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"From his position outside of the narrative, he can bear witness to all that transpires within." --FanOfMostEverything


Story Notes - For the Benefit of Yaks · 6:44pm Nov 10th, 2019

Admiral Biscuit does it all the time, so why shouldn’t I?  Unlike him, though, I’m not good at finding cute ponies to space things out with, so have a picture of the cover.  Again.

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I am a semi-experienced proofreader and editor as well as author of a handful of over-thought and questionably-executed jokes who has appropriately appeared in zero fictional works to date.

Previous short bio:

Always late to the party.

Avatar source (as best as I can tell)

Very Good Stories Not Written By Me

"What do you mean by 'semi-experienced' proofreader and editor?" you may ask. Truth be told, I don't know where one would draw these lines, but I don't have mountains of works or a handful of masterpieces that I can point to and say, "I made that come together." Neither do I claim that my thoughts and feedback are infallible.

On the other hand, I'd like to think that I can work with a writer to make sure their work is functioning as they intend it to.

I happen to be one of Kwakerjak's several proofreaders, and am currently invested in Bugsydor's ongoing series (as well as other works of his). Beyond that, I occasionally get roped into something or, for some reason, offer my services for no particular reason.

Works I have written or proofread/edited for can be seen in the modules (and bookshelves, if you click the module titles) below. Of the ones I've written, I most strongly recommend checking out Unhinged.

Potentially Good Stories Written By Me

Sometimes I edit, preread, and/or proofread.

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Site Blogger

Just dropping by to say I really like your handle.

Thanks for the follow!

tea or coffee?

I wonder what happens when I turn these back on. :moustache:

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