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This story is a sequel to Story Shuffle

There's a story behind every Magic card, and when you smash them together, you get even more ponies than you can normally find. Set throughout Equestrian probability space, each of these stories was inspired by two cards chosen through Gatherer's Random Card function. Characters and genres will vary as a result. Knowledge of card games isn't necessary for most chapters; the table of contents will call out the full crossovers.

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I suppose this could lead to interest in tending rock, but really this only shows that Celestia wasn't to far gone or she's trying to downplay herself, because earth and rock maybe able to smother a flame, but they can't actually touch the sun

Woooo! More Story Shuffle! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

I'm already loving this.

Having been out of MtG for years, this'll be an interesting way to see a bunch of cards I've missed out on.

Oh, woah. Seeing the great will of the Everfree!

That was awesome and terrifying! Congrats!

Mince grinned. What was grandmotherhood for, if not to sprinkle in harmless little horrors with the old stories? "Ah. That is another tale. You see..."

Wait... Was she the origin for Nightmare Night??

And framing it as an in-universe story gives you even more plausible deniability than you already had. Especially given who she's an ancestor of...

We're off to an excellent start. I think I actually had that Akroma, long ago :pinkiegasp:

Good stuff. There have been hints (inconsistent, but when has the show ever been consistent?) that the Everfree itself is a bit of a Lovecraftian horror only kept under control by the Tree of Harmony (or the Treehouse of Harmony[1]): this is a nice take.

[1] On alternate Tuesdays I am convinced the last two seasons are just Twilight having an indigestion dream brought on by unwisely sampling Trixie's Extra Spicy Gumbo recipe.

Huzzah! The story prompts have been doubled!

All in all, a very cool starter. Props for the old-timey speech, it feels authentic.

You write "ye olde speech" very well.

Nice! As others have mentioned, you did an excellent job with þe olden speech.

Nice! Definitely an interesting combo, and you pulled it off masterfully

But, as the Everfree reminded Celestia, there's a world of difference between being an avatar of the sun and the sun itself.

And the rock farming didn't start for another few generations. A thousand years is a long time.

:pinkiehappy: Glad to hear it.

We have cards ranging from Beta through Throne of Eldraine. This should be quite the experience for you.

I was going for the Pony of Shadows. At least, the variant Applejack worried about back in "Castle Mania." (Remember, this is far enough back that the Apple and Pie lines haven't deviated yet.) Though Mince may well have kicked off Nightmare Night as well.

Gumbo dreams definitely factor into parts of the later seasons. Not all of it, but I do like the option of dismissing some of the worst cases of character backsliding as Twilight's old and new memories blending in a tomato base.

And yes, there's definitely something going on with the Everfree, even if later seasons took a lot of the horror out of the hellwood.

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Good to hear I nailed the olde timey tone. It's fun to dip into that sort of thing. :twilightsmile:

I… what…okay… Pinkie, did you seriously just blitz Niko Bolas with a gingerbread pony in magical armor? Y'know what, if it works, I ain't complaining.

"Looks fantastic! Think it'll work?"

"I can say with confidence that Bolas will not see it coming."


He's not answering the question! ... Or perhaps he is... "can't be blocked [...] except by creatures with haste."


BOLAS's reaction to Pinkie Pie! HA!

God, why couldn't WotC have tapped you to write the War novel instead? I would've helped, and it would have come out much better. Literally the only good thing Greg contributed was Lazav with a flamethrower pretending to be Chandra.

Yeah, this one is about as canon as the fifteen squirrels. And about as effective.

Argentum Armor will destroy Bolas before blockers are even declared. Anything the Gingerbrute does afterwards is just gravy frosting.

Figures a nature spirit known as Everfree would resent summonings or evocations. Highly amusing that both it and Celestia consider smashing her into the dirt hard enough to break (alicorn!) bones as a mild chastisement.

Hell yeah! This story is the essence of what Pinkie Pie is all about! And a combo I kinda want to try out.

It's Pinkie. Are you really surprised?

Karn knows better than to predict the outcome of anything involving Pinkie.

I mean, I did enjoy Angrath and Arlinn having a brief but beautiful bromance. But yeah, the mental image of Lazav using assorted tools he looted from the other guilds to simulate the activated abilities of creatures he's copying is a lovely mental image. Especially when he's taken the form of a legendary Eldrazi. Turns out the Izzet invented nukes!

I did try to modulate it a little, with the Gingerbronco only getting an assist with Oketra and Bontu. Still, anything wearing that armor's going to hit like the Aradara Local.

As noted in the table of contents, Bolas avoids Ungula for a reason.

As for the card itself, just mind that six-mana equip cost. Effects like Brass Squire and Quest for the Holy Relic will be your friends if you ever do go for this.

Stupid Complicated Game Alert: Spells aren't actually sent to the graveyard until after they resolve (or fail to, if they're countered or lose track of all their targets), so you'll need a second Very Cryptic Command if you want to do the thing you thought of when you read the last option. And you'll have to make sure the second one has the same set of effects, because Unstable.

Oh, the actual chapter? Well, everything but the Warhammer 40k reference is probably canon. And I wouldn't put it past the comics to keep that bit, either.

Stupid Complicated Game Alert: for those playing at home, yes Lazav can do that, at least in gameplay. After Emrakul gets blocked by the aforementioned fifteen squirrels (that have been given flying or reach somehow), she spends a brief period in the graveyard before being shuffled into the library. You can bet that OG Lazav will take the opportunity to pilfer that goat's identity. (The depictions of the Black Goat of the Woods that I've seen bear a greater resemblance to Emrakul than to any actual goat)


It's Pinkie. Are you really surprised?

…no, not really.

Yea, Philomena and Celestia are made for each other. I'm just sad they didn't do more with her in series.

It's an enlightening experience for everyone. Marvelous work.

And now, I shall invoke the mighty incantation, which shall guarantee some unusual and stressful even shall occur.

*Clears throat.*

"How hard can it be to take care of one little possum?"

This is the Everfree lore I never knew I needed. More of this, please.

Ponk is an immense danger to any attempt at rational planning, not least of which is how a planner's memories of her tend to scab over to defend their own sanity.

As much as I love Celestia and Philomena's shared mischievous streak, I need to see more stuff with Tibbles.

I mean, yaks are basically just meat-based orkz, the seaponies are what would happen if Slaanesh weren't the Eldar's fault but targeted them anyway, parasprites are clearly a precursor species to Tyranids, and the kirin are Tau before getting displaced in time by the Warp. (Literal Fire Warriors!)

The comics do do more with her, including the Kaijuberry Incident. (Bit of a long story there.)

And I do wonder how Solarian phoenix-born would feel about this list... :raritywink:

"We killed it!"
"It's a possum."
"We may or may not have killed it!"

Like many comic-exclusive characters, Tiberius suffers from relative obscurity. It's a shame; there's some genuinely good content to be had. And also moments like Lawful Stupid Twilight insisting that nonmagical sapients can do infinite crime, but still.

You don't wander a planet for centuries without developing some form of fundamental competence.

Stupid Complicated Game Alert: A careful reading of Siren's Ruse will reveal that it backfires if used on something you stole. There are no currently known siren planeswalkers, so this is presumably the target revealing they were never on your side.


(For those playing at home, it's pronounced "shoo be doo," and I was about to Google it when I noticed that)

Kaijuberry incident, eh? I haven't read all of the comics, so what brought that on?

Re: Solarian phoenixes - It would really depend on the phoenix in question. I think it'd be most applicable to Amara and Philomena, who are troublemakers. Dylis, Vestian and Akari on the other hand, have more serious personalities and probably aren't troublemakers to the same degree. They'd probably have lists more in line with "here is how to show proper respect to the phoenix, and how to apologize if [read: when] you make a mistake". And, since they have an instantaneous and direct line of communication to their partners via the bond…

Amoral mode Sci-Twi always gives the scientist in me fits. I don't care how interesting something is, there are lines you don't cross. Stalking is one of them.

She’d looked into that a few decades ago, when that sheep was all the rage. Upon finding out she’d have to raise her duplicates from squalling fry, she immediately abandoned the idea and reminded herself to be thankful for what she had.

Dagi, you're also making a dangerous assumption: that the clones would willingly follow you and not try to usurp your power. I can imagine the scenario going something like the duplicator incident from Calvin and Hobbes.

Celestia and Luna wanted to compete at a Sisterhooves Social. In order to keep things fair (and because they didn't have the free time to do it themselves,) they contracted the earth pony witch seen in the linked panels to craft two potions: one to diminish their power to mortal levels and another to restore it. Kibbitz, their majordomo, accidentally fed their pets some of the latter.

Granted, the diminishing potion went from merely inhibiting their magic to eliminating it entirely partway through the issue, because Andy Price is an amazing artist, but not the tightest writer. There's also the fact that said potions can apparently be slipped into any food, which raises some major concerns for hostile coups, whether slipping one to the princesses or using the other to go full "The Ending of the End." On the other hand, earth pony spellcaster. You learn to take the good with the bad with the comics. It's Friends Forever #38 if you want to see the full story for yourself.


You learn to take the good with the bad with the comics.

Sounds like. Yikes, that does raise some serious concerns/questions. I mean, that unless there are some seriously exotic ingredients in those potions that makes them all but impossible to make easily, you're right that's a coup waiting to happen. I guess it's lucky that the ponies are generally pretty happy with Celly and Lulu's rule.

compliment each other’s strengths - complement

On a slight tangent:

Aria and Sonata would've tried to kill each other again, and that much blood always raised uncomfortable questions.

You've come up with the premise for a dark comedy anthology: The Immortal Dazzlings! Each chapter could be about one or more of them being severely or fatally wounded, only to be fine by the the end.

It's interesting to see where you go with these prompts. Brass Gnat, to me, pointed to putting the Dazzlings in a steampunk AU.

And here I was expecting one of the cards to be Thopter Spy Network.

Really Grogar? You encounter aberrant plant life and you don't think to bring forth frost or fire? Disgraceful.

Fascinating. I am uncertain if I consider these equine haunts pragmatic or repulsive. I've a soul-deep loathing of personality/mind degradation/alteration and I haven't yet decided if this counts.

Mention of monster hunters, along with ground-bound pegasi getting snapped up by Equestria's shadow government. Hmm...

Possible references to Best Pony aside, Octavia put on a fine show here. Reviving a lich that has forgotten the habits of mortality wasn't really a tactic that I'd considered.

That got a flat look. “We’re roommates.”

“So were Tracy and me.” Any puffing out of the chest and flaunting of certain rings on certain necklaces was pure coincidence. That was Rose's story and she was sticking with it.

:rainbowlaugh: - For both lines!


Was Octavia just chosen because she lives in Ponyville, and is an Earth Pony??

Crossover! Yay! :pinkiehappy: :lol:

Indeed. Call it the Good Demoman Principle. If she hadn't developed some competence, she wouldn't have been wandering for centuries, now would she?

I'd apologize if I had anything to apologize for. :trollestia:

As Chrysalis can attest, cloning never ends well, especially when you're used to compliant drones.

And Crystal Prep is not the best place to develop a moral compass.

Definitely something to file away for later. Though hopefully they realize they can't get away with that sort of thing after getting their gems shattered.

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It is an interesting experience going from point A to point B. In this case, it was the rotors on the Gnat that got me to drones more than anything. I probably would've reached a similar conclusion with Thopter Spy Network, but steampunk just never came to mind with these two. And that's a shame in hindsight; one could have a lot of fun with that.

I'm shocked you didn't use Wallflower for this.

Sometimes, subtle cuts are all that you need. Sometimes, a hedge of roses can bring life to even the most dead of places.

And sometimes, an ancient, eldritch abomination in the form of a goat gets his flank handed to him by a cellist and a florist. Good times.

Funny you should mention that. Because, coincidentally, I re-read Floral Transplant just yesterday. Although, her specialty is specific memory manipulation, and being unnoticed. Plus, it's also fun that the group is fleshed out more by having another included.

That could be the finale. Imagine if one of them starts shrieking in terror, the other two go to investigate, discover that the first has an extremely minor injury (such as a paper cut) which did not heal instantly, and they all start panicking.

Octaviassassin? I would like to hear more about this. Might I trouble you for some recommendations?

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