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Friends aren't people who don't piss you off. They're people worth forgiving over and over.


Fblthp's service to the Azorius Senate rarely required him to leave the safety of the Magister's Garden. Except for assisting Arrester Parisha in capturing a Rakdos cultist, he couldn't remember the last time he'd poked his little homunculus toe outside Senate property.

Unfortunately for Fblthp, Parisha's parting words to him were, "until next time."

This is not the end of the Fblthp Saga! Once you're done here, check out FanOfMostEverything's sequel, A Sly Toll Tot. A Sly Toll Tot takes place in the same multiverse as his Elementals of Harmony story.

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Comments ( 20 )

Finally someone made this happen!

and what happened to Ral?

It happened. This crossover.

And it's done well! Thank you, dear writer!

But which side of the conflict will he be on, Bolas or Ajani?

Well, he's not Totally Lost. Ral knows how to Planeswalk, and has for some time. I guess the question is, does Ral care enough about a little homunculus he just met to go find the guy? (Assuming "Wkgrfl" is still alive; non-Planeswalkers can't survive for very long in the Blind Eternities. Even post-Mending Planeswalkers can't stay for extended periods of time.) Or does Ral go back to Ravnica and report his findings on the Implicit Maze to Niv-Mizzet, letting his life go on as normal?

Ral Zarek in Equestria could be interesting. The charges Parisha was listing off are all plausible -- Ral has been very destructive around Ravnica recently as he follows the leylines that form the Implicit Maze. He seems to have a mindset that the ends justify the means, and seeing him use that in Equestria to find little "Rtpth"... well, that's another story. :twilightsmile:

Eh? Bolas v Ajani was limited to the Alara storyline. Ajani summoned a doppelganger of Bolas, Bolas and his doppelganger fought and apparently annihilated each other. (Although in actuality Bolas survived.)

So does that mean you will do a Ral Zarek in Equestria story?

This is great, my only complaint is that there aren't any spaces between paragraphs. It makes it a bit harder to read, IMO.

I won't say "no," but if I do it wouldn't be for some time. I've got My Little Exalt that takes most of my writing attention. I'm also writing a guest chapter for A Dream as filler during the downtime until s4. There's also another full crossover/retelling I'm working on with a friend (9 chapters), and another story I want to write but haven't really started on that takes place in the setting of Human (up to 32 chapters).

About the cover art: did you edit it yourself? If so, where can I find the source image?

Original image
Totally Lost art

I extracted Fblthp from the Totally Lost art, made space between Twilight and Rarity in the wallpaper, and added a seventh section, using a clipping mask to make sure Fblthp was totally inside his little box without anything poking out. (I could have done the same thing with careful use of the eraser, but a clipping mask is a lot faster.) I also used a poster filter to make David Palumbo's oil painting look more like a cartoon, and played with Fblthp's colors a little bit to make him closer match the MLP palette.

After all was said and done, I moved all the sections closer together so that the image ratio would be closer to 1:1 than otherwise. I think it's somewhere around 3:2 as a final product.

I may not be able to draw, but I can use a lot of the Photoshop tools pretty well. :pinkiesmile:

Fblthp is best homunculus.

If nothing else, Fblthp needs to meet Fluttershy. It will be gloriously awkward. I suspect she'll be the only non-homunculus in the Multiverse who will pronounce his name correctly.

I may need to write a continuation of this in the context of my crossover stories, if that's okay with you. At the very least, please enjoy this fan card.

Fblthp the Humble WU
Planeswalker — Fblthp
+1: Fblthp the Humble gains hexproof until your next turn.
0: Creatures can't attack Fblthp the Humble until your next turn.
-6: Put all creatures on top of their owners' libraries.

Oh, and here's a convenient image to manipulate for any future FiMtG stories: wizards.com/global/images/mtgcom_arcana_634_pic2_en.jpg

> I may need to write a continuation of this in the context of my crossover stories, if that's okay with you.
Absolutely! :twilightsmile:

I love that card! Fblthp's name sounds like the spelling of a fart xD

Fblthp said his name again, being careful to enunciate this time.

This may be one of the most amusing things I have ever read.

Off topic of the story, but do you happen to know who the artist is for the art? I'll clarity that I mean the artist who did the original art without the middle pic in it.

To the best of my knowledge, cat_man742 on superbwallpapers.com. linky

Is the word count intended? Or is it simply accidental?

~Vriska Serket

Whichever one makes me sound more impressive as a writer. :trollestia:

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