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Warning: Contains spoilers for season 6.

Princess Flurry Heart has been born to Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor of the Crystal Empire. However, Shining has noticed that Flurry doesn't really look like him. And, according to Twilight, she looks a little too much like someone else...

Rated T for suggestive dialogue and cut-off curses.

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that ending so great

This was awesome.
Shining's such a hypocritical douchbag...

This is one of my all-time favorites! I shall recommend this to everyone I know!

Hehehe Thanks! This was funny.

That was...certainly different. I'm not sure how to process this. Also, when did Hasbro show the little baby filly? I haven't heard anything yet.

Flurry giggled and bopped Shining on the nose. “Fake Dada!” she squealed happily.

Huh. This actually had something that made me smile and chuckle a bit.

Well, while it certainly wasn't the funniest or best thing ever, it-

The door swung open to reveal a very haggard-looking Queen Chrysalis. Around her were three crying baby Changelings.

“Is Shining Armor here?” she asked desperately. “It’s his weekend with the kids.”


Okay, take it back. That was hilarious. Odd, but hilarious.

6883490 I saw news about her on Equestria Daily and images and gifs on Derpibooru.


I suppose I'm a little out of the loop currently. I only just watched the last two episodes of season five. They already announced six?

6883671 Yeah, they even had a little clip of Shining and Cadance's kid.


Awe yeah! I'm so stoked! Maybe season six will get me out of my writing slump.

6883831 Ooh, really? Do you have a link?

Flurry giggled and bopped Shining on the nose. “Fake Dada!” she squealed happily.

OUCH. Might as well say "I'm not your sperm".


You know, maybe I can tolerate Flurry Heart in comedic fan fiction form!

...I'm sorry, I'm still having a hard time getting used to the way she looks. XD

This story should have a continuation, I would like to see Starlight being a mother.

6883532 Now just make a sequel where they have to get into polygamy to stop all of the nice little paparazzi from giving themselves mini orgasms from this juicy piece of gossip.

6884412 Not a fan of the huge wings and horn? Just imagine her growing up and not being able to get through doors because she gets stuck.

6884807: Scootaloo, eat your heart out. :rainbowlaugh:

6884755 Shush! I need some surprises for you guys.

6885067 Nah, just messin' with you. If I did the orgy, then I'd have to do Starlight and Cadance going at it and Shining and Chrysalis going at it and Twilight reading a book alone like the sad lonely person she is...
It's too much work is what I'm getting at.

6885081 No. Just a four way marriage and the reactions.

Shining, you are such a hypocrite!:rainbowlaugh:

I would love to see a sequel/continuation of this.

At least Shining has an excuse. Sort of. If he DID know she wasn't Cadance, then he is a hypocrite. If he didn't, well, not his fault his "fiancee" wanted to have a little fun before the wedding. Just his luck that Chrysalis had 3 babies.

Starlight/Cadance...so funny. Flurry DOES look like Starlight. :pinkiegasp:

Was I the only one who expected Chrysalis to appear in this?

Well Doc how do we fix this?
First we need an extra tall ladder and a pry bar

:twilightoops: Next time aim her more to the wall and use a catchers mitt
:duck: Darling Twilight with a horn that size it could be classified as a deadly weapon
:moustache: Yea I'd hate to have that pointed at me with an alicorn pushing
:pinkiegasp: Pin the wall with the alicorn baby!
:rainbowhuh::applejackconfused::fluttercry: those wings!
:trollestia: behold Princess Sugar Glider!
:raritywink:PLEASE I'd rather lay a dragons egg!
:moustache::heart::heart::heart::raritystarry: Me and my big mouth...

Everyone, including Flurry Heart, turned to look at Shining Armor.

Everyone, including Flurry Heart, turned to look

Everyone, including Flurry Heart,

including Flurry Heart

including Flurry Heart

I literally just noticed that one bit, and it makes the scene more hilarious.

Flurry giggled and bopped Shining on the nose. “Fake Dada!” she squealed happily.

Words cannot express how hard I laughed during that scene. :rainbowlaugh:

Hilarious but ya gotta remember--neither Twilight nor Shining look like either of their parents! :twilightoops:

Oh my fucking god! I couldn't stop laughing!:rainbowlaugh:

Oh, man, that was pure gold. Loved it!

Ha ha classic. Made me think of this definitely.

:facehoof:: "Clearly, there is only one solution! Chrysalis, you knock up Starlight. That way Shiny is avenged and Starlight is punished for sleeping with a married mare by having to give birth to serrated Changeling spawn. Meanwhile, to punish Shiny for cheating on Cadance, I'll get him pregnant!"

Shining: "Wait, what?"

:twilightangry2:: "It's for the good of Equestria, BBBFF! Now bend over!"

6890553 XD He better get turned into Gleaming Shield then XD Oh this is so awkward.

There totally needs to be a sequel to this explaining the Chrysalis part. Starlight does have a point about the coat and mane colors though. Genetics in the series is weird given Pumpkin and Pound Cake, not to mention Pinkie Pie compared to her sisters and Twilight and Shining compared to their parents.

Shiny: "But I'm not a mare! How am I supposed to have a foal!"

:twilightsmile:: "Just be sure to check before you flush!"

6891015 XD she changed his gender didn't she?

6888368 Frickin' hliarious. Especially the Spike x Rarity lovies at the bottom. XD

I can totally imagine Spike grinning and winking at Rarity if she ever says something like that. :raritywink:

um i hate to be a stickler for details but the gestation period for a horse is 11 months not 9. but thats just a nitpick, this was hilarious

Gah, I wasn't intending to like this, but I did. Crap.

Have a like, good sir.

6893372 Darn it, I knew I should have taken Horse Biology in high school...

UH OH!:twilightoops:
Nice story.

First off, this entire fic is a hot mess.


I love it.

6890553 This idea needs to be chapter 2. XD

Author Interviewer

The ending joke is really dumb, yet somehow it's the perfect punchline for this story. :3


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