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WARNING: Incomprehensibly cute fillies driving recklessly

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, due to a teleportation spell by Twilight gone awry, pop up inside another world. Their surroundings are somewhat strange, though. Why were they in a metal carriage?

What's more is that it can move, after some tinkering from the mischievous fillies, and they decide to go for a ride. After all, it's not like something like this happens every day. Cutie Mark Crusader UFO drivers! Yay! Disastrous and somewhat hilarious catastrophes ensue.

(A one-shot that I wrote while bored. Hope it entertains! I guess you could call it a thank you for my 150 followers. Also, I spy with my little eye numerous references! Can you spot them all? If you can, then the Great Potato dubs you to be best human.)

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Applebloom and Applejack were not only good sisters but were best friends. They are very nearly inseperable and do almost everything together. But when Something happens to Applejack... something terrible; how does Applebloom cope?

This story was read on youtube: "I Love You Applejack"
(Author's Notes: This was just a little sideproject that I decided to do, out of complete boredom. If it's not too much trouble, could you leave a comment below, telling me how you felt about this? Thanks!)

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For about two weeks, Rainbow Dash has not been paying any attention to Scootaloo; even avoiding her, or so the orange filly thinks. Scootaloo feels as if she is not wanted and or that she is not good enough for the blue pegasus. She goes on a journey of self discovery, hoping... praying... that what she believes to be true is just a misunderstanding. On this soul searching journey she finds that things are better than she could have ever imagined. And worse.

(Went for something different this time...)


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(*WARNING* has the use of alcoholic beverages. If you do not like these types of stories then stay away. You have been adequately warned. Also, no butter was harmed in the making of this fic. Brain cells are a completely different matter.)

Derpy decided to go out and meet some other ponies at the local bar, hoping to get new friends. Things get pretty wild and unpredictable when Derpy has a little too much to drink. In short, hilarity shall ensue in astronomical proportions.

(This is my first real comedy and I don't know if I actually did good with this one. Just a spur of the moment fic, nothing really special here. Besides derp. Derp is always special. Also, pay no heed to the sex tag in teen. Just a small non-graphic scene that doesn't last long and some adult references. Nothing truly harmful)

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Pinkie Pie has been having recurring nightmares ever since her visit to the mirror pool. It has been going on for three months now and the joy and happiness that was once Pinkie is gone. Her friends finally see this change, as she hid it very well. Princess Luna visits Ponyville and tells the other five elements why Pinkie is acting so strangely, although she doesn't know what it is that made this happen. They look into it a bit more and find that the mirror pool is responsible. Has Pinkie let in a dark spirit from another dimension? If she has, then it is only a matter of time before she loses her sanity and, more importantly, her soul....

(Hope you guys enjoy this!)

Also... a blog about the latest story I will be working on... Through The Eyes of Innocence

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LunarGuard12 - Prologue name

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An enemy who call themselves the Zargul have all but decimated earth making it unhospitable to any life form, be it man or cockroach. The humans had been fighting these aliens for five decades, hiding the location of their precious homeworld until the Zargul managed to find them. In a desperate attempt to save humanity thirty "arks" (spaceships designed to carry humans a long distance across many galaxies) were sent out and only three had managed to survive. The three arks were scattered and lost among the stars. These ships were called, "Hope's Dawn", "Shining Sentinal", and the ship where our story takes place... the "Leviathon"
-42 years later-
Our story starts off with a young man in his early twenties by the name of John Shepard. He was a sergeant in the space marines army or as we can now call them... the UPGF (The United People of the Galactic Federation)
They had all but lost hope on finding a planet where they could call home until they found a planet that could sustain them and provide for the families cramped up into the tight living spaces of the Leviathon. They later found it to be called "Equestria" This is their story...

Also... a blog about the latest story I will be working on... Through The Eyes of Innocence

Another blog about a one shotter comedy about Derpy. Link

(I hope you enjoy the story oh and here is the list of all the people who helped give me ideas:

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