Soarin and Braeburn's son has an odd day. Can he survive bad jokes, dad puns, and a wrestling match over the "#1 Dad" mug in the kitchen cupboard?

Inspired by a conversation with Poptard. Go shower him with strawberry Poptarts and/or Doge GIFs if you enjoy this story. Or if you hate it. Or just because.

Thanks to ajvasquezbrony28, Marshal Twilight, Poptard, Pyrotechnic, ValorlordV5, and Sir Rustbucket for editing.

Rated Everyone.

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That was hilariously bad (in a good way.) Good one!:heart:

There, balanced on a strong, black wing for all to see, was the "#1 Dad" mug. Thunderlane grinned in penultimate triumph, his beaming smile wide and white as keys on a piano. He flicked the mug up with his wingtip and caught it in his forehoof.

Heresy! That mug belongs to Stannis Baratheon!

Magical Homosexual Fart Babies!!!




I love you, Jake. :heart:

Also, adoption is a thing...

I cringed so much at all the puns. I had to stop halfway through because I can only take so much pun at a time. This was good though, I'll have to come back.

I guess you could say it feels like...


Yay! More from Bad_Seed! Can't wait to see what she writes next!

Dad jokes remain best jokes. :rainbowlaugh:

6323280 I down-voted your comment. I just thought you should know.

Oh the puns. Thank goodness that I'm a pun lover.

Heaving a sigh, Dust started to preen his wings. I hope they didn’t find out about what happened at Marigold’s house! How were we supposed to know those cupcakes were for her mom’s class?

See, Dust Devil needs to learn that the best way to not get into trouble is to stop horsing around.


So wait, Dust Devil has to deal with two adoptive dads and two stepdads?

I guess he could figure out how to deal with it using a quadadic equation.

Truly, this is art. Glorious, glorious dad jokes.

I freaking love you, Badsie.

6323412 Yay! *hugs a horsewife*

This whole thing was a cadadstrophe.

Nice work, Bad. I love how a lot of it played out like a child's dream, even at the start.

Also, this story just about broke me. :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:


I'm glad it nearly broke you, Vivid. It almost broke me. You could say the pun was worse than the pain. :raritydespair:

As a representative of the Jack Aubrey school of gunnery and punnery I am afraid we can only award you 7/10 due to an excess of distress caused by the punnery wars occurrence.

I don't mean to puntificate, but this story left me pundering whether I can trust any new story of yours. :trollestia:

I have zero idea why I thought that the comment section would be any better than the story with the puns.

You guys are all horsible people.

I guess that you can say that the dream was a... Dustaster...

Dang it! Now I'm horsible too...

There was enough dad jokes in this to make me angry.
Good job!:rainbowlaugh:


:raritydespair: What hath I wrought?!


Yay! Mission accomplished! :twilightsmile:

I like this story.... I have nothing to say about the excessive use of puns, but it was a treat to pre-read. Someone needs to make it into a movie! Dust's story must be told on the computer screen!

Like and favorite!

I have found a new favorite person and it is you, Author.
The writing, the glorious puns and the daddening amount of dad jokes!

Yes, Dad Seed, you hath brought the puns, and now the puns hath joined us together. We shall dare to sail across the ocean into the kings wild, flying your flag upon our captains mast. While the forecast states that we'll likely be caught in the rain, making our night on deck a bit wet, we know that you, light-bringer, shall caste aside any anxiety we may have. Dad Seed, you have some big horseshoes to fill.

Also, try not to read between the lines too much.

I have to know... were you giggling or cringing as you wrote this?


I both hate you and love you for this.

6323695 I wanted to make it longer and more inclusive, but I couldn't think of a good way to keep going without sounding long winded.

With the power vested in me as Puntifex Maximus, I hereby declare you, Bad Seed 72, an honorary dad! I'm so proud of you, Dad Seed 72!

And yeah, this is all my fault. Punish me instead.



I also love you and hate you right now, you crunchy Poptart.

That poor kid. He's doomed to tell bad jokes and continue the cycle

Bahahaha brilliant.

The Evil Cult of Pun is almost entirely driven by Dads. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Hahaha, sweet! Thumbs up!

So... My thoughts on this?

Going in blind, I admit, before I found out that the kid was dreaming, I genially felt sorry for him, even with the jokes it was almost too depressing, that was until the very end. And I must say, you've pretty much saved the story with that ending.

And when I reread it, now knowing that the kid was dreaming, I saw all the humor in it. And these guys are right, the puns and terrible jokes were painfully bad, but in a story like this, it works to it's advantage.

So for that, have an up vote.

Freaking cute, poor Dust. I saw what you did there with the bedtime story, and every pun was quite... punny! ;3 thanks for the light hearted story, left me grinning.

Uncle jokes, a close relative to dad jokes, are only distinguished from dad jokes by their awkwardness.


Where have I heard that word before?

... God it bugs me to no end because it was pretty funny when I read it.

Author Interviewer

I've never connected so thoroughly with a character as I did with Dust, because I had no idea what the fuck was going on either. D:

This was so dumb. >_(\


Mission accomplished! :pinkiehappy:

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