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This story is a sequel to Oversaturation

It's the first annual Criffleball championship game, and Sunset and Twilight are here to cheer the Canterlot Cardinals against the Apploosa Apricots!

Now if only they had any idea what Criffleball actually WAS....

Part of The Oversaturated World. Co-written with Fan of most Everything.

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For those of you scratching your heads, here's a link to the glossary.

In any case, this was a delightful exchange. Sorry it took me so long to put a proper capstone on it. (Oh, and if you're wondering, Weaver, I'm only marking it as a side story because of elements of the team composition. The sport itself is too beautifully logical yet nonsensical to not be canon.)

I think I understood less than Sunset but damn if that wasn't an interesting take on making new sports for a world with new magic.

I think it would be pretty awesome to get some explanation on the rules of the game though, unless it's rules are purposefully esoteric in some kind of Calvinball-esque way

Whoops- that comment wasn't there when I was posting. Now I know!

Nah, I was planning on it being a sidestory anyway.


So, if I'm understanding this correctly, the title of the chapter basically boils down to "Applejack hit her own pegasus teammate who was tackled by another player into elimination with the ball"? Sounds like a right mess of a situation

Umm...do I need to read 'Oversaturation' to understand what's going on in this story and/or enjoy it?

7600876 I've read it. Trust me, it barely helps. Only thing you need to know is magic on earth is now a thing and Sunset's stupidly powerful.

You're not going to understand it even if you read Oversaturation. You'll probably enjoy it nonetheless.

7600876 In most cases maybe, in this case nope.

A Calvinball type sport, then? Should be fun.

Oh there are actual rules.

You should read the story before the rules though.

This needed to happen

(haven't read it yet, may update when done)

I emphatically reiterate my previous statement. This. NEEDED. To happen

Having read it...
Amusing, but where are the rules?

I believe FomE left a link up in the first post.

"You know, for somebody who's usually a caster, that Apricot unicorn is a pretty good florper."

'unicorn'? I thought this was EQG human til this point?:rainbowhuh:

The Oversaturated World is an AU in which humanity, in order to avoid their world exploding, had to be granted the magic of Equestria to a minor degree. Unicorn is short for Unicorn Aspected Individual--somebody with a round gem in the middle of their forehead, pointed ears, and the ability to cast spells.

This is to Football what Blernsball is to Baseball in Futurama.

"I don't get this. Is Blernsball the exact same as Baseball?"
"Baseball? God forbid"
―Professor Farnsworth
"Face it Fry: Baseball was as boring as Mom and apple pie. That's why they jazzed it up."
"Boring! Baseball wasn't.. Hm. So they finally jazzed it up?"

7601062 That would make the prequel necessary to get that, thanks for explaining it.:twilightsmile:

Crikey! This il must be a jolly little game, eh? :pinkiecrazy:

I SO need more oversaturated stories :rainbowlaugh: this world is just that much wonderfully fun :pinkiehappy:

43-Man Squamish is a gentleman's sport. Portrzebie.



I'm going to go sit in the Nerd Corner.

"You know, for somebody who's usually a caster, that Apricot unicorn is a pretty good florper."

"...I have no idea what you just said," Sunset stated plainly.

This fic in a nutshell.

Pinkie would later quit Criffleball in favor of 43-Man Squamish.

Neat, what positions does she play? We're looking for either a decent shallow brooder or Underblat.

...what the hell did I just read?

The glossary/rulespost notably lacks the that the flashfic had that one eliminates someone by hitting them with an (uncaught) ball as in dodgeball.

Someone needs to make this in virtual reality :rainbowlaugh: Or a videogame! That would be awesome.

She'd be better as a Leaper or Back-up Fink.

I second that, what the hell did we just read?

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