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I should be writing software right now, not fan fiction. The grammar rules are so much simpler.

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Flash Sentry is having a very bad Hearts And Hooves Day.

His date has been cancelled.

He has to work a double shift.

And for some reason, stallions are hitting on him at a bar...

Yeah, really bad Hearts And Hooves Day.

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Lightning Dust's dream of being a Wonderbolt is on the verge of collapse. Just moments ago, she was the standout among this year's enlisted cadets.

She left the academy dejected, her confidence shattered. Still, she knew what she had to do. This would not stand. She would overcome being discharged from the academy.

Little did Lightning Dust know that her resolve would betray her, causing her to become her own worst enemy.

The suppressed thoughts, feelings and fears that lurk in the back of one's mind can manifest themselves into the most horrifying of dreams. And Lightning Dust is about to find herself locked in a dream she cannot escape from, one that she can't control.

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