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Nothing special here, move along, nothing to see, just ignore the lump under the sheet and the red stuff...


Twilight Sparkle's family reunion is finally over.

Now all that is left is the cleanup. And the apologies.

Until next year.

Placed Second in the Best Laid Plans Writeoff.me contest.
Expanded to reach the Fimfiction minimum chapter length.
With a wonderful reading by Scribbler Productions on YouTube

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First comment for the author. I've always found it funny that the Legal term for Quantum doesn't match the Physics term.

quan·tum - ˈkwän(t)əm/
a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.
2. a required or allowed amount, especially an amount of money legally payable in damages.

An excellent letter. Not quite as much hijinks as you'd expect from a true Sparkle extended family reunion. I hope for a sequel that outlines the 455th reunion.

That was wonderful.

Oh man, I loved this during the Writeoff.

Wonderful story. I laughed all the way through it. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::yay:


Well, that was just wicked cool, and that statement would be followed by three exclamation points had I not spilled coffee into my keyboard and disabled the top row of keys, which is also why this aside is not in parenthesis.

So being hyper destructive nerd is in Sparkle's blood, I never knew.

I would love to read stories about Spike spending time with his Mom

Applejack is still upset at whatever guest was practicing multiplication with her brother, whatever that means.

One: that must have been a very awkward thing to discover.
Two: I feel a little conflicted by this story. The whole thing is interesting and funny, which leads to a problem. On one hand, I am curious about a lot of what happened and want to know more about it because of how hilarious it would be. On the other, I don't think actually writing it out would be able to do it justice. There is way it could be funnier if it was actually explained.

Happy to see this is on Fimfiction, especially since I love the idea that Twilight nerdiness and inadvertent destructiveness are family traits. Thank you for expanding it to Fimfiction standards, especially that delightful footnote.

This is pure gold. Liked and fave'd.

6551234 Nice, I liked this one alot... :twilightsmile:

Hope you do another once Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's foal is born continuing this arc... :twilightoops:

I wonder how many female members of her family have the first name Twilight.

Twilight Twinkle, Twilight Velvet, and Twilight Wish are the first ones to come to mind.

This, just... This... All of this... Should have landed 1st place! I loved every line of it! And fear for my lungs and ribs.

.... Have you been running lines of scratch-n-sniff pony pictures again?

P.s. This is absolutely marvellous!

Magnificent! ...and it was probably wise to overlook any mention of catering, laundry, or waiting-in-line at the bathrooms.

derogatory mathematical formulas



There was a lot of other stuff going on, but mostly less destructive things they already know about, such as Uncle Zeno demonstrating his technique for carving a pumpkin into two pumpkins. https://xkcd.com/804/

(if confused, http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/804:_Pumpkin_Carving )

Drives me a little spare too when terms are (mis)used.
In defence of the humble quantum, almost every term in Legalese means something different from common usage.
Though, in both the Physics and Legal dialects, they both have the sense of a specific amount, so there's something.

Well, really, "quantum" means "how much" or "how large" (or "as much [as]" or "as large [as]") in Latin (source), so...

Physics: "How large is a basic packet of energy?" or "How much energy does the basic packet contain?"
Law: "How large is the payment that must be made?" or "How much money is contained in the required payment?"

It makes sense to me, at least.

Not to self, crash Twilight's family reunion.

I'll feel dumb as hell but at least I'll have a good time.

That was a fantastic read! I laughed so hard I woke up my sleeping wife who then herself couldn't stop laughing as I read it aloud. Good show!

derogatory mathematical formulas

The most diabolical of graffiti.

Seriously though, more of this please and thanks.

6553276 That would mean stories about Spike, which automatically means nobody would give a flying fuck.

This... was a thing... that i surprisingly want moar of...

I'm going to give up if there is one named twilight twilight

6554942 wow arent you a prick?

6554948 No, but I do have a story roughed out called "Twinkle Twinkle, Speaker to Dragons" set during the Equestrian Dispora, right after the Windigo.
6554260 I'm so tempted.... I do have Monster.
6553276 You know, it could be done as humor.
Spike looked up at the towering dragon standing rather awkwardly at the front door of the Castle of Friendship. The tip of one giant claw was still extended, and the peals of the doorbell were still echoing through the empty crystal hallways as a pleasant counterpart to the screams of terror still coming from Ponyville, most likely because of the dragon, of course.

"Mom!" Spike scowled up as much as he could do while fighting a smile. "You know what Twilight told you. No visiting in the castle without enough warning to calm down the town." He watched as a screaming pony with her mane on fire galloped past, headed for the stream. "It'll take *forever* to calm them back down again."

"I know, son." Glar’dohan scuffed one gigantic talon in the flowerbed, plowing up most of the nastursiums Spike had been saving for Rarity's lunch sometime this week. "It's just... Well. Your father kicked me out of the cave, and I don't have anyplace to stay."

6555001 I read your PM I would love that I hope it has some cute moments too though


what did you do... this is chaos... I love it

Why couldn't you show us what happened at the reunion?

I read this entire thing in Cecil Palmer's voice.
Considering exactly what the Twinkle-Nebula-Frie-Neutron family is/could be capable of, it's strangely fitting.

This explains a lot.

Good to know that Twilight isn't the only massive nerd with a bad tendency to inadvertently screw things up while trying to fix said thing. :rainbowlaugh:

Actually, that worries me. Considering the amount of ponies (and otherworldly beings) that showed up, that can't be good for Equestrian civilization.


Twilight Square?


as long as she doesn't have a kid named little star :rainbowlaugh:

We need a sequel about the next reunion. :pinkiecrazy:
Have at thee Shiny Ass, you know, MOST military high ups at least TRY to keep their Shiny Armor under wraps and NOT on public display.:trollestia:
Really though I have only three words to describe my reaction to this story: OH MY GOD! Laughing to hard for anything else

6556192 That's like every BraeMac clopfic ever. Seriously. It was a metaphor for sex. Multiplication? Procreation? Durr.

6555928 Or Black Star. God help us all if that guy gets reborn as a poneh. We'd all be fucking screwed.

Those poor foals packed into the closet! :rainbowlaugh:

1,101 words (supposedly, cos the total says different).

Now ain't that something.

Well, the Crystal Empire is going to fall next year. Should we evacuate the populace?

now i wanna actually see what happened. .3.

This was absolutely hilarious.

It's also a nice nod to the original Twilight Twinkle, aka Faust's original name for Ms. Sparkle.


Gives that Bond title "Quantum of Solace" a new definition for some, doesn't it?

Funny. Lighthearted. Good.

Loved this!

It was good, but when I read the title I was hoping that we'd get the mother of all crossovers with Twilight Sparkle, Jimmy Neutron, Philip J. Fry (and Professor Farnsworth, of course!), and maybe Dr. Regal, head of the Dark Nebula crime syndicate (from Megaman Battle Network 4 and 5).

6558248 You may have read it in the Writeoff.

Pffft. I love little things like this so much. :D

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