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Draconian Soul

Proof that I'm not dead. I was just in a slumber, waiting for reason to rise again. I might have found that reason.


Soarin and Braeburn are really close friends; almost inseparable. They go almost everywhere together, do almost everything with each other, and even share the same home with each other. They are like two peas in a pod, so close that you'd think they were gay.

But the problem is, they aren't. Why is this a problem? Because everypony in town thinks they are. Will the duo be able to convince the others that they are in fact straight without ruining their friendship...or will they want to convince anypony?

The completely heterosexual collab of Draconian Soul and RainbowBob

Edited by SpaceCommie and pre-read by Skeeter and Flint Sparks

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Our writing process for the entire fic. :trollestia:

Draconian Soul.


Just marry me.

Right here. Right now.

We can threesome it if you'd like. :raritywink:

Oh my god.

It's out. This will be a fun one!

~Skeeter The Lurker


I'm in.

But I'm on bottom…

I can't confirm this firsthand, but I'm pretty sure this is the case.

Am getting sort of a Turk and JD vibe here but not quite.

“A rough day, I assume?” the bartender asked, cleaning one of the glass.


“Nah, just takin’ a load off, tonight,”

delete the comma after off

The bartender rolled his eyes and continued wiping down his glasses, muttering under his breath, “The young ones always are morons.”
After finishing up his mug, he set the glass down on the table and trotted towards the mares, grinning confidently. The mares continued to giggle and stare at he approached the group. In range of them, he tipped his hat and lowered his head.
“Well, howdy there, pretty ladies,” he said. “Mind if I give you all some company?”
The mares stared at him, smiling warmly. “If you want. We don’t mind.”

So the bartender is the one trying to pick up mares? In his own bar?

Braeburn nodded and sat next to them, noticing that the mares were still giggling.
“Looks like you ladies are having a good time,” he said, winking at them.

Formatting is off here.

Gulping and feeling a cold sweat travel down his neck,

cold bead of sweat

His vision was slightly hazed,

hazy, and delete the comma after hazed

their house.

Unitalicize the word house, it feels awkward with it as it is

“I was doing half decently until you pounced me.”

pounced on me

Quite the comedian aren’t you.

Quite the comedian, aren't you?

Soarn frowned.




It would eventually end in Braeburn being kicked off to the floor. Out of agitation, and partial spite, Braeburn smacked Soarin on the head with the butt of his hoof and pushed him over. He was able to get back in the bed,

So when was he pushed out of bed?

Soarin’s only reply was a snore along with half awake mutter

Soarin’s only reply was a snore along with a half awake mutter
Incomplete, eh? I'd like to see where this heads.

I'll have to read this when I get the time... Finally someone other than me thought of doing something like this.


So the bartender is the one trying to pick up mares? In his own bar?

It's an ingenious plan, no? It is almost like Barney came up with it from How I Met Your Mother.

Trying to explain anything to Soarin was the equivalent of trying to get a dog spade without any issues



3978278 I'm pretty sure that one's in the playbook!

Why did nobody inform me that this fic was a thing?
This is literally the best story concept on the entire site, there is nothing better than this.

Even the cover art is amazing.

“Wouldn’t you thinking it sounds gay make you gay since you took the connotations of my words as to be perceived gay only by your viewpoint, which I must say, sound a bit queer right now?” Soarin frowned. “Or would that be gay?”


Normally I'm not into these kind of PONY stories, but this was too funny to pass up! Can't wait for more! :rainbowkiss:

This is going to be an interesting story in future chapters.

I just had to read this, even though it is a humorous take, because it reminded me of my own life, and my platonic bond with a friend of mine (though, we don't live together like they do). Like them, people have thought we were a couple.

This was an enjoyable read so far.

the whole sharing a bed thing with a bro is pretty normal down here.

*notices strange stares*

see, y'all are makin' it gay.


You're a dick!
Dammit, this needs to be a thing. A thing continued.

Oh. It's not a clop. Lame.

Braeburn clumsily lifted himself from the mess of a impressment he pulled on the mares and walked out of the bar without a backwards glance.

"A" should be "an."

Braeburn's ears perched up, and his eyes widened.

Perhaps you mean "perked?"

Braeburn is Felix while Soarin' is Oscar. THAT is the original bromance.

Well, except without the gay stuff.

This seems interesting, I shall favorite and up vote. KBO.:twilightsmile:

>Tfw i once slept with a man
non sexualy.
we are best friends.

Well everyone knows Soarin's gay for Rapidfire

Seems legit. Will read later.

Clop is the sound you'll hear when I slap my cock against your ass and call you a bad boy

3977898 No better way to write a fic. And why does the title remind me of Jay and Silent Bob?

Everypony to Braeburn and Soarin;

Please, good gentlcolts, give us more!

3985438 you ass dont hate on me i get chicks all the time:moustache:

“Nighty-night, lightweight!” Soarin laughed, already stealing more of Braeburn’s side of the blankets for himself.

Braeburn groaned and grabbed at the covers. “Yeah, you too, my annoying roommate.”

Aw, they're rhyming at each other!:twilightsmile:

Your getting an immediate like for that cover art:rainbowlaugh:

I see Braeburn's face: WAHUHAHAUHAHAA..HOHOHHUHAHAA..WUHAHA..HAHA...HEH. <---The most realistic laugh ever.

Braeburn looks like he want's to say "I've seen some s--t."

So as far as I can guess, they're really good buddies!:rainbowlaugh:

Lol I'm being totally serious I hare this story It lies I like rainbow not braeburn hell he is kind of annoying to me


I was just saying that your cover art is friggin' hilarious

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