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This story is a sequel to Shy and Aggressive

Disclaimer: This is a continuation as to not bloat the first book with too many chapters. Reading book 1 is required to properly understand the context of what happens in this story.

In attempt to thwart the malevolent monsters that terrorized Ponyville, the Main 7, The Dazzlings and Mutant 4 find themselves transported to a foreign land. Here, they face off against the dangerous flora and fauna native to this realm. With despair and danger looming over, these teens will have to put aside their previous grievances in the name of survival.

Special thanks to ThePMB-Brony and Moongaze14 for proof reading this story.
Cover art is by me.

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Junior... looks like he came out of Berserk. Still badass though.

AAAHHHHHHHH :pinkiehappy: I'm so happy

Really off to a great start! 👍🏾

The fact that Junior is asserting his position as the Alpha really made me feel excited.

"He's not going to respond well with threats. He's the Alpha male," said Fluttershy.

This sentence above..

Mosura's fuzz and antennae began to settle from their erected state, as the bio luminescent glow died down from her wings. In her mind, she had just spared the blonde of her foolishness of challenging the Alpha. Her Alpha. Mosura was driven by instinct to support this larger predator, even going as far as keeping him from just outright crushing the aggressive mammal. However, somewhere deep in Mosura's mind were memories. They were a blur, but she felt a more emotional connection to her Alpha, even being able to sense the root of tension. She couldn't quite comprehend it in her primitive state, but she had a feeling that she had to stop the conflict without challenging her Alpha.

And this sentence above is relatable. I’m like Junior. I like to take charge, and be the Alpha sometimes. I’m a nice guy, and I can be quiet most of the time, but I don’t take kindly to any form of threats that are directed towards me.

I also like it when others support me instead of opposing me, because I feel like I’m not alone.

Maybe it’s just my sign speaking, but that’s just how I am.

"Ah you can't be scared of them. I think girls have this sense that they can tell whether a guy is intimidated by them," said Junior.

"You think so?" asked Angirasu as he picked up a rock, tossing it to the side.

"Oh yeah. They don't respect you and can get overconfident too when they think they can just push any guy around. It's bullshit," said Junior.

He’s kind of right.

When females demand for respect and equality and we give it to them, some use it wisely while others abuse that right for their own benefits, such as intimidating males, as they know they can’t hit them.

I’m not being sexist or anything, I just know from experience.

"Are you kidding? You wanna hear a bunch of teenage girls whine and bitch about me being a sexist because I think some of them would push us around if we weren't confrontational? We are stuck together, Ro," said Junior.

I even like how he acknowledges it and not be like those other male protagonists that are oblivious.

"Right now they might be incubating in your stomach! Waiting for the day to hatch so they can eat you from inside out!" said Sonata with dread. Junior cupped a hand over his mouth as he began to gag.

"Oh God, stop," grunted Junior.

"No you gotta get the eggs out! Yak it! Yak it!" said Sonata urgently. Junior grunted as he forced his way passed Sunset, Angirasu and Fluttershy. He hid behind a bush and began to retch. The rest of the teens looked at Sonata in disapproval.

Also, I saw what you did there. Love that reference.

They're on Skull Island, aren't they?

Ooooohhhhh cliffhangerrrrrr I'm so excited for the next chapter and Goji x AJ? 😏

Cool, it’s kong! The group got split up!

The first little-bit of anger by Gojira to kong is always good

Will this story be as long as the previous one?

We're back in business!:pinkiehappy:

Tensions rise among the Gods it seems, Gojira and Kong are destined to fight as Romantic tensions rise and fall among the girls. I hope Twilight and the girls don't stay with that other tribe

"Jeez! I'm here trying to be nice and you- ugh! I bet you have a baby dick! You can only dream of tagging ass as good as mine! Fucking loser!" Said Dwan as she spat on the boy. She stormed off, away from the boy and further along the wall. Junior sighed heavily as he wiped his face and rubbed his red cheek.

Me: Well, first off, you were literally flirting with the guys and when Junior is being brutally honest with you, now you want to drastically change your attitude and hit him?

The only f***ing loser is you if you can’t control that b****y attitude of yours, and having no respect for others’ opinions.

My God, she’s like a two-faced b****, no wait scratch that, she is a two-faced b****.

Gojira, you need to watch out for her. Women like her are f***ing crazy.

She, my fine ally and brother in the kaiju church is what the internet calls a 'Nice-Girl' there is a subreddit full of them.

Girls who cant handle rejection and putting others down for any negativity towards them. there is also a Subreddit for the 'Nice-Guys'

Amazing Chapter Johng i just got done re-reading the arrogance of man and your writing skills have really improved by a long shot since you've been focused on this story can't wait to read more.

Thank you!
It's good to know that I've been getting better at this

"Don't test me. I may seem nice, but I can be a real bitch," said Mosura , venom in her tone. She pushed the girl back and stormed off. She passed the rest of the teens who just arrived.

Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed.

If she doesn’t like the fact that Gojira is concerned about them, then I don’t even know why she’s being so adamant about it.

Overall, it’s a great story, keep it up 👍🏾

Also, the fact that this story is getting great makes me want to make a story with these characters as well.. that is if I have your permission first..

Amazing Chapter Johng keep up the amazing work. It was really worth the wait for this chapter. 😁

yeah sorry about the long wait. I've been slacking and binge watching Breaking Bad lol

Comment posted by DDDDDDDDD23 deleted Dec 16th, 2020

interesting cover art, I can see you have put a lot of work into it keep it up.

I have a question for you Johng...who's side are you on?

You mean for Godzilla vs Kong? I'm Team Godzilla all the way.
But in the end, it doesn't matter to me who wins. I just want an awesome movie with both of them getting good hits on each other :yay:

Team Godzilla for the win

I can’t wait to see where this goes

Let me guess. They went back in time?

Ohhhh their on skull island. I gotta admit I didn't see that coming.

Oh gee it sounds kinda like the name of the chapter doesn't it?

Gojira should remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady is often better than fast and furious.

"Hey, did you see Rosario Vampire?" asked one of the guards.

The first anime I watched in my entire life. Good times. Johng thank you for that wonderful nostalgia.

Love the story so far and looking forward to more:pinkiehappy:!

Eventually, he leapt over an inclined land. His eyes widened as he found a familiar woman, who recoiled with a start. Aiko Riku, his mother.

"A-Angirasu?" stuttered Aiko in shock. The mutant's eyes were still wide. He then noticed that she was flanked by a couple of other familiar faces. Battra Yasu, Kira Koizumi, Baragon, and Inoue.

'What the fu-' Angirasu thought in the back of his mind.

Uh oh. Mommy issues at 12 o'clock! I predict a messy reunion...or her starting to ask what happened before Ang gives the grunting equivalent 'yeah, got no time for this crap. Later!' then runs off to continue hunting for Junior.

That said, this story has got a few ideas running through my head. I apologize ahead for any wall text, had some of these thoughts a while:twilightsheepish:.

1. The more this goes on, the more it seems like they, at least the monsters 4, would be better off staying here when you think about it. They have a future with dignity and respect. There's no Monarch (well, you know, no elements of monarch you need to feel bad about shooting). No purists. They could make a difference and actually be thanked rather than tossed in a cell (very big one for Ang right now:trixieshiftleft:). Heck, their highschool education and whatever Sparkle read in her off time could spark a renaissance. What are they losing out on? Indoor plumbing and internet? The first they could introduce fairly easily and the second? Meh.
Granted some of them still have loved ones to see again, but they could still work with Amber and pull the EqG route and find a way for them and them alone to have a permanent way back and forth so they could visit. Even with all the medieval crap I imagine Senior and Mama Goji would probably be all for them staying where there is more opportunity for them as long as they knew they could be safe, happy, and maybe had a way to stay in contact. Especially compared to the Nazi/Big brother world they're staying at. Even the girls could benefit considering it, to a degree, with how their powers could compliment the location. The Dazzlings have already found better ways to use their powers.

2. Am I the only in here that thinks that, despite obvious pushing from the titles and covers, that GoDazzle seems more likely at the moment? They're connecting, they're talking beyond goofing off and flirts, and they're actually taking the time to relate with each other rather than freaking out or hiding like the other two. Also can't say I like the harem. The gag not the concept. The first always got on my nerves either from pointless cat fighting or literally every female in the cast getting with one guy for no reason. The concept, however, could actually work with the right setting and when you get past the cultural bias. A lot of MLP stories, if written well, provide a good setting. It might even work here if we went with point 1 as the feudal territories wouldn't likely object to a guardian with more than one partner and we haven't even heard Kong's people's take on it. We'd just need one of the girls to step up to the other two saying they should truce and tell Goji how they feel, then see what he thinks on it.

I can not wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

Angirasu was about to go for another strike but noticed something that looked off. Stinger grunted as he scrambled to keep his torn shirt together, which was getting stained in his blood. As he attempted to tie the torn ends together, Angirasu swore that he saw that Stinger almost appeared shorter than what he remembered. A strange soft grunt came from him, different from the more rough grunts he was giving before.

"What's your deal?! I thought this was a fight!" scoffed Angirasu, clenching his fists. Stinger still seemed fixated on his shirt. It was strange. If Angirasu didn't know better, he'd say that this guy was attempting to conceal something.

I feel an Embarrassing Revelation coming up with, as the Ancient Scrolls would say, hilarious results. :trollestia:

I need to reread the other story. I forgot so much important stuff that is going on.

Was that a castle reference hidden in there.

Not sure what you mean, but I'm gonna say no.

Malicious: I can give you all you desire as long as you join me.
Junior: Sure I’ll see if what you say is true.
Malicious: Good now come son join the dark side and we will complete your training
Junior after the son comment: B*tch the heck you just say. I have a perfectly loving and caring mom already I don’t need a psychopathic one.

Also can you explain every universe each universe at play in this book. I know there are characters from the Shy Aggressive universe and whatever universe this take place in but I think their are also characters from the arrogance of man universe because of the technology and onyx. I admittedly haven’t read shy and aggressive for a while so I might be tripping.

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