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The Friendship Games. A time-honored quadrennial competition between Crystal Preparatory High School and Canterlot High School, wherein the former traditionally trounces the latter.

Of course, that tradition had been established before the magical renaissance. Now all bets are off, and both schools have prepared for anything as best they can.

It won't be enough.

Part of the Oversaturated World. Rated Teen for mild to medium language.

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(Yeah, I didn't have anything useful to offer here.)

So Empyris is the Dawn bringers last name in this worldline? I can dig it. Is this going to be a train wreak even without magic stealing and planar rifts? Maybe. Will be watching cause here we go.

"Um, duh? They finally gave us a date for the Friendship Games! It feels like they've been delayed for years!"

Scheduling Lampshade! :pinkiehappy:


Neon Lights... He cares... I wonder if he'll be important... Is he the only guy? ... What's his Aspect?


She came up short and turned to see a frowning Neon Lights. "Yeah?"

"You got a plan to keep Cinch sane?"

Despite the situation, Lemon snorted out a laugh. "Let's face facts, Neon. That ship has sailed."


There's an idea: The Friendship Games using Keijo as one of the events.

(No, I'm not doing that here.)

I can assure you that this train will not be pulling into the expected station.

Neon's a unicorn aspect and one of four boys on the team. Once the second chapter goes up, I'll throw up a rundown blog for the other six competing Shadowbolts.

the only issue here is can you do a great villain song to equal "release the magic":pinkiehappy:

If he can't, I can be comissioned. I can write lyrics.

Dark lyrics.

Terrifying lyrics.

Lyrics that aren't


Man i hope Cinch gets it unlike the movie, Her putting all this pressure and the others in denail it going to blow up bad, and hope Cinch gets dethroned as prinicpal in the end.

will you ever be participating in Group Participation again?

7925239 I don't recall having participated in it in the first place, and probably not. I'd prefer to observe that from the outside. :pinkiesmile:

"I'm pretty sure it's in the same state as Springfield,"

Springfield Illinois, Springfield Missouri, or Simpsons Springfield? :pinkiehappy:

If there's another cartoon universe that shares space with Equestria Girls, Doug has the correct palette at least. :derpytongue2:

Pass the popcorn, here we go! :pinkiehappy:

a whole season of psychotic episodes

That is an excellent turn of phrase. I will have to remember it.

The lyrics are ready and waiting for the climax.

If you ever change your mind, we'll be happy to see your contributions. :twilightsmile:

Simpsons Springfield. Pinning down the state this all takes place in almost seems to miss the point.

As for the land of Doug, it's funny you should mention that... (No pun intended.)

Writing Lemon Zest is a delight. I get to combine quasi-Shakespearean word association with a disabled profanity filter.

Pinkie gave a facesplitting grin and resumed drumming. "I feel the Pink overtaking me!" she cried over the solo. She leaned back, her eyes bugging out even as she upped the tempo. "It is a good pain!"

Pinkie is best chaos cultist

Well, this chapter was a rollicking ride from start to finish. Kudos! :moustache:

Good old Principal Cinch. May her pettiness remain eternally rigid in the face of all things.

So, Trixie reads Jojo then. Good to know. :pinkiecrazy:

It was a bit hard to follow who was moving where without any indications of it, like Sugarcoat carrying Moondancer to Twilight, when it wasn't mentioned that she was heading in that direction. Although, it could be gotten from context.

Sugarcoat casually slung Moondancer over one shoulder. "You'll thank me for this later."

"No I won't!" Moondancer erected a pale pink half-dome around them.

Sugarcoat kept moving. The shield moved with them. "Next time cast one that isn't anchored on you. Also, you've just drawn more attention to us."

Epic Fail. Moondancer! Emphasis on Epic.

... Moondancer vs. Shining Armor in Shielding. How much worse is she?


Dash helped Rarity back to her feat


Also, is Lyra a crossover with Anthropology's Lyra?

You were expecting a Dio meme, but it was me! Trixie!:trixieshiftright:

I love how you've given all the barely-characterized antagonists of the poorly-paced movie actual unique characterization.

A girl stomped closer, gritting her teeth and seething like a volcano that had been getting too few virgins of late.


"You know what they say about meeting your clone; you're either gonna fight or fuck. Either way, we don't want it happening in your gymotorium."

Actually that'd probably be the highlight of the party! :pinkiecrazy:

LOVE Cinch getting heckled! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm glad that Abby's attempt was shot down. By valid points too. This is how rival schools should mix. A bit of clashing, a bit of getting along, a lot of awkwardness :rainbowlaugh:

At least it's not yet chaotic enough to summon Discord.

7936684 As established elsewhere in the Oversaturated universe of fanfics, Lyra here is the Equestrian Lyra, having swapped with the local Lyra using the mirror/statue years earlier.
Or as is my understanding.

I was wondering who Bitter Honey was. Looked it up, and my guess was right! She's Sour Sweet's daughter! Sorta.

I really should read that series...

The meet-and-greet eventually wound down despite Pinkie Pie's numerous attempts to overload the mainspring.


"A, U, T, O, C, H, T, H, O, N, O, U, S. Autochthonous."

Reminds me of Autochthon...

... I wonder if the Games will end in a tie...

Oof. Well, better late than never I suppose.

If by "chaos cultist" you mean "larval form of Slaanesh," then yes. :pinkiecrazy:

Crystal is strong, but brittle. It will break long before it will even consider bending.

Trixie consumes anything that involves the supernatural. That hasn't stopped just because she happened to acquire some actual magic.

Putting up some kind of barrier is fairly easy. Just focus your will to keep something away through your externalized brow chakra. It actually works similarly to NGE AT Fields, though without the orange-flavored consequences of dropping them. Making a shield that can actually take some decent hits, that's much trickier. Shining's leagues ahead of most unicorn aspects... at this point in time. Not much time for experimentation as yet.

What 7952775 said. No one's quite sure how the Lyras swapped, least of all them, but swap they did.

I love fleshing out underdeveloped characters and minimally explored concepts in general. That said, I do owe quite a bit to Bookish Delight, Nico-Stone Rupan, and other Crystal Prep elaborators.


Actually that'd probably be the highlight of the party! :pinkiecrazy:

Very different story than what I have in mind... though the Slap, Slap, Kiss scenario doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility for those two.

It's certainly what I was shouting at the screen at the time. :raritywink:

"Please. If I showed up every time Abacus was humiliated, we might as well have never gotten divorced."

Coincidence, I assure you. This Trixie may play to the crowd, but she definitely isn't fourth-wall aware.

I bet ol' Nico is feeling very pleased with himself right now. Also, the bit with the spelling bee was hilarious.

Where does the Bitter Honey ref come from?
And I am not sure what the link to the EQG mini-dolls has to do with Derpy? :derpyderp2:

Indigo's God-complex is so over the top at this point I am beginning to wonder if it is a big red herring. :derpytongue2:

It's a fun word, though it has little relation to Hephaestus McCybertron or his terrible robocancer. (It's a bit more related to one of the fattest creatures in Magic, assuming that said wurm really was born from the earth.)

I do hope he sees this. Actually, I should drop him a line and let him know.

Minis? What mini... Oh. :facehoof: How did that even happen? I meant to link to this image. Clearly there is some aura of derp at work here. Thanks for helping me overcome it.

As for Bitter Honey, she first appears in Sour Sweet Motherhood, which should be fairly accessible even without familiarity with Nico's work in general.

Well, the chapter title changed... I guess this retitle is to focus more on the cakes? :twilightoops:

... Wait... There are screams... Why are there screams?!? :rainbowderp:

Aha, thanks for that. More stuff to read, it seems. :pinkiehappy:

Indigo Zap's god complex continues to fascinate. One dreads to think what her ego would be like if she could actually do anything.

Fun chapter. I have nothing else of note to say, so I will simply say: BUTTS!

And here it comes, total disaster! But I wonder who could have messed up this time? I'm on the edge.

7961493 I feel like Sunset is going to have to step in here. She might not like playing the God card but she is, and Indy isn't.

Before Moondancer could answer, the first screams came from the stands.

The screams have arrived! Now the competion really begins! :pinkiecrazy:

Love this chapter like i love all your writing, FOME!


So, I finally read this story! It was a good natured fun, but it still has issues as other Oversaturated World fics that I read.. It was too immersive and treat the reader as if they are that fanatical and know all about the setting. I'll stick around for the jokes and Sunny Flare (the one that havent spoke one line so far ahaha) so dont cha worry.

What I get is that, since the original OW fic were set after the 2nd movie, and Twilight werent originally a CPA Student back then (Is it? I forgot tbh) so she was retconnected here as had moved from CPA to ChHS before the games? Also, why does Lemon ditch her headphones and now becomes very sociable? Why does Sour swapped her magic gem with her boyfriend?

Yeah, I do kind of go heavy on the continuity. :twilightsheepish: In this case, Twilight transferred at the end of Oversatuation because Sunset is hot of all the many fascinating learning experiences available there about friendship, magic, and attractive yellow-and-redheads other "soft" subjects that Twilight hadn't been interested in until then.

Sour Sweet may have traded one magic for another because she has actual schizophrenia. As I said, Nico-Stone Rupan provided a lot of the inspiration for her character in this setting.

As for Lemon Zest, she's convinced that Cinch's drive to win the games and constant pressure on the student body will drive someone insane. She'd prefer it if that didn't happen. Given the circumstances, she can't afford to lose herself in her music right now, much as she'd like to.

In any case, glad to have you here!


I see. So since being a unicorn hybrid put heavy mental stress on her, Sour decided to traded it away for a magic that is more forgiving to the mind? Huh, thats actually pretty good concept.

Also, from what I remembered from the original story, I thought everyone had their memory "retconnected" to believe that everything had already been these magical from the beginning. However, what I read here makes me think that most people remembered the pre-saturated world. Is this the case, or did I read the wrong things between the lines? Also where does Indigo attitude come from? She's really good in this lol

It's not that they think the world was always magical. They're aware of the change, but magic is keeping them from thinking of it as a big deal. Without that spell in effect, this massive change to the world would make people panic, and some of those panicking people would have access to nuclear weapons.

Yeah. Not good.

As for Indigo's god complex, that girl just doesn't have any middle gears. She thinks everything is a big deal, especially herself. As such, she's convinced herself she is at least an angelic figure if not outright divine.

(Hey, it's not like Friendship Games did a lot to establish these girls' personalities. I have a lot of wiggle room to work with. :derpytongue2:)

This version of Indigo Zap doesn't have issues: she's got a lifetime paid up subscription.

Personally, I don't like the fanon of Sour Sweet that gives her an actual mental problem: It strikes me as woobiefication, and refusal to engage with the fact that her problem is she's a sarcastic bitch. :raritywink: Which does not mean one can't make her an interesting character!

Did you add the flames in Cinch's eyes?

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