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For about two weeks, Rainbow Dash has not been paying any attention to Scootaloo; even avoiding her, or so the orange filly thinks. Scootaloo feels as if she is not wanted and or that she is not good enough for the blue pegasus. She goes on a journey of self discovery, hoping... praying... that what she believes to be true is just a misunderstanding. On this soul searching journey she finds that things are better than she could have ever imagined. And worse.

(Went for something different this time...)


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Dawwww that cover art! nice story.

2814076Thanks. I really put everything I had in this. I'm glad you liked it!

*See's a Rumble tag and a Scootaloo tag and a romance tag*

Alright you have my interest.

*See's that it does indeed have Rumbaloo in it*

And now you have an instant fave and like.

2814295 :twilightsmile: I wanted to do something... different. Something no one has done before but is so simple that it is a suprise that someone has not done so before. :pinkiehappy:

2814302 If you mean shipping Rumble and Scootaloo...well that has been done before, just not as often as I would like (I really like Rumbaloo if you couldn't tell). If you mean the premise your working on well...

To be honest your description and first chapter don't really seem to connect. I'm going to assume you have something planned, but for a fic that involves, at least partly, Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash's relationship it's kinda weird that Rainbow Dash wasn't even mentioned once in the first chapter. Again, I'm assuming you have something planned since you are the author and you know how this all connects, bur for now I can't really make sense of where this fic is going.

2814412 Don't worry, everything will be explained. :twilightsmile:
It is only the first chapter after all.

2814412 And not the Rumble X Scootaloo. I obviously know that's been done before. No... something else. Just watch the progress and you'll see.

:rainbowkiss: So cute!
Will definitely read later.

Whoever disliked, could you tell me why? So I can improve. I mean if you want to that is.

Don't you hate that? The mysterious downvote from nowhere?
I swear someone goes around and does it...just to mess w/ people.
I upvoted, for the record XD Only saw one or two grammar/punctuation errors.

And this story is the whole reason I watched you... Just so that I know when this story comes out.

2815230 Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah... I'm beginning to think he/she didn't read it and decided to be a troll. Because why would they dislike without telling me why? :ajsmug:

Will start to work on chapter 2: It Started With A Whisper when I get around to it.

This was really great, but some of the wording was a bit awkward.

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR! :flutterrage: I think I mean it more than the other MOARS I plaster onto stories!

Really nice one! I look forward to it

EDIT: Writers block sucks! I hate those:@

This story is really kicking off... :pinkiehappy:

Hey Where is the second Chapter?

2839054 I accidently clicked the publish button. I apologise for getting your hopes up. I hate when this happens. :facehoof:

2839058 So will Second Chapter be up soon than?

Comment posted by Icudeadnow deleted Jul 12th, 2013

Another CMC story? Yes, please :scootangel: It is refreshing to see a fic without Scootaloo being homeless and the concept of her "guardian butterfly" is truly cute :twilightsmile: She also feels quite mature with her approach to death. The dark part should have iinfluenced the rest of the chapter more than it did (they just shrugged it off as if nothing happened) but it couldn't stop me from enjoying it

That sound you just heard was my heart exploding :heart::heart::heart:. This was so cute and filled to the brim with feels. I did find one error you may have missed though

"Yes, twist? Can you tell the class why?" Ms. Cheerilee asked enthusiastically. Twist began but was cut off when a police pony ran through the door.

Should obviously be Twist not twist. Other than that great fic. Approved for Twilight's Library :duck:

Jesus nigguh Christ, I fucking love it :heart:

2859962 Thanks for letting me know! :twilightsmile:
And I'm glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

2859962I kind of thought I overdid it with the butterfly. But now that I reflect, I'm glad I put it in there. It plays a HUGE part in the story. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Icudeadnow deleted Jul 12th, 2013

2864331 Glad to hear feedback faggot! :rainbowlaugh:
Just kiddin'. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Icudeadnow deleted Jul 12th, 2013
Comment posted by Icudeadnow deleted Jul 12th, 2013

To anyone that hasn't noticed I'm bringing up Scootaloo's past ever so gradually and even she realizes the similarities between now and her most heart-breaking moments of her life. I,myself, like this approach. It adds on to the already present feels. :twilightsmile:


It's done guys and gals! Now to get myself some well-earned rest.

Fluttershy: If that's alright with you... :fluttershyouch:

Great Chapter and looking forward to the next one. But, have a question, when did you post this? Because I did not get a notification that you posted chapter 2

2866786 Just recently. I posted but it didn't pop up on recently updated list. Just a sec. I'll unpublish and re-publish.

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