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This story is a sequel to Scootaloo's Sister

If you haven't read Scootaloo's Sister, then this story will make little to no sense.
A year after it all happened, not being able to fly, Scootaloo was used to life on the ground again. Still, she misses being able to simply fly away from time to time, just go up and sit on a cloud and watch the happy ponies go about their daily lives. Dreams of how it used to be, wondering what the future holds, she lies lost and broken.

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Yay! She got healed :scootangel:. Please say she won't do what she does in Rainbow's Dream :applecry:.

>>Timelord_Whooves Yay! *gives Zapapple Cookie*

2420850 ... how do you know that wasn't a "I'm hinting at it being possible but I just don't want to say anything :scootangel:"...?

No!!! *Despairingly screams to the sky*

Seriously Scootaloo has the most sucky, horrible life of the Equestrian Multiverse. And with everything she's been through in this story alone, she deserves a small break. Even if it means sacrificing Rainbow Dash's wings, and dreams for her life. After all Dashie's special talent is going fast. She can do that without wings.

But please give her a break, if she dies now that'd be more of a tragedy than the series finale of Farscape * all the tears of Equestria. Seriously though I feel pity on Scoots in this story so bad, and after all she's been through, getting her wings only to die is horrible. Worse than Lex Luthor stealing from terminally ill orphans ... on fire ... being eaten slowly by mutant sea bass, horrible.


2423433 Mr. Whooves (btw what is that from) you are probably the only writer who has ever actually made me cry since reading The last hunger games book, you should seriously consider becoming an author

2425240 How could I deny the sad faces of the mane six, I don't promise that it won't make you feel, however it may not make you feel how you expect...
2427081 Thank you :twilightsmile: (btw it's from Dr. Who) I am on my way to being an actual author, I don't have anything published yet, it's still in editing.


I don't mind the feels, actually that's one of my favorite things about this story. But thanks for not killing off the Scotaloo :pinkiehappy:.

As for becoming an actual author, congratulations, what genre are you writing? I might buy it once it's done. If I can find it on Amazon or Borders.com.

2430541 Thank you, the book is historical fiction, I have no idea when it'll be published and where, it all depends on the editor...


2469191 as a friend of mine said when I got first comment on his video on youtube... INCOMING BLUE SHELL!!
Glad you're enjoying it

What th- how di- wha- GGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH:flutterrage:

Damn right you had me going i thought she had died there for a moment. but you've done a awesome job with this story I enjoyed reading it.:twilightsmile:

An awesome ending for an awesome story. :rainbowdetermined2:
Even though i'm a little tiny bit mad at you for making me think that Rainbow died......:flutterrage:

my only problem is you kinda skipped over what happened last chapter, Its like they take to the hospital and then...?:rainbowderp:

2490652 The way I wrote it is supposed to make you go, "Wait... what? But... oh... OH!"
2489897 2490063 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

2493574I gueees that makes sense:twilightoops:, still a great ending:twilightsmile:

This story is fantastic. I loved every moment of this story and the story before it. Although I'm sad to see it come to an end.

2498433 I could be evil and give it an alternate ending... :pinkiecrazy:


You could ... but would Dr. Who really be that evil? The good, kind, epically awesome Dr.

Seriously though, an alternate ending might be interesting. Give the readers a nice ending and an ending that takes them by the feels and makes them cry you a river. :raritycry:

Mr. Whooves, if you had made this the canon ending you would go down in history as a heartless son of a bitch. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for not making this canon:fluttercry:

Just evil enough to make an alternate ending, not evil enough to make it what actually happens. In the end, it's all just a dream... :rainbowdetermined2: And that's were I get most of my inspiration. :pinkiecrazy:

Thank you for bowing to the power of the Mane 6 in tears and making the ending you did. This ending would've been horrible as the main ending, instead of as an alt.. As an alt ending ...

Evil? Yes.

Good, Sad ending? Most definitely.

Thank you for publishing this.

man this ending is very sad :fluttercry:

. . . :twilightoops:I lost my bro, he somehow come back, same for one of my sister, AND YOU STILL MANAGED TO MAKE ME ALMOST CRY:flutterrage:. . . I don't know if I should say good work or f**k you so i'll go with both : you did a good work:twilightsmile: and for that ending f**k you:flutterrage:

Celestia just left cloudwhisp

The weather team is made up of a bunch of stupid Pegasuses

you are evil but you did a fantastic job with this story

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