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Fresh cookies are a great start to a summer afternoon, and an unexpected surprise makes things even better. What's a little filly to do, though, when the best foalsitter ever is running late, her BBBFF starts acting funny, and her house is filled with molten rock?

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This is both adorable and funny.

That was spectacular. Well done.

Right in the childhood.

Ah, I remember playing this game. DIdn't hurt that my house had ugly orange shag carpeting from the 70s, which naturally aided in the "lava" game(Not to fear, we stripped it all out and replaced it with bamboo when we moved out). I even recall combining it with "Don't let the balloon hit the floor" once. Have yourself an upvote.

Shining was recounting his recent exercise, and how his team had been winning until a musical went out of control and forced them to cancel everything.

"It was an awful... Avenue Q was just wreaking havoc, like a schoolcolt without a purpose. Everypony was signing and dancing, and the marching band just refused to yield. It was pandelirium. I thought we might all be killed or even worse..." :raritydespair:


If that concept amuses you, go check out the Versebreaker Anthology, stories about an Equestria where those sorts of things literally happen. :twistnerd: Caliponia contributed a chapter!

Oh, this was precious and adorable :rainbowlaugh:

Filly Twilight's little adventure between reality and make believe got me all nostalgic to when I was a kid and playing these kinds of games. That little coy comment from Cadance was awesome.

What, no editing credit for CiG's hard work?:P

Smarty Pants! She almost cried out, but bit her tongue. No! I forgot for just a moment, and shook too hard, and now… She scrubbed at her eyes with a hoof. My faithful Captain, I will remember your bravery. I can’t mourn now, but I will not let your sacrifice be in vain!

This is adorable. Reminds me of my younger self.

Why cant i have nice things like this

6649882 Because you don't want them bad enough. That's why.

Well I was laughing way too loudly while I was supposed to be doing homeworks. Damn you for getting me in trouble, but that was perfect and brilliant. Showed the best Filly Twilight I've seen in a while, and my favourite type to- Capt. Smarty was a very nice touch. And then Cadence played her part perfectly too. All around great, have an uncommon like and a rare-as-all-hell favourite.:twilightsmile:
(and a :moustache: )

God, this was adorable.


This reminds me a lot of "The Battle of Fort Book", one of my all-time favorite stories on this site. We need more stories like this.

'Scuse me while I go add this to some groups so other people can see, read, and enjoy it...

That was... so cute! :twilightsmile:


The one time I paid attention to the group feeds... And it was worth it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, this one was gonna be hard to miss, seeing as how I put it into over a dozen groups just now...


Hehe, I noticed. Good on you, chief.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Petriculture or Lost Cities

Also, clever clever.

~Skeeter The Lurker

What a wonderful story.

Simply one of the best. Marvelous.

Twilight’s muzzle curled into a pout. And I still want another cookie. The picture sprung into her mind, unbidden, the jar a shining beacon atop the kitchen counter. Beckoning. But the floor is lava.

This was simply adorable! And the fact everyone played this at one point or another of their childhood makes it even better! Great work! :twilightsmile:
And the picture at the ending! The feels! It burns! :raritystarry::derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh:

From the dearth of likes, this clearly didn't get enough squeeing-at. Let's see how long it'll stay in Featured to find more.

I just love these filly Twilight stories, more so when Cadence gets involved in the cuteness. :heart:

Silly Shiny. You can't distract a child into going to sleep with a game it just gets them riled up. You need to do something calm like read/tell them a story, play imagination or, say, let them snuggle up and watch My Little Pony on your tablet :raritywink: Worked like magic when my niece was 4.

This story is just too adorable, and something I can TOTALLY see happening in the young life of Twilight Sparkle.

Only one thing to note that you need to fix, a minor thing.

Another, longer, pause. “Well if you're sure. But there's just one thing I have to make sure of first. Sunshine sunshine—”

“—ladybugs awake. Clap your hooves and give a little shake.” Twilight joined in, finishing with a flourish.

It's actually "Clap your hooves and do a little shake." Just have to fix that and you're gold.

It should be noted to all prospective parents of mythical creature offspring that this tactic never works with dragon children since they can swim in lava.

Super adorable, super cute, super funny.

Head cannon for me, a like for you. I'd spam that button if I could. This was fantastic, a great view into a child's mind.

I did a similar story from a slightly different angle myself, but I think I prefer yours overall because of all the detail you put into it. That's something I struggle with, especially since I tend to write in short bursts and not go back over it again.

Thanks for putting this up where we can all enjoy. I'll have to look back over it for reference in future pieces of mine.

So... could alicorns walk through lava safely? Inquiring ponies want to know!

Oh my gosh, Twily is so friggin CUTE in this story!

Absolutely delightful. Makes me wish I was a wee sprout again. :twilightsmile: :heart:


Is this based on Pixar's "Inside Out"?

I asked because "the floor is made of lava" sounds similar to when Riley was pretending that the floor was Lava in the Movie.

This concept is a lot older than Inside Out. Kids have been playing this pretend game for decades.


Congrats for making it way longer than its WriteOff ancestor, and congrats for hitting the Feature Box! :raritywink:

The Title reminded me of this clip on youtube:

oh that was brilliant. ah the imagination of children. I remember when we used to play this game at home. the furniture was never the same :pinkiehappy:

Full of Daaaws and feels, great for when I'm feeling down. I'm putting this in my favorites for when I'm in a bad mood!!!!

Thanks everyone, for the wonderful comments. It's incredibly encouraging to hear that I've helped brighten folks' days. I'd reply more in depth (and I'll try), but I'm in the middle of moving, which is a big headache.

It's helped me a lot when I can take a break from lugging out some former belonging and see the latest update (granted, it hasn't helped the speed of the process), but I'll take what I can get.

What a wonderful story it was! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: Super adorable and funny fanfics like this is the reason why I love reading fanfics on this site. Just like "The Battle of Fort Book", this was a wonderful story to read with filly Twilight using her vivid imagination to overcome any obstacles that come in her path. :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile: :twilightsmile:

Brilliantly done.
Kudos to you.

That was a cute story.

That was adorable, have a like

I think my D'awww meter just exploded. Well done! :pinkiehappy:

well, there goes all the planning for my weekend, I think I just died of too much cuteness :rainbowlaugh:

Havnt read it yet and it sounds cute as hell

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