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I should be writing software right now, not fan fiction. The grammar rules are so much simpler.


Flash Sentry is having a very bad Hearts And Hooves Day.

His date has been cancelled.

He has to work a double shift.

And for some reason, stallions are hitting on him at a bar...

Yeah, really bad Hearts And Hooves Day.

Edited by MythrilMoth.
Special thanks to Weeping Angel for pre-reading and JaquelinDreamz for permission to use her artwork.

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Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 317 )

Ah, I love some good old fashioned gender bending. Faved for more.

Another chapter please. I like this story so far.

At times this chapter was a little clunky to read, but overall I think it was a good beginning. Your characterization of Flash and Dewdrop seem good enough, and I like how you don't ever explicitly state what this tea does while still giving very mild hints. The chapter was also good at keeping my interest, and does make me want to read more, so I think i will.

Normally I absolutely despise this freak, but there is no Twilight tag so I'll give it a shot.

Besides, I love watching people be universal Chew Toys.

Comment posted by Battle Damage deleted Feb 28th, 2014

This chapter was much better then the last. The best part about it was the atmosphere of the bar. I don't know how, but you really pulled off making this place seem so realistic. Flash and Dewdrop's reaction to the gender bending was also pretty well handled.

So, in the end, I think this story is worth a watch.

<------- agreeing with Sam. I didn't really notice anything clunky, but I do believe I'll be enjoying this story.

I'm okay with this Flash Sentry.

There's not a Twilight around for miles, and he'll be taking it from behind. Continue!

Comment posted by Astarea deleted Mar 4th, 2014

Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing the bar scene. I'm glad to see so many of you guys are enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

I like this Flash! And I like this story, nice to see, well what I believe is the Poison Joke getting a story.

Based on the artwork I've seen, some of the satllion look very cute as mares (BigMac for example... or as his rule 63 name is, Red Gala)


I won't lie, She-Flash is pretty darn cute.

oh i so exsited when will the next chapter be out it so good.

Upvoted and followed. This should be interesting... :eeyup:



Alright, done yelling now. Nice story by the way, can't wait to see how this turns out.

Aw.. Now their night is ruined... :fluttercry:
Or is it? :ajsmug:

I hate flash, but I like this story. (maybe because its not Twilight he is after) Following...:trixieshiftright:


Yeah, FlashLight isn't really my cup of tea. So I have no plans or intentions of having Twilight anywhere near this story.

Mm...This is decent enough. Can't really say anything about it, though.

Man, this is potential


You've written a story where Flash is actually a likable character!

Good story!

well this is certainly shaping up to be interesting. more please! :pinkiehappy:

You know, Cadance is kind of an asshole for not considering that she might give the tea to someone else. Especially with the possibility of her not telling that person what the tea does. Also, that makes Dewdrop guilty of drugging a guard. Yay for crime.

Shining Armor is a jerk.

Gaffe: Shining Armor does not know his personal guard is dating one of Cadences most powerful casters, in spite if this not being at all secret and being explicitly told as much by said guard.
Gaffe: Cadence let Shining Armor make a guard cancel plans for a romantic date instead of ensuring there were enough single guards to cover these shifts.
Gaffe: Cadence doesn't know who is dating who on her own staff.

Interesting Story so far More please

Something tells me Shining Armor is going to be in the Dog House or Sleeping on the Couch when Cadence finds out what happened. Especially when she finds out that apparently every time Flash has a date planned, Shining makes him work a Double Shift with no compromise. I mean ruining all the plans for a real date 2 ponies have, and even then on Hearts and Hooves day? The PRINCESS OF LOVE is not going to be pleased.

Calling it on being this: Flash turned down advances from Twilight, upsetting her, so Shining is using his position as Prince of the Crystal Empire to maybe have ponies find out when Flash has anything even resembling a Date planned and then forced him to work a double shift.

4017414 Cadance is an alicorn. Trolling is part of the job description. :trollestia:

gender-bending... I guess being a troll is part of the job description. Oh Cadance, why are you such a troll?

Oh, and SA is certainly going in the dog house for what he's doing to Flash.

Well, think of it this way. Some unicorns are better with magic than others. Dewdrop is good at what she does, but she is not the most powerful. Strong enough to get the task done, and they were short staffed.

*Grins* kudos on the feature box and looking forward to more.

Also loving the icon, I really need to listen to that song again sometime:rainbowlaugh:

I give you......Trollence, the troll version of Cadence! You must love to please her!:rainbowlaugh:
Can't wait for more. Keep up the good work!
I give you a thumbs up and Trollestia:trollestia:

Ok. Sold.

Let's see what goes down.

~Skeeter The Lurker

And so... The fun begins.

So far, I love this!

~Skeeter The Lurker

4017414 Indeed, that is quite irresponsible.:moustache:


She scooted right up to Flash, grabbing her special somepony’s head in her hooves and staring straight into strange yet familiar eyes. “Flash, this is IMPORTANT! DON’T PANIC! I NEED YOU TO STAY CALM!” Dewdrop yelled into Flash’s face

Dear author:



I'll help, that was just too funny!

I accidently hit the dislike button when I tried to hit the like one. Please forgive me. :fluttercry:

*Takes a single look at cover art*

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