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While visiting his sister Twilight at her home in Ponyville, Shining Armor is accidentally transformed into a little, blank flanked filly. In order to hide her mistake while she tries to find a solution, Shining Armor must live as Twilight's little cousin Gleaming Shield. Things get worse when the Cutie Mark Crusaders meet the new filly and decide she needs to join their group in their adventures around town.

Thanks to DDRMASTERM for taking the time to edit the story

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Ok, I think I'm good with this setup. It promises lots of hijinks. Added to Twilight's Library

Awesome, thanks:twilightsmile: And you're right, there's gonna be a lot of little ponies getting into all sorts of trouble. I'm glad you liked it.


np, I was already looking at the Incoming folder when it was put in there, and the title and description looked like something I'd be interested in reading.

Wonder what Shining's reaction will be like when he realises why Cadence is feeling sick?

Yup, can't even go on vacation without something bad happening :applejackunsure:

Reason for Cadence's illness? I don't know what you're talking about :moustache::derpytongue2:

This idea... could work.

Will read it when I get access to my phone, which should be in 2 hours or so.

Finally a breath of fresh air...i was scanning new fics and almost every one was a self insert hie fic....then I came across this gem....loving it already! Keep up the good work


Thanks I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far :pinkiehappy: And don't worry, there's plenty more on its way :yay:

2418576 just wait until he has to use the toilet. So much pride will be lost:ajsleepy:

:derpyderp2: Yeah, he won't have much pride left after the next few chapters (I've got a few things in store:derpytongue2:)

2418768 just so i know he is going to turn back at the end right? because i REALLY NEED TO KNOW.

I could say something like "you'll have to wait and see," :ajbemused: but I'm not that mean:derpytongue2:; yes, at some point in the last couple of chapters he will change back, but that won't be for quite a few chapters (I'm thinking maybe 5 or six more chapters, but I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this fic).

2418829 Thanks!:pinkiehappy: I just hate those stories that have the pony become something else like a other species or a baby form of themselves and then at the end they like it and decide to stay that way. so thanks for the info!:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I would never do that to Shining Armor, especially since he still has a wife to go home to I don't think Cadence would enjoy being married to a little filly, and I could imagine she would have some choice words to say to her husband if decided that he wanted to stay like that.

2418893 true but sadly it doesnt mean that some writers have made stories with cadance liking a baby shining so she can raise him. So ya there is some dark shit out there and just thank you for not being a piece of it.

Definitely gonna read it! But it's late right now, and I need SLEEP :rainbowlaugh:

There was a hysterical, defunct Tumblr out there that had Shining cursed into a female.
Cadence... adapted :pinkiehappy:
But of course, waiting around for 10 years for them to become of suitable age would certainly try her patience.

But it ultimately wouldn't make a lick of sense for Shining to stay, either way.
The only time a Transformation story makes that work is when the character has no good ties to hold them back. Otherwise, it's something of a betrayal.

Also, capitalize your acronyms. BBBFF.

I knew I should have Capped BBBFF. I had the first one in caps, but when I was editing, I was feeling too lazy to go through and correct each time I used it so I just changed the first one.

Thanks, I'm glad your enjoying it so far. As for not messing up, I can't promise that it'll be the greatest fic, but I can promise that I'll do everything I can to not mess this story up :ajsmug:

Pfft, sleep? Who needs sleep when there's awesome fics to read lol

Hmmm interesting, I think I need to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't get out of hand.

2419475 Sounds like an interesting premise. Although I wonder why Twilight needs to keep this a secret and why he turned into a filly. But I'm guessing the fic explains all this. I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of Shining Armor and Cadence, mainly because neither had a proper buildup and were pretty much shoehorned into the show. Buuuuuuuuut, there are good fan fics that star or at least involve them that do a much better job at expanding their characters. And I would imagine moments like this (Shining turning into a little filly) that makes me think that line in the BBBFF song about them never having a fight is bullshit :derpytongue2: That and it's impossible for siblings not to argue at least once.

Cadance being sick in the early mornings?... Morning Sickness? That is always the first thing that pops into my head when I hear that.

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Morning sickness? Nope, totally not the direction that I'm going with that mylittlefacewhen.com/f/2379/

I agree that it was a bit odd that they just included these characters at the end of season 2 (I mean, how could Twilight live in Ponyville for two years and never mention her big brother when the two were supposed to be best friends), but I've grown to like them as they've been developed a little more throughout season 3.
As for why Twilight wants to keep this a secret, that just goes back to her neurotic behavior; as she said in the fic, she's afraid that if Princess Celestia were to find out that she turned the prince of the Crystal Empire into a colt and couldn't change him back, Celestia might deem her unfit for the role of a princess and take away her wings (I know I didn't go into that much detail in the chapter, but that's basically where I was going with it). And why did he turn into a filly? The key to that is located in the last couple paragraphs of chapter 1, but I was planning on explaining it in chapter 2

2419184 That tumblr isn't defunct so much as on hiatus (Granted, it's been that way for at least a month, but still.), and I agree, it is hilarious.

As for this story, I'm interested, where does it go from here?

2419868 I figured as much with Twilight keeping it a secret. And I figured there'd be an explanation to why he's turned into a filly. And yeah I agree that that the two have gotten better developed in season 3. But the BBBFF song seems like it would be more suited for Applejack and Big Macintosh as we've seen them interact with each other. But again, the never having a fight line just doesn't work with anyone because as I said before siblings always argue lol. It's just a natural part of life, and the show itself has shown siblings arguing (Applejack and either sibling, well with Big Macintosh mainly the Apple Bucking episode when he was hurt. Rarity and Sweetie Belle being the best examples of course). When I have some time I will certainly check this story out as I love stories involving main characters being turned into younger versions of themselves. It always leads to SHENANIGANS! :pinkiehappy:

I see good things in your future. :coolphoto:

What will happen now? I can see "Gleaming Shield" pointing out what they're doing wrong in their search for cutie marks. Will s/he be able to survive a week with the CMC?

In other things to say Here's a punctuation error I noticed

“B-but I…” Shining Armor turned to his sister and gave her a pleading look, but she just smiled back.”

I don't think that quotation mark at the end of the paragraph is supposed to be there.

Thanks for pointing that out; I just went and fixed it. What's coming up next? All I can say is that he'll be going off on a few adventures with the CMC. As for what happens on those adventures, well, that's something I can't give away.

Just noticed another error

“I can change you back, Shining Armor, I just need to cast a spell that will remove any spell your under.”

A very common grammar error, I think that it's supposed to be you're. I won't point out any more, just fix any others you see yourself. I don't want to embarass you.:twilightblush:

Thanks again. :twilightsmile: I swear, every time I tried to write you're I ended up writing your. I thought I got every one, but I guess at least one slipped through.:ajsleepy:

Only complaint at this stage is that the first part of this new chapter is extremely short. Too much brevity.

Yeah, before posting, I had an inkling that the the beginning was a bit short, but I ignored it only because I really wasn't quite sure how I could make it longer. I think I have an idea how I can bulk it up a bit, but I'm too tired to do any writing right now so I'll work on it tomorrow. This is one of those rare instances when I say I'm going to edit edit it and actually go back and make changes (I tend to have a habit of, you know, not doing that).

Another, minor suggestion?
Alter your title image as well. Focus more on 'Gleaming.'
Maybe give her the longer tail option. Even Scoot has that. :D
Best, of course, would be a hand-drawn picture, but I know that can be hard to get for a good price.

Yeah the reason I went with the pony creator image is because I looked around and could not find a picture of Gleaming Shield as a filly, and I try to avoid having to pay for pics (as I don't really have the money to be spending on custom pics). And I gave her a short tail because I wanted to leave some sort of semblance of Shining Armor (other than the coat and mane/tail color), and because they didn't have a longer tail that I liked. But I suppose I could go back and redo it.

And then they completely forgot to apologize to Roseluck.

Something really freaking awkward has to be coming down the line for poor Shining. My money is on Snips or Snails taking a fancy to the pretty new Unicorn Filly in town.

You know, I had toyed with the idea of having a colt fall for Shining Armor, but I wasn't really sure how to work it into the story...but I do now.

The way Twilight sending off Gleaming Shield/Shining Armor like makes me just want to hit her in the face with a pillow filled with wet sponges and a mixtures of ghost peppers.

Yup, Chapter 3 is when all the craziness starts (that's right, it gets crazier), I just started work on it, and, if things go according to plan, then chapter 4 will also be hilarious.

Yeah, I tried to bulk up the beginning a little bit to slow the pace down, but I just couldn't find enough that I wanted to add that wouldn't work better in different chapters (I did have a couple of ideas that I almost added to chapter 2,, but I decided they would be best suited for a later chapter). When I first posted it, the first half of the chapter was a lot more rushed than it is now.
I'm glad you found the chapter enjoyable. Those interactions were really to write; I was trying to keep them realistic feeling, while maintaining elements from the show.

Things get worse when the Cutie Mark Crusaders meet the new filly and decide she needs to join their group in their adventures around town.

I'm definitely going to read this but the description had me confused for a bit, did you mean to say HE as in Shining or did you really mean HER like as in Twilight?

I was referring to Shining Armor, but as I said in the description, Shining Armor was turned into a filly, and that's what the CMC think he is, so I wrote she instead of he.

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