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Rainbow Dash has it all: friends, fame, and a dark past, riddled with lies and broken bonds.
Thunderlane also has it all: a brother, friends, and a dark past, filled with neglect and sadness.
But through it all, Rainbow Dash and Thunderlane have become close friends; friends whose pasts intertwined and became a long-lasting bond.
But how close is too close?
Do they have feelings for each other?
Their relationship will be strained. It will be tested.
It will never be the same.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 47 )

So, some advice. First off, you need to work on paragraphing some more. There are still some big walls of text in your narrative that could stand to be broken up a little more for ease of reading. Secondly, your transitions. This is a major factor because you're jumping from present to the past, via flashback, and back again fairly frequently, but your narrative doesn't really show any change from past to present. There are all sorts of stylistic choices you can go with. The horizontal rule is a reliable tool for separating your text to make the transitions easier to follow. A lot of people (myself included) like to do flashbacks in a different form of text, usually italics, so as to distinguish them from what is happening in the story's present. The basic idea is to help sort your narrative so the readers can keep track of what's going on.

Aside from that, I see some promising ideas that could make this story a really good read.

3386768 There, edited. I'm still fairly new to the writing scene (this is the ninth story on my account, and I'm working on a collab), so I'm trying to find what style of writing and styling suits my fancy.

Great so far, just a tad awkward at the end. Can't wait till next update!

Also the flashback at the beginning is pretty much exactly as it is in Watchmen.

3412770 That scene was pretty similar to Watchmen, I know. I wanted to see if anyone got the reference.

I feel like i know you frome somewhere....
Have you ever been trapped inside a giant cocoon?

Would you like to be.....:trixieshiftright:

Straight to the point, i like that.
And to show how much i like it, i'm offering you a free weeked stay,
In one of our brand new luxury cocoo.... err i mean
Full Body imersion Spa Baths!

3422948 OOOOOH

Maybe I should explain in molecular terms how life works?

Umm you know what...
*Grabs his hat and muffin carrying case*
*Runs out the door at full speed*

:twilightoops: Well...that conversation was almost as interesting as the story. :pinkiecrazy:

Hey the story isnt that bad!
Or wait.... is the conversation that good?

3424796 I'm pretty sure you misinterpreted 3424340's comment.

Hey! the day i understand anything,
is the day rainbow dash becomes a likeable character!

3425796 Did you...really just say that?

Of course not silly!:pinkiesmile:
I typed it.:pinkiehappy:


I'm sorry. I just...I'm defensive of my faves, okay? :raritycry:

Eventually, Rainbow's mother found a pimp who she worked for for about seven years.

I think that there should only be one 'for' in the statement. I sounds a wee bit better.
Located about the second to last paragraph of the first flashback.

3602392 The first 'for' is talking about the pimp, whereas the second 'for' is referencing the time frame she worked for him. It does look a bit strange, yes, but there's no other way to do it without making the sentence unnecessarily long.

Makes sense.

As for the story, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It brings in some nice background and rings into a good plot. I am exited to see where the story goes from here.

I. Freaking. Love. This. Story. :pinkiecrazy:
No joke dude this was really well written a mustache to you my good sir :moustache:

I'm liking it. Maybe, if you get the chance, you could touch it up a little? :twilightblush: It's a great story, but a lot of it seemed like exposition rather than adding to the body of the story. You could move RD's thoughts on Pip into a different scene, one where she's already broken off from the rest of the house and has a moment, and have Daring's piece in it's own mini-Chapter.
Great story, nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

3609240 That's all intentional. Chapter Five will get to the meat and potatoes, trust me. It's gonna be gooooooooooood.

i give you a lot of props for this story i really like it so far and hope u keep up the good joob

Where did you got the cover art?! It's funny! :rainbowlaugh:

3619261 I made it myself. I threw together a Thunderlane vector and a RD vector in pixlr, and there it was.

3620148 I do, but I never use it. I only use it to watch people, but I suppose I could start putting things up on it, It's here. Did you enjoy the story?

Nope, but I will! :D

Hey! I commented on a picture of yours! Go see your dA!

3623612 Yeah, um...I'm not sophiecabra. That's not my picture. That picture just is in my favorites...

Wrong Paste! :twilightsheepish: Lemme try again...

3623668 I have no pictures on deviantART. I am not an artist, I just made a few vectors look like they were looking at each other.

What? You didn't uploaded any deviation?!

3623723 I have not uploaded any deviations. At least, not yet. :raritywink:

Why did you winked? I'm a boy...

3623850 I used it to indicate the fact that I was telling you something before anyone else.

You do know other guys may read this right?

I really like how you've gone for a very realistic approach in this story. While I feel your grammar and sentence structuring needs a touchup, I'm loving what's happened so far. My only criticism is:

She'd have met Pinkie the day she came to Ponyville if Pinkie wasn't already so busy welcoming Rarity to town.

I'm unsure of how early this occurs, but Rarity went to school in Ponyville, and that is how she got her cutie mark. And at that time, Rainbow and Fluttershy were in Flight School. I don't think this one detail lines up.

4515381 That's true. I wrote this back when I was still a newb writer and posted without editing, pre-reading, or checking to make sure everything lined up. I think I'm gonna go back and make sure everything else is in order, and change Rarity to someone else.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention (and for the favorite)!


Well if you need any help with it, I'm always able to lend a helping hand. I'm always eager to see more good ThunderDash stories. :twilightsmile:

ERRR MAH GERRRDD I LOVE IT! I think you should really continue on with this story with all the ThunderDash fans here. Today I've just read this WONDERFUL story and it's.....:rainbowkiss:Rainbow dash AWESOME, 20% Cooler, and over all FABULOUS!:raritystarry:

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