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? · 10:18pm Dec 17th, 2015

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I wish I had something to say, but I can't think of anything.

I just read what you said about stoping. Don't leave the fandom forever:applecry: I have been in the military for 7 years, not even war can stop my love for mlp.2.bp.blogspot.com/-MY9Yfel8Pio/U2JHj4CSoSI/AAAAAAAAFUQ/-zBy3ffJyGE/s1600/%23Art_for_Michael.png don't leave the fandom (or I will hunt you down).:raritycry::fluttercry::twilightangry2::rainbowderp::pinkiegasp:

Trust me... it is not true what they say about the shock being the worst part. It hurt like he'll for weeks. Stupid flak.

PROMOTED! PROMOTED! PROMOTED! YES!!!! (yet the only commendation I have is the purple heart for losing a foot. It was replaced by a prosthetic foot).

  • Viewing 69 - 73 of 73
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