• Published 20th Nov 2013
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Twilight and Smarty Pants in The "Stupendoustacularific" hunt for the evil mare who keeps trying to steal Shining Armor's soul - Snuggly

After witnessing her brother and a pink mare perform a neightanic ritual, better known as kissing, while her parents are away, Twilight and Smarty Pants take it upon themselves to save Shining Armor from the "pink demon"

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The Kiss

"I had a wonderful time, Shiny. I'm really glad we did this."

"T-thanks. I'm really sorry about my sister, though. I know she can be a real handful, but her hearts in the right place. Getting accepted into the academy has her flying around the house like a mad filly and I just don't have it in me to spoil her fun."

"Just look at them." Twilight whispered, as her and Smarty stared at the hormonal couple in disgust. "Over there being affectionate and caring. It's disgusting."

While the young couple had been going about their final conversation for the night, directly across the room from them were two young foals, both of whom had taken to observing these disgusting actions from the safety of the stairwell.

Honestly, Twilight's entire Friday had been spent watching these two go at it with corny compliments and back and forths so cheesy that it made her want to hurl. To make matters worse, she waited all week for this day to finally arrive and she just has to steal Shining away from her.

"Look at her. With her dumb ponytail and her dumb wings and her dumb position in solar court, which just so happens to award her over sixty thousand bits for doing nothing, and her dumb........Her dumb face! She's only rich because she's an alicorn!" Twilight snarled, her form hidden by the thick railing the ran alongside the staircase. "Her and her dumb ability to make ponies like each other."

"Don't you think you should be a little nicer to her? I mean, it's not like she's treats us badly or anything." Smarty Pants stated, his dark blue and red eyes observing the cute little scene as he poked his head over the railing in curiosity.

"Oh hush!" Twilight snapped, her eyes burning with annoyance as she tried her best to burn holes into the side of Cadence's head with her eyes. "You're just saying that because she gave you a disgusting hug."

"Yeah well you're just mad because Shining likes her more than you." Smarty stated, before sticking his tongue out at her in a childish display of victory.

"Shhh! I can't hear what that thing is saying!" Twilight hissed.

"Shiny I......I just wanted to tell you that....That I'm lucky to have a stallion like you." Cadence said, her voice incredibly soft and her face burning a gentle shade of red with an apparent blush.

"Well geez Cadence, you make it sound like I'm more than just some plain old stallion." Shining Armor replied, as he forced his eyes elsewhere in a mixture of flattery and embarrassment. "I'm nothing special."

Cadence clearly thought otherwise, as she brought a hoof to his chin and gently pulled his snout, along with his attention, back towards her gentle smile. "I'm serious, Shiny. I've had to deal with a lot of jerks in this pompous town, but you treat me like more than just somepony in line for a spot on the throne. You're one of the few ponies I've met who actually looked past my wings and my horn and just treated me like a mare. I just.....Thank you, Shiny.....Thank you."

And much to Shining Armor's delight and Twilight's dismay, Cadence quickly pressed her lips against Shining Armor's lips for a quick kiss before she pulled away and giggled at the stunned stallion. "I'll see you next week, Shiny."

And with a brilliant flash of pink light, Cadence was gone in an instant. Shining Armor, however, hadn't moved a single inch from the doorway, as a toothy grin seemed to become a permanent fixture of his white snout.

"Shining?" Twilight called, as she finally descended down the staircase, a small gray doll resting on her back as she slowly inched her way to her frozen brother. "Are you alright, Shining?" she squeaked, as she finally came withing a foot of her of dear brother.

Shining Armor didn't respond. He didn't even close the front door. He just.......Sat there.

"Well Smarty Pants and I are gonna just go ahead and get to bed. Good night."

"Do you think he's........Dead?" Smarty Pants asked, as the two friends marched their way back up the stairs, eager to get away from Shining Armor and his unsettling smile.

"I don't know, Smarty. It's almost like that witch stole his soul or something! Did you see his face? He was as pale as a ghost!" Twilight stated, as the two trotted towards a purple door that marked Twilight's room.

"He has a white coat, dumby. How can he get any paler?" Smarty Pants replied, shoving the door open with a gray hoof, as he lead the way towards a large, purple bed that dominated most of the room.

"Hey, I know what I saw! His coat of fur is usually egg white, but he went from egg white to, like, ghost white! And did you see that smile? That's the smile of someone whose been possessed by a demon." Twilight muttered, as she burrowed her way into her extremely comfortable set of covers.

"I think that you're just jealous because there's another mare who is keeping him all to herself." Smarty pants teased, as he stretched himself out on the bed, before curling up like a dog next to the fiery little filly.

"Yeah well you're ugly and you smell like poop! I win, you lose." Twilight replied, as she wrapped her hooves around Smarty's large, gray form and let out a massive yawn. "G'night, Smarty."

".......You think that Cadence would give me a kiss in exchange for my soul?"

"You're an idiot."

Author's Note:

Don't expect this to become a major project nor should you expect this to be updated like clockwork.

If you notice any mistakes I'd appreciate it if you pointed 'em out. Constructive criticism and what not.

Go Bengals.

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