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Sing, o Muse, of impetuous Zagreus: Scourge of shades, son of Hades, Prince of the Underworld. Few tales are told of him and even fewer truths. But what follows, though wilder than the most outlandish Orphic fiction, is still as true as an oath sworn on the Styx. For the depths of his father's realm contain passages unplumbed by any, and gates to realms undreamt of by god or man.

But by pony, they are well known indeed.

A crossover between issue #82 of the main MLP comic and the game Hades. Cover synthesized from works by Pencils and Supergiant Games. Contains some game spoilers, including some several millennia old. Rated Teen solely to allow the content warning.

Prereading provided by Akouma, Bugsydor, Caliaponia, and SirNotAppearingInThisFic.

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My sister actually beta-tested this game for the developers. Great to see a story with it here!

Contains some game spoilers, including some several millennia old. Rated Teen solely to allow the content warning.

Hah! I dunno why, but your descriptions and such crack me up.

Discord scowled at you, then even more nastily at me. "Yes, let's."

This had me giggle. Never expected to see a Hades crossover here, good show :twilightsmile:

Most excellent.

"Oh, rest assured, Zagreus, I have a near-direct line to the princess herself," Rarity said, confident in her social web as Ariadne before her punishment.

This may be the most obtuse nitpick of all time, but did you mean Ariadne or Arachne? :derpytongue2:

Very well done. Everything for this story is just perfect. Also, I loved the ending. Wished that aspect was actually in the game xP

Neat! I greatly appreciate her efforts, along with everyone else involved it bringing it to the high polish of v.1.0.

If ever there were an E-rated story with the Death tag, this would be it. And yeah, "spoilers for Greek mythology" does make things enjoyably absurd.

:facehoof: I blame the Yarn of Ariadne item in the game for mixing me up on that one. There are clearly too many Greek myths that involve thread in some manner.

I'll just point out this bit I buried in a blog's comments. :rainbowdetermined2:

"Don't worry, I know one way home that works from anywhere," said the confident prince.

Having home set as respawn is so convenient.

He reached behind his head and produced a tomato with fangs, or at least a jagged-edged mouth. It promptly began to nibble on his talon tips until he dismissed it from existence.

Curse you, Professor Gangrene!

“Ah. Yes. Earthquakes. A notoriously precise and collateral damage-free process.”


"But... I actually wanted to talk to you about something you tried to explain to me a while back.” A pink butterfly formed from the inky ylem and settled on one of his talons, bringing a smile to his lips. “I think I finally understand what you meant about misunderstanding chaos."


Delightfully, Theseus will get flustered if you have Yarn of Ariadne on you when you meet him :scootangel:

I shall tell her.

Inside Baseball Alert: The saturation bombing of the fourth wall is true to the game's source material, although I'm sure that the game does it too because it's come back into fashion recently.

I know how hard it is to make a Greek gods crossover and remain non-M rated, so great job!

I'm glad I read most of this in the narrator's voice

A fun crossover idea but also kind of devoid of any real tension or drama to make it a fuller story. I'm not sure how much sense it will make to someone who hasn't played Hades.

Well, that was a fun little jaunt.

At least Rarity got her ice cream. Hope she's not too traumatized.

Was it his spear that fell out or something else? I'm wondering what it was that had Rarity acting like that. Obviously something Divine but no idea what.

Fun story, I love seeing characters interact with the narrator in this fashion. Maybe one day I'll get around to playing the game myself.

Thanks for the story FoME.

Hmm, weren't there six weapons available to Zag? Methinks the other 5 each have a form for the other bearers.

Discord scowled at you, then even more nastily at me. "Yes, let's."

That was really clever. I like it.

The idea for this story apparently started with the sneaking suspicion that Pinkie Pie somehow managed to obtain Exagryph before the game was even out. Note the blog's tags, and the comment that elaborates on the exact connections.

It resembled nothing more than a sewing needle as long as a man was tall, encrusted with sapphires along a hilt wrapped in soft fabric. A single strand from the Fates’ loom was tied to the massive eye, wrapping around the prince's arm and filling him with a sense of incredible certainty.

If you continue this story, you should include an omake of Zagreus, wielding Rarity's Needle, meeting Hornet from Hollow Knight.

Heh. So, so finish it out, we've got the Twilight Blade, Spearity, Fluttershield, RainBow, AppleSmack, and Party Rail.

Recently? It came back in massively in 90s, now it's just some odd-ball TV-series which do that.

That was demented. I love it.

Next time, make a spoiler warning plis

Compared to Greek Mythology, that's pretty damn recent.

Well, greek chorus was used during all that time minus some selected periods. E.g. being replaced by narrator in early renessaince thetre

Brilliant :raritystarry::heart::raritywink:

You have the sword and bow the wrong way around, which the flavor texts would make clear.

You know, if Hades ever gets modding support, I want someone to make this spear aspect into a thing.

"What do Earth Ponies hate the most?"
"Hay Diss"

I'm not sorry!

Even Discord can recognize when it's time to visit the old entity-that-existed-before-the-concept-of-gender and get some advice for the future.

I'd say it wasn't too hard, but the game does have multiple romanceable characters. Also Aphrodite exists, and in this game, her outfit doesn't beyond Godiva hair. Suffice to say, the majority of the fic takes place in either Equestria or the foundational void for a reason.

That was the intent, yes. :twilightsmile:

I admit, this was more an exploratory exercise than anything else. Though I did make sure that my prereaders covered a wide spectrum of Hades exposure and tried to accommodate their concerns as best I could.

A potential sequel idea involves Fluttershy helping her get through the trauma by introducing her to another nonpony friend. Rarity and Thanatos hit it off great... until she finds out he's gay and already taken.

The intent is that he drops the spear, yes. Thus Rarity gets a brief glimpse of something she'll wield in the future for unclear reasons.

There seems to be an issue of scale there. As I understand it, the cast of Hollow Knight are still bug-sized. It's not unworkable, just potentially awkward.

Glad to hear it. Few things are more fun than a crazy idea taken seriously.


Contains some game spoilers, including some several millennia old.

Next time, I recommend reading the whole story description.

I'd volunteer, but my 3D modelling abilities are even more nonexistent than my 2D art skills.

Ha......sorry, my bad :(

gay and already taken

Neither of those was really a thing back in Mythic Greece. Hades' staunch monogamy was considered unusual, and if you start the polyamorous relationship in the most mechanically likely manner then it turns out that Meg's snark about romancing Thanatos if you love dying so much wasn't snark.

No harm done. Use it as a learning opportunity. :twilightsmile:

See, you know that, and I know that, but does Rarity know that? And even if she does, will she want to be a part of a larger polycule? (Fully aware there are many fics where the answer there is a resounding yes, but still.)

I mean, yes, she's a hopeless romantic and goes into histrionics at the slightest provocation, but I wanted to make sure you were aware that Thanatos' reaction would be genuine bafflement that anything he said was an issue. Especially if he's familiar with horses.

Rarity fell on her side, curled into a fetal position, and whimpered for a bit. Then she noticed the quart of vanilla oat swirl and spoon Discord had left for her.

Aww! He cares!


Hmm... On that note about family... Fluttershy meeting his parent / family would be interesting... :derpytongue2:

Hook that sequel like Discord did to Zag's corpse

A Hades crossover eh? Intrigued

Awww, that one felt a bit too short! But I guess one must always return to the Styx, no matter how fast! (also, there's always a bonus to riffing on Sun-butt) see ya.

Comment posted by Generally Degenerate deleted Jul 8th, 2022

I recognized the bugbear and the dread maulwurf, but what was this one?

The formless lumps of pulsating flesh with too many unblinking eyes, like cast-off shreds of Chaos, the ancient progenitor of all things?

What is Ixion in the game's setting? I thought he was a man strapped to a burning wheel, but it sounds like Ixion is something else here. I've not played or watched much of Hades.

Discord scowled at you, then even more nastily at me. "Yes, let's."


Found a typo here:

And in recent days (or possibly nights),,)

Overall, I enjoyed this, though I feel like I'd probably have gotten more out of it if I were more familiar with the game. Thanks for sharing with us, FOME.

Frankly, I'd like to know what some of these things are. The only other time we saw those nameless horrors was in the scariest cave in Equestria back in "Pinkie Apple Pie."

In the context of the game, Ixion is basically the sun of the Underworld, providing light where Apollo cannot reach. (Not that Apollo does anything to help Zagreus, despite several of his siblings getting involved.) Wouldn't surprise me if it were still a guy on a burning wheel.

And yeah, this leans pretty heavily on familiarity with both sides of the crossover. Glad you enjoyed it as much as you did.

Read it again! Now I'm left with craving more! Can we have him "do a run" and meet another pony?

A crossover like this always made me wonder why we never got a villian named Haydes.

The one at the bottom looks like a gargoyle.

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