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Someone has been leaving flowers in Twilight’s locker all week. Roses, marigolds, daffodils, Twilight is half expecting the town's florist to go bankrupt. Twilight can't stand high school romance, but everyone knows that love confessions are best saved for Fridays.

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Aww! I loved the original, but this one is even better. The relationship between Sunset and Twilight makes more sense. You get :twilightsmile:/:twilightsmile:

Thought it would be Rainbow for a second, when she knew the combination to the lock and it smelled like somebody in the gym class.

The build up and ending were both so adorable. Kudos.

“No way! High school is no time for relationships. They’re a distraction.” She looked back at the flowers.

It technically is Twilight. :ajsmug:

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Who knows, maybe it’s a warning sign that you’re getting hanahaki.”

I'm sorry what? :applejackconfused:

Maybe high school romances weren’t as stupid as she had once thought.

Told you. 😏

Hanahaki is a common fanfiction trope. Rainbow and Twilight are nerds, so they reference it.

Ah, the feels! :pinkiehappy: Wins a place in my bookshelf and heart! :raritywink:

You were going for cliche, and thus I almost tricked myself into a mislead. Thought you might go for Rainbow for a minute, but the actual reveal was sweet too.

That's one of my least fav things about fimfiction, you can't tag ships

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