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Rumble loves listening to Thunderlane's bed-time tales every night. Tales of adventure, oftentimes centered on the fictional knight 'Rumble the Valiant.' What Rumble doesn't know, however, is that Thunderlane tells him these stories in order to protect his innocence. But what happens when the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur; when real life starts to impact the nightly stories, and the stories start to impact real life?

Cover Image by skipsypony

Help Editing/Pre-Reading from Twi-Guy, BubblepipeWrangler, and Garbo802

Idea Somewhat Sparked From the Synopsis of this Fic: The Dragon in Twilight

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Sorry... :scootangel: but WHY NOT!!!:raritydespair::raritycry:

Shouldn't there be a comma somewhere in the title?


Yeah good catch. I never thought of it, but now that you mention it there probably should be.

You didn't happen to get some ideas from this scene did you?


(yeah it's another random song from me :rainbowkiss:)

I love it!

The only problem I have with it is that my stupid brain thinks it's way too much info for one chapter, and could be extended into more, but that's only stupid talking.

This is interesting, I want to see how far this'll get. Nice work!


Thanks :pinkiesmile:

And don't worry, I know I packed a lot into this chapter. It's mainly meant to set-up the rest of the story, and in the future, there will be chapters that are just the story and chapters that are just real life.

This story is going to be sort of a 'see where it goes' kind of thing.


Well, have at least some sort of storyline prepared, otherwise it's gonna turn into continuity troubles in the long run.

And, great! I will definitely be watching this, I really like the way you're writing this.


I do have a bit of a story-line in mind. But this story is not going to be updated like rapid-fire since I want to make it as good as possible. (writing one-shots is completely different from writing longer stories so I'm trying to make that transition).

Thanks again for the fave :twilightsmile:

Liked the song... wish we could have that much fun at work. Oh wait, I DO:pinkiehappy:. Totally relate to the air guitar, my boss has caught me doing that on more than one occasion. :coolphoto: That's right, deal with it.

2313941 your story was.. Hilarious

It's pretty bad when you're hyperventilating in time to the song. Did I say bad? I meant hilarious :ajbemused:.

This. :moustache:

I didn't think I'd like the story at first. But this takes me back to old tabletop RPGs. Hanging out with friends, eating whatever we could throw together, and tossing fistfuls of dice onto the table to tell a story. Escapism's a big part of why I'm on this site, and this story nails that experience. It doesn't matter what kind of crap you have to slog through every day, or however many 72 hour marathons you have to sacrifice your weekends to. As long as you've got that love from above in your heart and some buddies to make up a world with, you'll get through. Because when the dice come out and the books are cracked open, you're a knight in +2 armor, a vampire clinging to scraps of humanity, or a mage who redefines the world yet lives in fear of Paradox.

That's what Thunderlane's doing here. He's shielding his little brother, even though his own life's not too great. As long as the two of them have each other and their little worlds, they'll get through. Because that's what the mind needs, an escape from all the junk that reality throws at it. They'll keep escaping, until they finally find a way out of the mess they live through.

This story reflects the reasons that a lot of us are here. It stumbles now and again, and it's far from perfect, but the core concept rings true. I liked it, I really liked it. I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. :eeyup:

So, it's probably counterproductive that I'm gonna kill the author with this picture:


Had to do it. You deserve all the Dashie-hugs, chap.

BUCK! All my feels, take them! I see what you are doing here and damn, you're good. I look forward to more, but yeah... This is going to be really sad isn't it?

It wasn’t always a knight, however. Sometimes it was a warrior or a soldier or whomever the designated hero of the night happened to be. One time he even told the story of a heroic bounty hunter living during the dark ages of Equestria that helped an escaped pony free his marefriend from the slavery of fictitious ruler King Candie - a rather bloody tale for such a young colt, but Thunderlane told it anyway. He knew that his little brother could handle it. It was just a story, after all- a story of a pony named Django.

You sir, have pleased my inner geek to the enith degree. You sir, are a god of the internet. Bless you.

Damn this is good. You have me hooked.

Good start for a story so far, I like the setting you present itself and not show everything what is wrong behind the scene, just small hints. Good take that Thunderlane would have a indoor and outdoor personality in this story, serious and mature on the outside, yet a goofball to his brother that he loves (very nice). Nice to see too that Rumble gets told about stories and would imagine himself like the character that is named after him.

I can wait to see what happens later on and what side-plot it would have on the story. Overall, nice work man, keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

Can I ask you something? Where does Rainbow Dash fit into this story? Is she Thunderlanes marefriend or something?

2318251 can't you just give me a little spoiler :fluttercry: send me it in a PM so everyone else doesn't know :applecry:
I wanna know if it's gonna be ThunderDash (how epic does that sound?)

Oh. FEW!!:rainbowlaugh: *facepalm at self stupidness* :facehoof:

I like :pinkiehappy:

When is Rainbow Dash coming in?!

Ta Ta For Now


In a few more chapters :pinkiesmile:

*snicker* I know something you don't know :trollestia:
It involves a certain Rainbow maned mare...

She dies :pinkiecrazy:

Me like.
That is all.


That is not very funny. Oh, how in equestria did you get into such a heated arguement with the other "Dash"? I was reading all of it and I was like "............WTF is going on........"

2389510 dumb bastard was saying he was Rainbow Dash, freakin idiot :twilightangry2:

okokokokokokokokok...I am sorry I brought it up. Lets leave it in the past because it, quite frankly, sucked. Anywho, how are you doing?

2389598 I'm doin pretty well, I burned down an orphanage for critically ill kittens recently :rainbowkiss:

OOHHHH, so THAT was the building I was roasing my marshmallows over. It was an excellent fire.

2389657 why thank you :raritywink: the wood the building was made out of burned long and slow, just how I like it :rainbowkiss:
I manged to make a spit over it and I'm currently rotating a chicken on it. Want some?

Ah, that sounds lovely. Shall I fetch some honey BBQ glaze for it? Special home-made recipe.

2389677 that sound absolutely wonderful! What should the side dish be? Chips or pasta?

What kind of pasta? I have always enjoyed a tomato sauce on a bed of penne. Add a little bit of diced garlic and some basil. YUMMY!

2389729 just plain pasta, y'know the tuby one?
Yup use the BBQ sayce on the chicken as a kind of dip and *drools*

Ah, yes. The chicken looks and smells lovely. Say, why is Scootaloo's helmet and scooter in the fire? I thought she was...say, where did you get this "chicken"?

Comment posted by Rainbow87dash deleted May 22nd, 2013

2389756:rainbowhuh: Scootaloo stuffs in the fire coz she does aid she doesn't need it anymore, y'know coz she can fly. Dash did a good job at teaching her :rainbowkiss: but I digress I bought the chicken from the supermarket, pretty high quality stuff right here!
Oh and \/ read this commenti posted, I replied to myself again :facehoof:

Those were some interesting little terms there. I was beginning to worry that we were glazing Scoots in honey BBQ sauce. The chicken looks a quite bit larger than normal.

2389793 like I said, it's from the supermarket! If your so worried about Sccot's wel being, go see Dash, she's probably there with her

I'm sorry, I trust you. I should have known that you would never do anything to Scoots. Wait, you said she is flying now?! How long has she been able to do that!?

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