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An indecisive procrastinator who, when not trying to figure out what to do with himself, writes like a speeding glacier. 日本語が分かりますか?

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Fresh cookies are a great start to a summer afternoon, and an unexpected surprise makes things even better. What's a little filly to do, though, when the best foalsitter ever is running late, her BBBFF starts acting funny, and her house is filled with molten rock?

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Cloudsdale. Bastion of the Pegasi, linchpin of weather control, home to the Wonderbolts. A magnificent metropolis gracing the skies of Equestria. So what happens when an oblivious human starts stumbling around in a sailplane? As they say, hilarity ensues.

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A brony wakes from a bizarre dream and finds he's traded in hands for hooves. Unfortunately for him, he's still stuck on Earth, as somepony seems to have overlooked the 'magically appear in Equestria' part of the transformation. Suddenly adrift in the land of the rising sun, he'll have to make his own path if he ever wants to see the green fields of Equestria.

Much as I like this story, since 'Just Passing Through' blew up beyond my expectations, I haven't been able to devote the time to this story. Given my limited writing time, it's unrealistic to try to juggle both, and I shouldn't try to pretend otherwise. So while I hope to return to it once my other project has concluded, for the moment, I have to be honest and mark it as on hiatus.

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