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The Equestria Games are about to begin! Ponies from all over Equestria have come together to compete, representing their hometowns in dozens of events. However, such a monumental event requires an immense amount of preparation and what better warm up for the contestants than to help prepare for their competition?

Both Braeburn and Soarin are competing for their cities, both of them arrived to the Crystal Empire a bit earlier than the other teams, and both have been roped into helping ponies that they know. As luck would have it, it also roped them a bit closer together.

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This... This is why I love you. Your stories are just amazing. Like seriously! I have yet to read one by you that has left me feeling anything but pleased! Good work once again! :heart:

This made me smile. Thank you good sir.


umm really there not straight im not against it or anything im just not liking it with them being ponies and being g :facehoof:

Pretty good story. Just wish we could see what happens next.


4312078 Your comments would be much more readable if you understood basic grammar and punctuation.

What's wrong with gay ponies? Stallions have every right to 'bury the hatchet,' and mares shouldn't be barred from 'diving for clams.' Are you a speciesist? I even wrote up a couple protest boards, because I'm just that nice: "No Non-Human Homosexuals" "Keep Gay Pride out of Equestria"

Disliking something means you are against it, but obviously nowhere near as much as extremists. It's a scale, not a binary value.

Aaaargh why is this already complete? It's so amazing and adorable and drunk Braeburn is the best thing ever and aaaaa...:heart:


So, yes, good job.

lab my grammar is just fine don't go bullying im only 11 I don't care calling me dumb won't make you smart ok so back off.

4312749 your such a jerk my grammar is fine my whole family says so calling me dumb wont make you smart understood? back off!!!


4316176 Take a chill pill.

I don't correct others to make myself feel better; that's just silly. You are not standing up to a bully, just taking criticism poorly.

Your family's reassurances about your grammar might be for when you're speaking. After all, it's not like we need to say "comma" all the time. If they were talking about your written grammar, then they were wrong. You might want to do some research on your own instead of whining when someone points out errors.

your such a jerk my grammar is fine my whole family says so calling me dumb wont make you smart understood? back off!!!

"You're such a jerk. My grammar is fine, because my whole family says so. Calling me dumb won't make you smart, understood? Back off!"

Most grammar rules are surprisingly easy to learn. Poke around the internet a bit. I've seen well-written, easily understandable articles from "Grammar Girl."

Leaving a comment that only says "jerk" on my user page is childish and comes close to something worth calling in a mod for. The PM you sent is mildly better, and barely confounded my team of cryptologists. I understood what you meant when you typed "g." It doesn't take a rocket scientist(I received a space-exploration merit badge several years ago, and they're pretty much the same thing).

"Gay" is not an offensive word unless used as such, but then again, nearly every word can be used as an insult if given enough emphasis, kid. The only people that have an issue with "gay" are those looking for an argument or trying to be politically correct. Do you also have an issue with the word "black?"

On a side note, if anyone happens to know how to cram text into a collapsible box, I'd like to not take up so much room on the comments page.

leave me alone bully or ill report and tell I have to much on my mind -upset-:ajsleepy:


4317829 Nothing about what I said is bullying. I even pointed you in the right direction to fix things.

There's nothing you can report me for. The funny thing is, I'm not the one who gets banned for a ToS violation. Wasn't so smart mentioning you're eleven on a site that requires a minimum age of thirteen.


That was cute :twilightsmile:

You might want to do a find-replace and switch out "colt" for "stallion". Wouldn't want to encourage underage drinking, after all. There was also a sentence when Braeburn awoke wherein you forgot the "k" in one "knew". I don't recall any other typos, but I wasn't really keeping track

4349529 being underage myself, I don't mind underage drinking when i can drink twice as much as heavy drinkers and stay sober. Obnoxious when you just wanna let go and forget the stressful happenings.

“I know,” replied Silver Star with grin.

*with a grin.

Spitfire, come on!” said Soarin, perhaps a bit more loudly than intended.

Missing an opening quotation mark there.

Nice little story, more Slice of Life than romance, but there was an undercurrent of a beginning of one. I would love to see an extended SoarBurn story from ya. :ajsmug:

Took me waaaaaay too long to get to this. Soarburn for life!

Well, it's more of an intro to romance than a romance. Still, it's written well and interesting enough to want to read your other works.

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