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Tia agrees to make her little sister Luna a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but she makes Luna work for it. Does Luna have what it takes to get the sandwich she craves?
Then, 1000 years later, Celestia brings Luna another sandwich to help recreate the bond that was broken with Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon.
Just a quick fic that I wrote in a couple of hours, based on an idea that I had while at work.

Cover Art belongs to TehResistance on deviantART

Chapters (2)
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(Joke) Alt. Title: We Can Work It Out: My Kingdom For A Sandwich!

Funny, on a pony birthday scenario game I found once my scenario was "Princess Luna shares her sandwich with you". I'll read this later

D'awwww :twilightsmile: that was cute!

Thanks :pinkiehappy: Not bad for my second attempt at a fanfic (first one completed) Glad you liked it

That's what I was going for :twilightsmile: I'm glad you enjoyed it




Woona is my absolute favorite princess ever :yay: and paired with her older sister Tia is my fav combo. Glad you liked the story :twilightsmile:

HHHNNNNNGGG!!!! the d`awwww just stopped my heart... Great story! :trollestia: she kinda was trolling Luna.

Omg the FEELS!!

InCREDIBLE! You fitted some laughs in there, along with feels and dawws. You have ALOT of potential my friend!

Incredibly, I loved this short story more than a long good story. I LURV YOU!

unrelated derp :derpytongue2:

I'm glad you also liked the epilogue :yay:, it looks like those years of studying creative writing are finally paying off :twilightsmile:. I wanted this story to be both heartfelt while at the same time maintaining a good level of humor. And the food fight scene was completely on the fly; I honestly didn't know that it was gonna happen until I got to it and I was like, "oh yeah, that would totally happen" :pinkiehappy:

Too late, the d'aaaw has striken again!:heart:

NOOOOO!!! :fluttershbad: I am not losing another one to cuteness overload. Just hang in there :fluttershysad:

ITS ALL UR FAULT!!! HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG:fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttershysad:


*Grabs defibrillator* Live, darn it, live! :flutterrage: Clear!

no, just leave me... I always wanted to die of d'aaaw

No sister, I am not made, you

No sister, i am not mad, you

i-i-i cannot express my.. my umm.. need a good word absolutely gigantic amount of pure hatred of you. what were you expecting me to say something positive? well let me tell you something i would have, i truly would have if it wasn't for the fact that i am currently typing with ghosty fingers because the amount of daww, hnng, laughter and overall squeeing that occured to my body as a result of what you have written has caused me to die. Now i'll never see the new episode {/spoiler now i'll never see discord come back. and it is all thanks to you and your bloody brilliantly written fic.

Very well, I shall leave you to rest in peace *slowly closes corpse's eyelids*


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Why does this keep happening? :fluttercry: You think writing a super cute fanfic will make people like you, but it doesn't, it just makes them dead. Also, thanks for catching the spelling error, I went ahead and fixed it.

I read this, and then much laughter, D'awww, and HNNNNGing ensued.

Who is the souless being to dislike this story. :twilightangry2:


Clearly it was someone who hates Luna, Celestia, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lol. Glad you liked it :twilightsmile:


Seriously, this was a wonderful story, sweet, innocent, and so cute, all while being realistic enough to be an actual episode. Ya know, that's not a bad idea. :pinkiehappy:


I'm glad to see this story has caused another reader to come down with a case of the feels. :twilightsmile:

Very cute story.
However I always find it strange how Luna forgives Celestia so easily, but hey thats not what this is about, all that it matters is that Luna got a Sandwich :twilightsmile:.

The entire time I was reading this I was hearing the heavy weapons guy from TF2 saying sandvich. Cute story.

I'm glad you liked it, though I wish I was able to enjoy the reference too, but I've never actually play TF2 :fluttershysad:

Want to enjoy a reference from game you never played? Then just come on down to Youtube! Where we have everything you could ever watch! :pinkiehappy:

We have meet the Heavy TF2! Heck we even have meet the Sandvich TF2!

Come on down and enjoy!:pinkiehappy:

Celestia made Luna a sandwich, thus proving Luna is best pony.

I guess I'm going to the moon now...:fluttershbad:

3176718 Thank you :twilightsmile:, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

3184399 Thanks, I'm glad you liked it

Come for the cover art, stay and favorite for the cuteness :twilightsmile:

3847276 Yeah, in all honesty, that wasn't even the first picture I used. I originally had a pic I made with the pony creator on deviantArt, but then I thought "I should just look up Luna's Sandwich in DA and see what I get." This was the first one that came up, and I thought it would be perfect for my story. I'm glad you ended up liking the story as much as the picture :twilightsmile:

This is truly adorable and super sweet!

I reviewed your fic tonight find it here

:rainbowlaugh: To learn how to make perfect procedures, my science teacher made us write down how to make an ice-cream sundae. we all failed miserably.

This was fun, just a cute fluffy story of sisters and sandwiches.

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