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Princess Cadence and Princess Twilight Sparkle are called to Canterlot to take over two very important responsibilities: The Sun and the Moon

Oh, and just one additional thing.

Placed 8th in the Writeoff.me event for Out of Time

(Now on Equestria Daily Cover Source - MLP Wiki site )

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First note reserved for the author: I was going to title the chapter On The Proclivities of Alicorn Sisters During Spring Break, but that would have ruined the joke. For those of you who want a thoughtful and considerate story of deep emotional heart-tugging, stop at this line.

~ ~

For the rest of you, enjoy!
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I think that Celestia and Luna are going to regret, seriously regret, trolling poor Cadance and Twiley like that. Upsetting them and making think that their mentors had died and left them? So not cool! Of course, revenge is sweet but never fattening...

And Twilight knows Discord and, more importantly, a mare who can persuade him to do almost anything!

how about a short epilog about the return. The reaction to the new décor would most likely be epic.

6649150 Twilight, I'm disappointed. When making ponies ascend, start with your friends. Let Cadence take care of Shining.

“Hmm…” Twilight's frown grew deeper. “The same thing has been happening to me since I got to the castle. And I'm not pregnant.”

Dear Faust,

I hope not.

Alicorn of Progress

Lol love its hope to read sequel where Celestia and Luna come back and they see there rooms and see 7 new Alicorns I bet the two would freek out

Oh dear... well, hope the three weeks are worth the headache of months trying to fix all the "interior decorating" changes Candance and Twilight will get done.

Comment posted by Georg deleted Nov 19th, 2015

Pfft. Nice bait and switch.. Have a star button and an up thumb.

The huge words 'Happy April Fools Day' written across the night sky in stars began to shift under her attention as the stars reluctantly shuffled back to their proper positions, or at least fairly close.

Oh my. Now that was just vicious, as pranks go. A bit in bad taste.

I can think of a revenge prank, but the eternal and unstoppable horror of it might be too great: Make Prince Blueblood an alicorn.
:trixieshiftright: <You'll need somepony to balance him--let me make a great and powerful suggestion...)

:twilightsheepish: A touch of adorable with a nice comedic twist. Plus, the reasoning for Cadance and Twilight becoming the new solar deities is sound to me, even if it was intended as a joke. Have a green thumb and a place in my Good Stories Folder.

I would love to read a sequel to this.

I see that the "Trollestia" motif is still going strong; or would it be Tolluna in this case? I can't say that I'm a fan of the idea of Twilight and Cadance succeeding Celestia and Luna as mistresses of the heavens (it just doesn't fit in with my headcannon), but the joke made it totally worth it.

I like this... Dunno why, but I really like this...

You made me cry at first...
Then I laughed.

And now Equestria shudders under the yoke of the Great Alicorn Prank War. Tirek is suddenly glad to be safely locked in Tartarus...:pinkiecrazy:

Very nice story.

Please. He won't be safe their. No where is safe. Except wherever Discord will be watching while eating all the popcorn.

6649675 Nah, Tirek'll be fine. They'll vent their frustration on each other, with the collateral damage confined to bystanders. I doubt any of them will use Tartarus as a hiding or planning place...:moustache:

Not used as hiding or planning, but what if used as part of escalating pranks?

6649735 I just had the image of Pinkie's party planning lair in a side cavern; no one would interupt her there...:pinkiecrazy:

Addendum: her extra party cannons are used as an additional line of security...:twilightangry2:

I saw the joke coming. But the build up was still heart wrenching.

And the pay-off was still glorious.

Serious build-up, with some genuinely great moments of pathos, as well as great humor -- Twilight asking for time to do research, for example, or the pregnancy jokes -- culminating in a reveal worthy of alicorn-grade facehoof. :facehoof:

Loved it, by the way.

this would be 1000% trollfic except for the fact that Luna and Celestia would definitely do this

This is hilarious, the joke line up was masterful, and the vengeance ideas were artful.

I infact I have only one issue with this, and that is referring to Blue Oyster Colt as a boy band, something which deals a great rock band a dreadful insult. Their greatest classic, "Don't Fear The Roper", is sullied by such an accusation. The only things you could have done which would be worse would be to use the same term to refer to that great band made up entirely of former rock farmers, The Rolling Stones, or that legendary changeling band, The Beetles.

'Have fun with the sun and moon! We're gonna just chillax like bosses, chug fruity tropical drinks and collect colts like hoofball cards. Peace!'

bwahaha! too perfect!

Just because I expected the exact plot twist does not mean I can't appreciate it.

You magnificent bastard! That was hilarious and beautiful. Good job.

I don't think Celestia and Luna really thought this through... If you're going to play that kind of a joke on someone, you really shouldn't give them that kind of power in the process. That's just asking for it; I mean, look at what Twilight did when Tirek made her angry...:twilightangry2:

6650295 Celestia: Didn't there used to be a city on this mountain?
Luna: Perhaps we're looking on the wrong mountain range.
Celestia: No, I'm certain this is where I left Canterlot when we went on vacation.
Luna: So how do we file a Missing City report?

Honestly, I think the absolute best revenge on the part of Twilight and Cadance would be, upon the sisters' return, cheerfully telling them, "Nope, no take-backs!" :rainbowlaugh:

Definitely tugged at my heartstrings. Until it didn't. XD

“Can you find any that glow in the dark?” asked Cadence.
“That’s so old-fashioned.” Twilight grinned. “I can find paints that strobe in the dark.”

And if they don't exist, Pinkie would help take care of that problem. :pinkiehappy:

I would love to see this as an episode.:rainbowlaugh:

See, I was about to chastise you for mislabeling this as "Comedy" instead of "Sad." But then that twist ending though.

“Hmm…” Twilight's frown grew deeper. “The same thing has been happening to me since I got to the castle. And I'm not pregnant.”

"Not in this story, anyway."

The genre tags are a great help with this one, as is knowing what to expect. Given that, I like this a lot more here than in the Writeoff.

"Ha ha, yes, very funny. We're keeping the powers. Love, Cadence and Twilight." ;)


Speaking of :twilightsmile: i need to re-read that so I'm not lost when a new chapter comes out. Heh i still chuckle at Twilight's response to her soon to be mother in law at that party :facehoof:

It is a mark of Georg's skill that he can write a story that I know has a happy ending, yet still wrings sniffles out of me at the right moment. It stands well as a sad fic up until a certain moment, then shifts flawlessly into chuckle-inducing comedy. Well done!

*reads title of story and of chapter*

*reads story*

Wait a minute... THIS ISN'T PORN

*upvotes and slams the door angrily on his way out*

You know, Sweetie Belle came up with a recipe for an unbreakable glue while trying to make oatmeal one morning.


I think they'd be all in favor of that! No more paperwork! No more annoying nobles! Just the beach and the surf!

You misunderstand. She has made sure Cadane is on the same wavelength. Obviously Twilight is going to make Pinkie an alicorn, and unleash her on the Two Sisters when they return.

Then she'll put Princess Pinkie Pie and Discord in the War Party Room to start planning, with Rainbow Dash consulting.

6650816 lol I didn't even read the tags going in. So fucking awesome:rainbowlaugh:

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams?

6650932 The 'E' tag should have made that clear :pinkiehappy: I have a hard time writing anything more naughty than T. I think Changelings, Love and Lollipops is about the naughtiest so far, with Buggy and the Beast coming in around second.
6650816 I also have a hard time writing anything that ends on too sad a note. I think Celestia Help the Outcasts is about the downer-est ending I've had, even in short stories.
6649563 The Royal Sisters will consider that while sipping on fruity drinks and having suntan oil being rubbed into their shoulders by handsome young stallions on Spring Break.
6649289 And ruin the noodles? Heaven forbid!
6650032 It's Celestia's fault. She used the oyster analogy first.

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