• Published 20th Nov 2013
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Twilight and Smarty Pants in The "Stupendoustacularific" hunt for the evil mare who keeps trying to steal Shining Armor's soul - Snuggly

After witnessing her brother and a pink mare perform a neightanic ritual, better known as kissing, while her parents are away, Twilight and Smarty Pants take it upon themselves to save Shining Armor from the "pink demon"

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The Cookie


All that Twilight the Terrific could see the beyond the gray vale that filled the corridors were shrouds and shrouds of fog.

With her wand of favor in her hoof and the sword of moonlight in her telekinetic grasp, Twilight the terrific couldn't fail now. Separated from her trusty companion, she couldn't even give herself time to celebra- er, mourn the loss of her of faithful companion, Sir Smarty.


Clearly to late to rescue my companion. Not a chance that even Celestia herself could save him from his painful death. Twilight the Terrific thought, as she slowly rounded corner with a curious peek. With Smarty the Idiotic taking care of that she-beast, the Cookies of Avalon shall surely be mine! Twilight thought, with an evil cackle.

Knowing that her victory was near, the proud mage trotted down the steep slop with an air of confidence and hopped around the corner with her eyes gleaming in purple eyes.

"Well Well Well.....It looks like I've found myself another little puppet to play with! A voice boomed, as a gentle, blue light began to glow from within a darkened cavern.

"Show yourself, you foul beast!" Twilight the Terrific snarled, her trusty blade aimed at the bright light, which seemed to grow brighter in the midst of the hazy fog. "My blade will be more than happy to end your wretched life!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Tisk tisk tisk! You should be honored to join in on my precious little puppet, my silly little filly!" Let's just say that it's a show that you'll absolutely die for!" The ghastly voice screeched in glee.

"Show me what you can do, fiend!" Twilight snarled. "And just so you know, maybe you should give up on the jokes. That last one you pulled made me want to stick my head in a toilet bowl."

"What!? How dare you insult my amazing sense of humor! Take this!"

Another brilliant flash of blue light, flared from within the glowing cavern. Small figures of blue light slowly began to march their way out of the bright cavern, as they hopped their way out of the fog. They were.....They were........

"Vegetables!? You monster!" Twilight snarled. With a loud roar that only a fearsome filly could conjure up. the purple warrior charged into the fog and began her assault on the devilish assortment of healthy foods.

With a flash of her horn, she drove her vicious, steel sword through two, red eyed heads of cabbage. Another flare of her horn and three giggling carrots were quickly reduced to ashes in the midst of a purple flame. Noticing a hint of movement out of the corner of her eye, Twilight the Terrific was able to duck out of the way of a charging potato and set it aflame with a quick spell.

It quickly became apparent to the filly that no matter how many spells she cast, nor how many times she swung her sword, the onslaught of vegetation refused to cease. For every slain cabbage, it seemed as though three apples would take its place in a matter of seconds.

The cookies! I have to get the cookies!"

"Oh! Are you looking for these? The voice asked in a mocking voice.

Hanging in the midst of the brilliantly cave was a shimmering, glass jar....

Filled to the brim with chocolate chip cookies.

"Mine!" Twilight squealed, as she flung her sword and her staff in the air and charged at the jar. With one mighty leap, she took her one and only shot at chocolaty immortality.

Once the filly leapt into the air, time seemed to slow down for the purple blur. As she soared through the air, all that seemed to consume the filly's were the perfectly made cookie's that filled the treacherous jar. Those chewy......chocolate filled......cookies.....



"You can get past Shining the Stupendous?" Shining Armor asked, as he raised the squirming, and hooded purple filly into the air as though she were some sort of trophy. "The Cookies of Avalon shall always belong to me, you silly little filly. Don't think for a minute, that you shall ever be able to defeat my fiber filled army!"

The filly only let out a snort of frustration, before she was gently dropped the floor with a thud. "Come on, Shining! Can I just have one! Just give me one and I promise that I'll never bother you again for the rest of your life!" Twilight pleaded in a squeaky voice, as she hopped up at the cookie jar the Shining held just pout of reach of her flailing hooves.

"OH DEAR SWEET CELESTIA! YOU LOOK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!" A voice squealed from behind the frustrated filly.

And for the second time in a matter of minutes, Twilight was scooped up in somepony's hooves without so much as a yelp as Cadence began to squeeze the breath out of the caped little trouble maker.

"Release me you foul beast!" Twilight squealed, before she found he face being shoved into Cadence's furry chest.

"Dawwwwww! Just wook at you with your wittle cape!" Cadence cooed in her infamous baby voice, as Twilight squealed and thrashed in frustration and Shining Armor chuckled in amusement. "You look like a wittle adventurer with your wittle cape and your wittle spatula!"

"It is not a spatula! It is the sword of moonlight!" Twilight complained, before she found her face being shoved right back into Cadence's pink fur.

"And you're the toughest wittle warrior I've ever seen!" Cadence squealed.

"All right Cadence, I think she's had enough." Shining chuckled, as he deposited Twilight's jar of delicious targets back on top of a white fridge with a gentle little clink. "Maybe her time would be better spent playing outside. I believe she's a little late for her play date with that.......Blueblood, I believe?"

"Do I have to go?" Twilight asked, as she was placed on the floor once again. "Bluebooger is such an idiot!"

"If you go, than I might consider taking you with me and Cadence to the Wonderbolt show, next Friday." Shining exclaimed, as he looked down at the stunned filly with a smug smile.

"Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine." Twilight groaned, as she tugged the makeshift cape off of her back and kicked it on the floor. "Can I at-least take Smarty with me?"

Shining had to resist rolling his eyes, as he looked down at his annoyed sister in amusement. "Fine. But you better get going. You don't want to disappoint Celestia, do you?"

"Oh dear sweet Celestia! I gotta go!" And without another word, the little "warrior" rushed out of the kitchen, bolted her way out of the front door and set off towards to visit her favorite mentor for another lesson.

It almost brought a tear to Shining Armor's eye, as he imagined all of the friends she would make and all of the wonderful memories she would have when it was all said and done. It almost brought a tear to his eye, as he mumbled "They grow up so fast."

"They sure do." Cadance whispered, as she rested her head against his sturdy shoulder."......Do you think we should check her room for an actual sword?"

"Yes. Yes we should."

Author's Note:

More just filler than it is anything else.

I also appreciate the likes and the faves!

Certainly didn't expect this fic to get that much success, but I hope I can continue to impress you.

Just like in the previous chapter, if you notice any mistakes than I will be more than happy to fix 'em!

Have a fantastic, pony filled thanksgiving.

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