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This story is a sequel to Beanniversary

Sunset meets with Rainbow to hang out and catch up after the events of "Should I Stay...."

Dammit, Me.

Warnings: [Richer, Extra-Protein Infused Continuity] [5% Beans] [75% Gratuitous Fight Scene] [Sunset Shimmer not being hurt emotionally] [Toy Lasers]

Part of the Beanis Cinematic Universe

Chapters (1)
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“You? Using magic against me?” Sunset scoffed. “I was born into magic. Molded by it. You don’t understand the surface, let alone against a prodigy.”

really? baneposting?

For the MEMES, jack

Sunset’s hand was buried in Rainbow’s stomach, doing their best to wriggle like crazy. Rainbow’s hand was jabbed into Sunset’s armpit, the rest of the arm struggling to hold back Rainbow’s lightsaber.

This gave me uncomfortable armpit tingles.

Rainbow growled. “You’re not my real Mom!”


[5% Beans] [75% Gratuitous Fight Scene]

something is missing

uh, 10% badly written excuse to get to the fight scene?

So how long until we have bean related Saber fights on motorcycles?

I believe you forgot the 10% fan service you left unaccounted for....AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!!!!

We'll see what comes after Phase 3

Another 10% for failure to have a link to the Roundabout with a To Be Continued perhaps?

Delightful, low-bean madness. Always nice to see a BCU story where Sunset comes out of it happier than when she went in.

That said, how exactly did Dash defeat Somnambula, again?


Well, she was already dead, you see.

1) R5h
2) Swung at the hands. That's really it.

I am surprisingly happy with this story. But it needs a clone army to execute a Order 66.

I see that Bane reference.

I lol'ed.

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