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B0ss plz?

I'm currently a writer, who's learning much more in the progress and every step I take. Living in 'Murica and trying to survive in highschool. Trying to make it in the big shot on this very talented site. I'm bisexual smd as well single.

Likes: Drawing (At least try to) Anime, MLP, Video games, English, biology, Food, Matt&patt, romance fics, adventure fics, slice of life fics, heavy metal, techno music, house music, etc.

Dislikes: Idiots, stupid people, stuck up people, horrible OC'S, Horrible stories, rap (This generations rap, except for some)

Favorite Ponies: The Mane 6: Soarin ; Octavia ; Derpy (Or ditzy hooves); Dinky Doo ; Thunderlane ; Spitfire ; Fleur de Lis ; Big mac; caramel; Braeburn; Daring Do ; Mayor Mare ; Lyra Heartstrings ; Pokey Pierce Aloe ; Luna ; Celestia ; Cadence ; Shining Armor ; scootaloo; applebloom; celestia; Blueblood; Mr.cake; Sombra; Flim; Flam; Discord; Suri Polomare; Garble; Dr. Caballeron; Hoity Toity ; Trenderhoof; Royal guards; Jet set; Uppercrust; Filthy Rich; Donut joe; Cheese sandwhich; Gustave le Grand; caesar; Crescent Moon;
Favorite stallions Soarin, Thunderlane, Big mac, Caramel, Braeburn, Pokey, Shinning Armor, Blueblood, Mr.cake, Sombra, Flim, Flam, Discord, Dr. caballeron, Hoity Toity, Trenderhoof, Royal Guards, Filthy Rich, Donut Joe

Goals to reach on Fimfiction

[] get 100 views on a story
[] get 500 views on a story
[] get 1000 views on a story
[] get OVER 9000!! views on a story
[] get 10 faves on a story
[] get 100 faves on a story
[] get 500 faves on a story
[] get five followers
[] get ten followers
[] get 50 followers
[] get 100 followers
[] get 500 followers
[] get 1,000 followers
[x] read some wicked awesome stories that make me laugh, cry,etc.
[x] join a bunch of great groups
[] impact someone's writing
[] voice my opinions in discussions
[] get senpai to notice me!
[] finish a story
[] Get famous on Fimfiction
[] Be on the front page of Fimfiction.

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Thanks for the watch! I appreciate it. :raritystarry:

Woah, you became one of my creepers and favorited another one of my stories??? :pinkiegasp: Wow, thanks a lot, man! I am very thankful for your support! :pinkiehappy::heart::twilightsmile:

u fukin wot m8?

1v1 mi irl fgt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

1271705 10/10 would get rekted again

>mfw I got rekted

ill 360noscopeyyladderstallfazefakie u m8.

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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