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This story is a sequel to Blue Sunny Days and Pink Lemonade

At first, the sirens were bound by Adagio's mad experiment in cooperation. Then they were bound by circumstance, the only three of their kind in an almost magicless world. Then they became human, and were bound by nothing. The end result was inevitable.

And yet, in spite of both reason and instinct, Sonata Dusk feels like two pieces of her heart are missing. She's going to have to deal with that.

Part of the Oversaturated World. Reading the prequel will be helpful for context, but not strictly necessary. Rated Teen for sirens doing siren things, which involve a fair amount of biting and cursing.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 48 )

Wow little Sonata burned down a city, and somehow I can only wonder if that was the first time it was on accident. Cause I can see the sirens burning them down on purpose. Still this looks like feels, shenanigans, and may be even drama.

OMG! It's here! :pinkiehappy:

Reading the sequel will be helpful for context,

Don't you mean "prequel"?

OH! Chapter titles will be Idiosyncratic! I wonder what the next one will be!

Comment before reading: having rewatched Blues Brothers a few days ago, I'm looking at that story title with an entirely different slant than usual...

The first chapter is not quite enough for me to think of anything sensible to say about it. But it did get me to read the prequel story, which was very cute. Tracking for now.

"No, I'm not calling in the favor; I just like reminiscing."

:rainbowlaugh: The dialogue here was really good! Discord is very difficult to pitch just right, not too sensible but not too annoying, and I think you got it here.

Pretty sure it's a sperm whale, though, rather than a blue whale :trixieshiftright:

oh, Sonata... your so inosent.

loved that "Junyman's Notes of the Cosmos" reference.

Wonderful to see more, loving this so far! I really like the Sonata angle you've gone with, that she's still clueless and hilarious, but now also profoundly disconnected from anything resembling humanity.

'No, I'm not going to eat it, I'm trying to stuff back in him,'

Sorry, I think you're missing a second 'it' in this line.

Yeah, I thought Sonata was going to be doing the trip alone, too.

Discord's house doesn't have to follow conventional reality!

... Discord gets headaches? Why? Too much Harmony??

... More info on Luna! ... Oh! Luna ran away to Discord's! ... Does he know about their secret pasts?? Does their mother? ... Wait, whose their father??

Interesting conversation, in the car!

... Oh! The PA system patch sorta plays on her being an Earth Aspect...

Ooh! Punch cliffhanger! ... Will Discord do nothing, will Sonata just take it, or will she dodge or something??

It occurs to me that "Discord and Sonata Dusk have a road trip" as an idea is at Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas levels of insane hijinx :rainbowderp:

Was that a Together Breakfast?

Well, that went as well as can be expected.

"So I called her something worse, and then Adagio pinched both our ears, and that was when we remembered that we were supposed to be nurses, but fortunately it was the Civil War so no one really expected to come out of the field hospital with all their limbs anyway."

It's funny how you can get the nature of a character from just one sentence.

That ending!



The rest of it was pretty great too!

Getting Aria's mindset! Awesome!

And here I thought Oratorio was Ontario of Canada-expy or something. ... Edit: Knew it was a musical thing, but thanks for the explain!

... damn, he is good at what he does. Does he freelance or is he available on contract service?

An oratorio is like an opera without the play, generally based on religious rather than historical or mythic themes. However, to quote Wikipedia, it still "includes the use of a choir, soloists, an ensemble, various distinguishable characters, and arias."

You'll have to get in touch with Mr. Discord; he's Bodybag's manager.

We may have tricked the trolls into staying up past sunrise, but that doesn't mean we've cheated our way through the riddle contest, much less charmed the dragon.

I understood that reference.

I'm gonna be honest: The thing that thrilled me the most in this was the translations of the Siren's native language.

I know it's only January, but Officer Bodybag is a strong contender for OC of the year.

Officer Bodybag, was he the garbage bag Helga mentioned when Discord left?

Ah, sibling love. The kind of relationship that heard "love hurts" and never cared for the small disclaimer saying "emotionally".

Only this Discord would create a philosophical zombie for the purpose of cruelty-free cruelty. :rainbowlaugh:

Sadly, no, that would be an actual bag of garbage from the prison mess. As in discarded food and foodlike stuff, which exposed to the right conditions goes through a process sufficiently similar to fermentation that you can get a liquid out of it good for relieving boredom and for relieving some of your internal organs of any desire to continue working. In other words, Aria was making prison hooch.

From next to her, Mr. Discord said, "Well, I was usually the one who started it, but she was usually the one who finished it. There's a reason I used to call her Fist."

Wait... He's talking about Lauren?? If so, WOW.


Paraphrased from Unfriendly Competition - The Dark Crystal.

Faust means Fist

Wordplay! Whooo! ... No connection to Geballte Faust I assume? Then again, maybe there is, as last name variation is a lot larger in EQG worlds? Still could be coincidence... But changing names is more common too...

Oh, in Harmonism, you pick your new name after you get your icon?? ... If true, wonder what the cast's birthnames were...

Ah, good ol' Pruno. The second most famous alcoholic drink you can make in bulk for less than $10.

Mr. Discord rolled his eyes. "Oh, put that away." He tore the look off her face like a sticky note, revealing a far more befuddled expression beneath it.

This is both exactly something discord would do and subtly disturbing on a number of levels.

Aria shrugged. "Meh. They knew what they were getting into."

Mr. Discord quirked an eyebrow. "Did they, now?"

Aria leaned back herself, putting her arms behind her head. "Sure. They kept going on about how it was bad luck to have a woman on board a ship. We didn't want to disappoint them. Besides, do you know what ports used to charge for limes?"

"So, mutiny?"

"Somuch mutiny," Sonata said, laughing. "I'm pretty sure the mutiny had a mutiny five minutes later. We got enough power to make the swim to Prance a piece of cake."

Yeah...that sounds like them alright.

"If Adagio doesn't want to be found, she probably won't be," Sonata said over his shoulder. "She's really good at hiding in the melody."

I still like the sirenisms.

"She ran away to join the circus."

Why not?

Now I'm wonder who are what was covering Adagio's tracks. After all she doesn't have all of her magic anyway. I still think that she's doing some kind of scam...

Can I just reiterate how much I love your portrayals of Discord? This is wonderful on so many levels.

"She ran away to join the circus."

Why do I feel like I should've known that already? *shrugs*


Just love how Discord keeps referencing how he took care of Luna and Celestia! It's really sweet!


Sudden Gillion was sudden and cool!


Magically Hidden Person makes me think of Dark Man's Secret Group. ... Although, they likely wouldn't be hiding at a circus?


I feel like Adagio could almost give Pennywise a run for his money when it comes to scarring children for life.

Yay, new chapter! Your Discord is adorable, as are the sirens. From a distance at least. Possibly downwind. And with an escape route.

I also just discovered that I forgot to like this one. Fixed that.

She ran away to join the circus.

Pfffft-ahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

You know, at the end of RR, Adagio was the only one to grab shards of her gem. Maybe she salvaged something? Because I can tell you there's no way to ger stuff off the Internet. It's called a web because stuff sticks around. 🕷

Brilliant :)

The circus: sure, why not? She has the hair for it :pinkiehappy:

Patent Bunkum

P.T. Barum! Whooo! P.T -> Patent! Nice!

That got a shrug. "You remind me of one of my nieces. Girl sets herself up to be disappointed all the time. I think she enjoys it. You, however? You clearly don't."

That's Discord, right? Not Ghost Pepper speaking? If it's Discord, I guess he's speaking about Luna?


"Yours is one of the names I watched for ever since Tzar Grogar came to power in the nineteenth century," said Adagio, her disinterest palpable. "The Equestrians may think of us as monsters, but I remember the real dangers, the ones we noticed even in the oceans." The corners of her lips briefly twitched upwards. "When you came to prominence in science education of all things, it was something of a relief."

Cool! Use those similarities!


Mr. Discord found himself wondering what she might do in cooler months.

Interesting... Could ship, although, if Group Precipitation's You All Bleat In A Tavern is canon, then not going for it...

But, GP's not canon until confirmed, so I feel fine about shipping away!


Are the Sirens' ever gonna get their heartstones back? Possibly, if the idea about them being able to regenerate is true...

... Hmm... If they through the portal, what would they look like? Would they even fit? ... Oh wait, not pure Siren anymore, Human-Siren hybrids?

Probably not. The Sirens were huge.

That was meant to be Ghost Pepper speaking. I've adjusted that paragraph to make it clearer. Human Luna grew out of her self-defeating phase years ago. (One interesting parallel between the Equestrian Discord and Luna, and to an extent, even Celestia, is that with great power comes great immaturity. Though the diarchs are much better at putting on more serious facades. Most of the time.)

Definitely no Mr. Discord/Adagio shipping intended. He was just wondering what she'd do between shows in weather cold enough that walking around in a bikini wouldn't be an option. Whether you consider her chronological, physical, or mental age, the difference is downright squicky. He's subconsciously put her in a mental space Celestia used to occupy: A psuedodaughter whose behavior oscillates between older and younger than expected for her age, and who resents him for some reason he can't fathom at any given part of the cycle.

And, bringing in 9224129 for this last answer, as P-Twilight said at the time, the sirens were turned into humans at the finale of the Battle of the Bands. Their magic is still siren-aspected, but the physical and thaumic scars remain, and may never be healed. If they were to go back through the portal, they wouldn't transform at all, same as other native humans. (Sunset would, of course, be an alicorn, but leaving the universe won't be a realistic option for her for decades if not centuries to come.)

Yep. Still funny and captures the characters well.

Please remember that I'm working with freeware and a touchpad.

I would like to point out that Inkscape is also freeware, and that vector art programs require a lot less fine motor control than MS Paint does to draw smooth lines.

That said, this was a fun chapter. Grats on getting the band back together!

"Yours is one of the names I watched for ever since Tzar Grogar came to power in the nineteenth century," said Adagio, her disinterest palpable. "The Equestrians may think of us as monsters, but I remember the real dangers, the ones we noticed even in the oceans." The corners of her lips briefly twitched upwards. "When you came to prominence in science education of all things, it was something of a relief."

Huh. Is there a president Sombra somewhere?

Duly noted for future reference. Thanks.

And yes, it's a relief to have this one nearly finished. Just the epilogue left, and that's already outlined.

Who did you think was the principal at Crystal Prep before Cinch?

"Where's my perfomer!?"
"A Godling pulled her away through my turban."

Well Mr. Discord has successfully wrangled himself a nest of cobras, the question now is what he'll do with it.

Cheers and kudos for the accurate inclusion of nuclear pasta. I approve.

Physicists tend to go wild with nomenclature when nobody's looking, which is whenever they leave the realm of classical physics and delve into the bizarre of our world.

A nice, solid ending and a wonderful gap-filler. I wasn't even aware I wanted it before this story, and then you satisfied a pretty severe craving the moment you call it into life.


I suppose the existence of pasta predetermined the presence of antipasto. Although Schroedinger's pasta might be in the box still.

Or it might not be.

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