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This story is a sequel to Crossworlds Guardian, Sailor Orbital!

Applejack was just an ordinary farmer.

Well, true, she was best friends with an arguable deity, and yeah her little sister controlled part of fate subconsciously, and her social circle involved a crazy crew of characters that regularly got involved in wacky shenanigans, and she herself had helped to save the world a few times, and there was the possibility her principal was using the school to scout for super heroes, and technically she had acquired a skin condition that she had yet to see replicated by anybody else...

...but the point was, by most standards, she was an ordinary farmer. Not the kind of girl that went on adventures.

And then she developed a unique form of magic, just in time for the giant bug invasion.


Part of the oversaturated world. Cover by AlloyRabbit

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So this story is going to be a BIT bigger then I anticipated.

Rather fitting.

This looks like it's going to be tremendous fun, pun completely intended. Looking forward to seeing what comes of it. The Zipporwhill tag is especially intriguing.

As always, canon or non is in your...


...sorry, what species are you again? And what do you call your manipulatory appendages? I mean, assuming you're not telekinetic.

You two had to do it, didn't you? :rainbowlaugh:
Well, I love it. Specially how nonchalant is everyone about it. Considering what they had to go through, though, it's to be expected.

Anyway, instafave because I know how well you two write and the Oversaturated World is fabulous :raritywink:

Two Shimmerist bishops getting married. Rarity mentions brides plural, so both women. And demanding that armor be incorporated into their wedding outfits, implying a certain minimum level of badassery. So… this is either Monochrome, Bumblebee, or Freezerburn.

You're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! But in order to avoid shipping wars, I'm not going to say which one it is.

8024548 I'm generally happy with any kind of (non-incest) Yang shipping. As long as it has some… Semblance of logic behind it.

Considering recent events in The Loops, I'm guessing Bumblebee.

Careful not to cover the wedding in bug guts there, AJ. :rainbowwild: :rainbowlaugh:

On a more serious note, magical scavengers sound like a real problem. It'll be interesting to see how they're dealt with. Will the rest of the Humane Five get colored magic? Have a like and a fave.

So where's that cute if slightly perverted cover picture from?


Alternately, i am sad from the dearth of sailor orbital updates.

Hm, looks like its time to:

1)Grow up, 2)Go Titan, 3)Super size me...

Other sugestions for AJ's catsh frase?

8030071 Grow gigantic? (Giant Growth, instant, G, target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.)
Also, darned eldrazi. Always messing things up when you don't want them to.

:rainbowlaugh: ... This is crazy! Crazy awesome!

... Survival instincts go out the window. Interesting observation!

Didn't notice she had two dads until Applejack said "das" and I thought it might have been a typo, but it wasn't.

Now I've forgotten who's getting married... Oh well, could just find out by rereading. Forgetful me...

I really should figure out where the dark crystal comes in in Unfriendly Competition...

Zipporwhill headcanon accepted. Also:

"Scuse me. Pardon me. Just gonna do a thang, won't be a moment. Scuse--"

Don't be sour, Applejack. Every heroic kaiju needs a small child or two for a sidekick/herald. Gamera, Mothra, Galactus...

Wait. :trixieshiftright:

In any case, this looks like it's going to be even more delightfully ridiculous than I'd first anticipated.


I really should figure out where the dark crystal comes in in Unfriendly Competition...

Keep reading. You won't be able to miss it. Especially not in the chapter called "The Dark Crystal." :raritywink:

8046359 ... The thing is, I read it already and still didn't get it...

.. :facehoof: to me...

Is it an alternate title for a character? 'Cause they're from Crystal Prep, so they're called Crystals, and there's a Dark one... etc.

You know, considering that Apple Bloom controls part of fate, Zipporwhill might want to be a tad bit more careful. Given how possessive Apple Bloom can be of her sister.

AJ, when will you learn that being the sane one is not viable in that world? Just accept the peppy sidekick and go kill the bug. Less of a hassle this way. And it's not like asking her to keep safe will stop the inevitable kidnapping...

The moment when AJ reveals she's just as insane as everyone else in the Oversaturated world.

This close, she could see that the striations on its back were actually some sort of venting system, rising and falling in a breathing pattern. ...

"Now look," Applejack began, "Ah don't know what you are or what ya want, but a lotta people would be on mah back if Ah didn't give ya the benefit o' tha doubt. So, if yer' willin' ta talk with me 'bout what you want--"

Her arm shot up as she willed a thick layer of bark onto it, blocking the sudden jab of the stalk's point. ...

Bio-analysis! PAULDRONS mention! ... Wood Armor's new...

Her smile grew vicious as she landed, one foot holding down the screeching stalks while the other stomped a bulb into gory orange bits. "Just like smashin' pumpkins," she mused.

Eww. Yeah, she's got a vicious side...

So, her weight doesn't increase proportionally to her size...

Apparently the creature had had enough. With an odd.... twisting motion, it warped and vanished from reality.

"...Huh." Applejack looked at the clawed flipper still twitching in her hand, laying it carefully down next to the large pit and dusting herself off. ...

Extradimensional Beast Remains for analysis!

... Marriage Epilogue?

Zipporwhill blinked. "You just fought a giant bug and that's what you're worried about?"...

Applejack shrugged, opening her truck door. "Ah'm a farmer. Pest control comes easy to me. ...


... Whenever I read the title, I keep on thinking of the Dalek's going, "This is not War, this is Pest Control."


arch toward

arching toward

One down, five to go. whunder what the other 'Saints' will get up to?

Awesome gigantomancer vs. hyperspace bug fight. That moon colony makes me unsure quite when this is in the timeline, but this was still awesome through and through. Thank you for it.

Much like her Ponyville analogue, Applejack's as crazy as everyone else in the area. She's just a lot lower-key in her insanity.

Quite enjoying this. (Just, in addition to "arch forward" as pointed out above, I take issue with using "grit" instead of the correct past tense "gritted," and choosing to spell "oughta" as "otta.")

In addition to 8051935 's comment, I'd like to point out that she did make a token gesture (not sure if I'm using "token" correctly) at making a big deal out of the oversaturation itself: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/323071/1/group-precipitation/yet-another-revolution-by-tophe

....Huh, a gigsweevil with trans dimensional powers and an absorption ability. That’s eeeeeww if there ever was.

I don't know if this will come up, but if it does then I'd like to throw whatever weight I have behind Freezerburn. Yang admires Weiss's strength of character and enjoys teasing people, Weiss would feel safe around Yang and Yang would make her laugh.

I get that most of that also applies to Blake, but honestly I thought she and Sun had better chemistry.

Wait, when did AJ get access to what I can only assume (given the 'verse's track record) to be green mana? This 'verse's chronology is twistier than an Elkin Bottle.

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