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The kind of coup of which Chrysalis has dreamed since her idiot sister took the throne.

My entry into FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest, as the Coronation of Queen Chrysalis.

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Oo! Is this an AU in which Cadance invades the Changeling Hives? Bookmarked!!

Sorry to disappoint, but that is not actually what this story is about.

Wow! That was dramatic. Each chapter ended with me involuntarily saying "Yow".

This is so perfectly in-character for Chrysalis. Not the way fans so often portray her (including me, if I'm honest), as the cunning, guileful, long-term plotter; but the Season 2 "I'm not going to bother to learn anything about how Cadance acts" infiltrator whose battle plan is "swarm with changelings in their natural forms". Mandible's reaction is entirely understandable.

I'm impressed how many twists you put into so few words. Excellent work!

Don't worry, I'm talking about Chrysalis, not you. This is a perfect demonstration of how she failed so utterly as both a ruler and a changeling. She's a brute, capable of insidious infiltration but never satisfied with it. She has the worst thing imaginable for a parasite, a sense of spectacle.

And yet, she still gets things done, if only through sheer audacity and quantity. But those won't hold up forever...

Excellent work all around. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

Glad you enjoyed! Thank you for the kind words!

Aw, man... Well, it still looks like a fun concept, so I'm planning on reading it through as soon as I get a moment :)

Well done! This was a lot of fun! It's very different than how the changelings are normally portrayed, and you did a great job of selling this version of the world!

I feel like most of the praise I would give for this story has already been said. This was such a gripping read, and I adored the succinctness of it--it really felt like every scene had been carefully planned, and it turned out just about as long as I think it needed to be. Really nice work!


You mean a race with a chronic backstabbing disorder only matched by Skavens? ALL MY YES!

The story was paced a little more quickly than I thought was necessary, but I can't deny that the story was still relatively impactful even with how short it is. Every character was portrayed well—I really got a sense of their personalities even given the brevity of their appearances. All in all a nice take on Chrysalis' rise to power. Well done!

That was nasty, but qrite impressive.

An excellent story, but I think it might be for the wrong contest. After all, this is clearly a story about deposing sovereigns.

....I'll see myself out.

Fantastic story on Chrysalis' rise to power

After you've planted those orders, contact my son and tell him it's time to move. Make sure to remind him he's going to be the new infiltration captain if this works. Don't want him getting any big ideas about taking over, now do we?

Her son: "At least not yet..."
Chrysalis: "What was that?!"
Her son: "Nothing!"

As the guard in front of her lined up the spear, Tarsal didn't even bother to resist.

But once the king left the guard lowered the weapon, giving Tarsal a smile.
"It seems Pupas plan is actually working. Now both wannabe traitors will destroy each other, ensuring nothing will threaten her rule ever again."

“You've earned your reward today, just as I've earned mine.” Chrysalis gestured to the chambers around them. “This will all be yours one day. Unlike my father, I won't make a mistake in naming my heir.”

Pharynx: "Wait, not even me?"
Chrysalis: "Of course not! And I'm sure there is no chance this could cause important allies to fall me in the back later."

As the pain receded and thought returned, Chrysalis realized that Pupa had slipped the hole at the bottom of her leg around her horn and simply pulled. Crude technique, but it certainly hurt.

So that's what those holes are made for. Neat.

She released her hold on Pupa and took a few steps backward to readjust. This simply wasn’t how this was supposed to go. Pupa was supposed to be a pushover.

Maybe that's why she was elected and not you?

A gasp went throughout the crowd. “Yes, you can beat your sister in a fight! Well done! Oh, wait, perhaps Pharynx should be king instead since you’d be dead if not for him right now!”

"Or maybe even his brother Thorax, simply because he is so cute!"

Chrysalis sat back down on the throne, and relaxed as much as she was able to on the cold stone. “Aah, it’s good to be the Queen.”

Maybe, but for how long?
I mean you just taught everyling around how to get rid of a ruler if you want to.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

To be fair, after reading the description I had the same idea of what the story is about.

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