?

And then (next phase) the entire population morphs into equine form and continues on its merry way as if nothing were amiss.

Mr.Skullhead is busy starring in the Mr. Skullhead Show, which stars him because it's the show that he has. Obviously.

Luna is not capable of traversing the dreamscape. Yet.

And you're not the boss of magic. Magic does what magic wants.

Sunset is an excellent leader when she isn't afraid to take charge, regardless of whether that lack of fear comes from moving beyond her past misdeeds or simply not having time to feel sorry for herself.

As the linked video indicates, Sunset is canonically permitted to perform unsupervised human experimentation. Between that and CHS's incredibly lax admission policy, it's clear that either Celestia is very irresponsible, she has incredible faith in her student body, or both.

Sadly, preconceptions are, like mayonnaise, not an instrument.

And how! After all, Pinkie's locked in super mode.

I guarantee that the town will not exhibit Sunnydale Syndrome. People are going to notice.

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