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For grown ponies, it's a normal display of affection between couples. For fillies and colts, it's the most evil thing that a pony could do with another pony.

When Shining Armor and "Cadenza" share a kiss, Twilight takes it upon herself to slay this evil enchantress and save her brother before it's too late.

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That's a title and a half! O.O

Nice! Nice! We need more Calvin and Hobbes like stories like this one!:ajsmug:

Exactly the kind of goofy little story that I've been looking for.

Gotta say. I was a HUGE Calvin and Hobbes fan when I was younger (and even still today). This is the kind of crossover I like to see. Taking inspiration from the other end without simply copy pasting stories into universes. For example, a MAJOR part of the feel of CnH was that Calvin was an only child. You managed to make the Twilight/Smarty combo work for a young sister while still making it feel like Calvin and Hobbes talking. Bonus points for having a Calvin/Roz-esque dynamic with Twi and Cadence. Don't think I didn't catch that.

All in all, a few small grammar/spelling typos aside, I could see myself reading more of this.

3516423 Yeah it's usually the small stuff that plagues most of my fics, but It helps to keep churning out the stories to get the hang of things.

Keeping twi as a girl and Smarty as a boy was probably the oddest part of it. I had to catch myself a few times whenever I had almost popped in a line that came off as anywhere near romantic. Also had to dump the "You think she's cute" banter that C&H also had.

Might have Celestia as the wise aunt of the family.

as the two friends marched there way back up the stairs


Otherwise this is an amazing piece of adorable. Rah rah rah!

Kind of reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes comic

:rainbowlaugh: Good one!
As a massive Calvin & Hobbes fan, it's nice to see a fic that does the original justice, while at the same time not being a carbon copy. And even if the cannon goes off, Twilight as Calvin and Smarty Pants as Hobbes is just too adorable for me not to stick my head into. :pinkiehappy:

So I'm guessing Cadaeaence is going to be this story's Rosalyn, at least for a little while in Twi's hatred towards her?

This seems like a funny story!
Wait...*favoriting* okay, continue!

Isn't Smarty Pants a girl?:rainbowhuh:

3525200 In most art he/she is, but a doll like that could be considered any gender that a kid wants it be.

Okaaay, why does Twilight envision her doll as a colt?

If I'm not mistaken, Smarty Pants is female ("She was mine when I was your age, and now I want to give her to you! ").

"I've already read a lot of stories and I should probably get back to work, plus I don't have much time so..." (glances at Calvin and Hobbes themed picture) "...I have time for one more!"

His coat of fur is usually egg white, but he went from egg white to, like, ghost white!

Twilight replied, as she wrapped her hooves around Smarty's large, gray from and let out a massive yawn.

-large, gray form


I love this!! It's so cute!

Almost forgot to favorite this.

Okay, that line at the end sold me once again.

awww. This is adorable!!!

That last bit at the end got me!:pinkiehappy:

not to seem impatient but is there another chapter or is there going to be another chapter?

Do you think we should we check her room for an actual sword?
Yes, yes we should.

Whoo thumbs up #100! Wait.... I thought I already liked, oh well. Keep up the great work, best filly Twilight yet!

Blueblood is Susie.


This was amazing. I would say more about how I love how everyone seems in character, Twilight's natural shift due to brig a little filly, and SA and C's lovey-dovey interactions, but it's early in the morning and I'm still groggy.

3529103 actually it is *grey* :trollestia:

I like the cover art it reminds me of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes book that I used to get from the library. And it may be filler, but it is GOOD filler. Looking forward to more from this story.


Exactly what I would have said.

Oh, nice new cover art by the way. The old one was nice, but I like this one too.

...all of the friends she would make and all of the wonderful memories she would have when it was all said and done.

So, Bluebooger confirmed for bullying her, then.

Mostly just punctuation errors, but still readable, and very hilarious! I love it!

:pinkiegasp:Do mine eyes detect Calvin and Hobbes?

3599686 yes. yes they do :moustache:

Twilight as Calvin is always a fantastic idea. Your execution of it is Watterson-tier. Well done indeed. I look forward to more.

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