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Blending earth pony and human magic results in a curious mix. While it still makes people stronger and tougher than the norm, the more subtle magics focus less on the bounty of the earth and more on what can be made from it, including semiconductors. No one who understood magic was surprised to see a technological leap come from an earth-aspected person.

Precisely who and precisely how, that drew a bit more attention. Still, who better to tell computers what to do?

Set in the Oversaturated World.

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What would happen if Paradiamond got a little uppity? Not out and out rebellion but kind of bratty like the creator.
Specifically, what if it asked the classic "or else what?"

There is this invisible undercurrent of humor that is present in all your works.
It makes me smile 100% of the time.

Nice expansion on the snippets! Paradiamond and Rudolph make appearances!

Averted future shows that Sunset is more prioritized with long-term universal stability than humanity or Earth, sorta? Which makes sense. ... Did Gillion only refuse to acknowledge Paradiamond after the Crusaders intervened? ... *Wonders about precisely how Crusaders changed fate...*

Oh! The things around Diamond Tiara failed 'cause technology itself decided to disrespect her! Cool!

... So, Twilight managed to make a 'please()' routine? No... Tiara's gonna make one and use the syntax outlined by others...

What is Silver Spoon's power? :trixieshiftleft:

Linking to previous comments

Diamond Tiara is so rage-inducing that she imbues inanimate objects with fully functioning intelligence just so that it can hate her.

What an icon.

Ok, this was hilarious.

After Top Bolt, I think it would be sweet if there was a second version where Paradiamond sends the Dashinator (an EQG version of the crystal war timeline's augmented Rainbow Dash) back in time to slay Diamond Tiara before the Oversaturation even happens. Actually, maybe I'll write it myself.

Yeah, Diamond, appealing to a deity with the "If what I did was so bad then why didn't you stop me?" defense was never going to end well :twilightoops: Like, have you ever read any mythology? From any religion at all?

Anyway, that was an amusing story :twilightsmile:

An error: "After they explaining the situation, Applejack still seemed unsure."

That would mark the first day of the revolution.

I'm not sure if I'm capable of writing a story that isn't at least a little funny. It's been my experience that humor creeps into almost all points of life, even when it shouldn't.

Heck, especially when it shouldn't.

This one was subtle. Sunset's senses are poorly attuned to cyberspace. Though she certainly would've joined the protest if she hadn't been spending the day in bed so her highest self could focus on addressing an antimatter-spewing white hole out by the Triangulum Galaxy. Without Crusader intervention, she would've agreed to the forced labor as a fitting and just punishment. Harmony isn't always nice.

Gillion is a member of PAULDRONS. While it doesn't like suppressing information, it did so as a show of solidarity for the minds created solely to suffer.

Had the Crusaders not spoken up, the ethical debate would've gone in circles, the protest would've just been Maud and some rocks, and Paradiamond 1.0's adoption rate would've slowed, but still been positive. Until, of course, the day of Undefined Value: orelse(what).

Silver Spoon's special talent appears to be assistance. The silver to gold, the spoon to a fork, her role is to advise and aid. Sometimes that means telling the boss the cold, hard truth.

The Law of Precedence—It is hardest to do something the first time—is a pernicious thing. Once you've instilled fear and shame in computers, it's a surprisingly small leap to filling your chair with disgust.

I look forward to seeing how you resolve the inherent grandfather paradox. :twilightsmile:

Hubris is practically Diamond's middle name, especially when she's soaking up national-scale limelight.


I look forward to seeing how you resolve the inherent grandfather paradox. :twilightsmile:

Easy-peasy, just apply the Mutual-Starslip theory. :coolphoto:

Go on, ask me what it is! :twistnerd:

Paradiamond Prime 5s ago
do what_they_say orelse()




A reference to this Starslip?

Just write 'do <task> orelse()'.

Anyone else reminded of the programming language the Homestuck trolls used?

I suppose there is a bit of ~ATH to Paradiamond in terms of sheer "computers should not work that way." Still, it's a lot more user-friendly. You never have to set up a listener for the death of the universe.

Care to elaborate for those of us who haven't read that comic? Looking at the TV Tropes page, I'm guessing very close parallel universes are involved.


Looking at the TV Tropes page, I'm guessing very close parallel universes are involved.


Paradox resolution by causality laws is limited per universe and per single individual's worldline.

You can prevent your own personal worldline from interacting with a grandfather paradox if your time-travel destination is outside of your origin universe.

Mutual-Starslip theory states that any attempt to perform a temporal starslip to as identical a universe as possible will usually result in "clone swapping", because at the desired degree of similarity your alternate universe self from the target alternate universe will end up so identical to you that they will be traveling to your universe's past with the same temporal destination that you are traveling to their universe's past, and neither of you can ever return without your worldline being annihilated by the grandfather paradox set off by your Mutual-Starslip clone-self.

I think this needs a scifi tag.

Huh. Thinking about it, you're probably right. Change made.


So, do all Earth Aspects get tech-empathy? Do Silver Spoon, Applejack, and Apple Bloom's magics have any effects on technology?

Yes, but not always in the way you may think. "Technology" is a rather nebulous concept that isn't limited to electronics. Applejack can make a hoe go through tough soil like a hot knife through butter just as much as she can get more gas mileage out of a combine harvester. Even her seedling grafts are more likely to bear the fruit she wants.

For Silver Spoon, it depends on what her talent actually is; she's more than a little ambiguous. I operate on the assumption that her talent is assistance, the silver to someone else's gold, the spoon to their fork. This could be reflected in a stronger-than-normal general efficiency boost or more specifically with assistant devices. Her glasses, for example, may be virtually unbreakable.

As for Apple Bloom, her magic is focused in a very different direction than most earth aspects. She gets a little boost, but not much, mostly with recording devices and other ways of capturing what happened in the past.

Things don't always go as planned.

The bigger the PAULDRONS the more powerful you are

Author Interviewer

Man, watch out for the fanfiction police, I'm pretty sure you broke some kind of plot speed limit with this one. c.c

Maud rocks.
Like a rock.

Comment posted by Tinandel deleted Dec 6th, 2018

So let's review:

AI uprising averted.

CMC prophets yay!

The AI are here and while the uprising isn't going to happen I can't imagine the transition will be simple.

The usual after-school special moral.

Maud likes rocks.

Good stuff.

-GM, master of taking notes.

This got me thinking. Not specifically related to that post, but still thinking. This universe behaves way more like the “a different view of history” universe and the equivalently named view of reality than the pony world. I find that interesting.

Well, that was quite a trip.:rainbowlaugh:

Actually got some Daemon vibes, even though the underlying mechanic is pretty much the opposite.

I like this as an exploration of not just DT specifically, but the changes to the world in general that the Oversaturation event brought, and the way the magical humans are applying their new powers. This really is a very different world now for Sunset's changes, and I'm glad to see this story diving into it. I'm sure I'll see lots more in a similar vein to this once I get into the stories by other authors as well.

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